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    Quote from BenPoon704

    excuse me but i cant find the other biomes?

    They're all within a dozen blocks from center. Hit <F3> to bring up the coordinates HUD and walk/swim around until you find the other 4.
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    Quote from RoryGee

    I am going to have to stop you right there.
    Initially I believed that Mojang just ditched Minecraft for solid development, but you have to remember, Mojang only just released Cobalt and haven't taken their new staff onboard. This is why Jens hasn't been working on Minecraft as much as he wanted to. (He even stated this on his twitter account.) With Cobalt out of the way and many new crew members arriving, we will be getting these 'radical' changes you have been waiting for in the next 3-4 weeks. If you really want new content, why don't you install some mods? IMO I think its a bit wasteful to complain about this on MC forums when you could just send an e-mail directly to Jens to get his attention? Jeez.

    You don't need to stop me right there... I'm not saying I want new content, I like what we have, please dont add anymore! I just don't understand why its unreasonable to want the game finished when the "finished" release is made and expect people to take the time (screw the impatient people) to complete the project.

    I would have prefered them changing the release date to a big New Years celebration to get it all rolled up, but I know that would have been difficult after all the MineCon bookings.

    Thats all I want, that and world peace. :smile.gif:
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    Quote from DemonCrusher36

    This what there doing:


    You'd rather have:

    ----MOJANG IS NOW DEAD----

    Also, look at the community, they have there own updates really.
    What would be a sensible course of action for jeb to take?

    Jeb's doing a hell of a job. I've got no problem with Jeb, and unlike some of the die hard "Notch does no wrong" people I believe Notch was batting 1000 before he left the game unfinished.

    Take the extra month to finish the project as any other company would do to keep from disenchanting players for a valid argument "why buy Mjangs future games when they can't finish the previous one." Thats the reputatin I don't want them to get because this is one of the greatest games and groups of people ever put together!
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    Quote from Erik963

    Respect ? What respect ? I am playing this game for 2 years. I played since it exists and i never say "oh i am oldcore player have respect"

    By the way the guy is correct. You are nutshell. You complain like a lil kid expecting big changes. Go the hell somewhere else and play other games. Your server hosting and your oldcore playing dont make you whole. You are simply wasting your time and our times.

    Also i didnt read your post because its same as other.

    And it shows, I wasn't saying respect me, I don't give a **** what you think of me, I was saying that I respected what YOU were saying.

    Spoke to damn soon there. Go ahead and flame some more though and show who the "little kid" is.
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    Quote from RuffleBump

    I normally wouldn't respond, but there seems to be a new thread like this everyday. In a nutshell, it is not the game, it is you.

    As you can see by my number of posts, I usually don't respond either, even though I've been playing for close to a year and a half and running a server for a hair over a year. I'ts not him, it IS the game.

    My previous postings have been defending against the nay-sayers, with my stating "this is Beta, expect bugs until final release! THis is still more stable than any other Beta I've seen!"

    Well, Beta is over; we have peaceful mobs that don't act as they were intended (no regrowing wool, glitching through fencing), NPC's that do nothing except trample their own crops and escape their own villages to wonder infinately, and many others but I'm trying to keep this short. I can live with the sudden armor unbalance that some claim ruin the game as ALL games struggle with balance after release (I think Diablo II is STILL adjusting balance 10 years later :smile.gif: )

    Quote from RuffleBump
    The man was able to come up with this very unique and interesting game, now it is time for him to move on and leave this in capable hands, so he can go make another unique and interesting game.

    A professional never leaves a job unfinished, walking away to start up another project. This game was released "Final" when it's not in a "final" state. I'm even fine with that to a point, but you finsh the project before moving all your people but one over to new ones! WHATEVER it takes, you finish your project.

    Quote from RuffleBump
    If you need over stimulation, then maybe minecraft is not the game for you... That is it, the game is going to be what it is, just like every other game out there.

    The OP wasn't asking for new bells and whistles, if he were, on that I would agree with you, he just wants the original content to be finished as is the purpose of a Beta phase.

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    Quote from T1z3R »
    i tried once.
    timed out.

    Same here...

    "Failed to connect to the server"
    "Connection timed out: connect"
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    Quote from sectek »
    Quote from Duke 2.0 »
    Quote from heifinator »
    Notch is the dev and he can do what he wants. I appreciate everything I get.

    Saying that though, I don't understand why it seems smart to him to neglect the most important feature next to mining... Seems like it doesn't make much sense to me.

    This also seems to be a pressing issue. He's working on it. Do you honestly expect health to work on the current server software? You'll be ganked by people before you even see them, creeper craters will randomly appear on the landscape. People will abuse bugs involving lag and health to stay actively immortal. This isn't simply adding an integer and some collision checks, he needs to make the entire server stable and fast before any player vs. player interaction is feasible.

    I have setup my own home server on a LAN and played with family running around and have seen no lag or issues you mention.

    Mileage will vary. My dedicated server showed only a few lags (i7, 6GB RAM, with 4GB dedicated to the game for now and only 5 people on at a time)… changing the Java execute script to improve it as others had done, actually made mine worse.

    The point is, on an average, depending on the circumstances and sometimes without rhyme or reason, the server app isn’t consistent in performance – which will need to be for PvP and damages.
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    Quote from Bmthrules »
    Quote from ORUNITIA »
    Quote from Bmthrules »
    There goes 70% of his sales, and me.

    Notch updates to little and to late, and when he does update it's all broken features.

    Peace, I think I'll jump back on Mw2.

    People like you pisses me off, not that you obviously adore Death Note (wich is horrible aswell), but that you think a large amount of people think the same way you do.
    Just because you cant get what you want, you make out a ridicilous number "70%" wich is not true at all, and i dont think anyone cares if you disappears. :iapprove:

    Please take note of this thread, 90% give two shits if health comes out during the October update.

    Please at least take the time to type grammatically correct before bashing on almost a entire sections view point.

    Health > Hell

    Before you make an irrelevant posting by attacking someone's grammar - which has NOTHING to do with any point they may be trying to make - make damn sure your own grammar is up to par... "almost AN entire" not "a entire."

    To note, I as well would rather have seen damage fixed as opposed to the Nether update, but then that would fall out of what defines an Alpha stage in development. BEFORE Beta, MOST content is usually shored-up and implemented, to then be de-bugged and ironed-out in Beta.

    …and 75% of all statistics are fabricated 98% of the time.
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    Quote from CougarHat »
    I really can't do this, my directory I believe is C:\ users\"My Name"\desktop\minecraft server\bin\minecraft_mod.jar, and yet all it comes up with when i type that into cmd is the minecraft launcher, as in the actual launcher itself, nothing to allow me to do that java xmx thing.

    Please could someone explain it to me REALLY simply, because I am a computer tard.

    Because you are typing in the program name AFTER the directory, so you are telling Windows to execute that program. If you enter only the directory, then you can enter the command as stated above.
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