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    Quote from SetraTiger
    Hey guys! I just started a CTM/Adventure Style map. Basically i'm hoping for it to be an amazing CTM style map but with the story aspects from alot of adventure maps.I plan for epic boss fights (that some of the non entity boss fights to switch to adventure so no cheatys mc cheatzers) along with epic custom items. I will try to post weekly updates or so on this thread on me and my (soon to be team) progress.

    Don't be afraid to go alone. I know most people say it's more fun to go with people, but making your first map on your own allows you to learn a lot better without having to worry about schedules, having to work on certain stuff, or anything like it.

    Planning for epic stuff is hard. Start simple.
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    Quote from Drago
    (Figured I'd post this here primarily and then copy it to my thread, as the group of people here is primarily the audience I want to get a reaction from.)

    So I haven't made any update posts about DsD in the past few months, and that's because there's absolutely nothing to say. Up until very recently, I hadn't even touched Minecraft. Steam games and the community I game with has been my primary focus when I'm online. I also have a lot going on offline, work/college preparations/socialization/etc. So it's essentially a perfect storm to keep me away from Minecraft.

    But yet again, my interests have been renewed, and I finished another area last night. While working on it, I was thinking about how long I've been working on Depths. It's been almost a year and a half since I started, with some pretty massive gaps in development. My interest has waxed and waned, as happens with all my projects. But honestly, if I continue with the current plan I've had since I started DsD, I don't see myself ever finishing it. So I decided changes needed to be made.

    Depths has and always will be a very ambitious project. It was designed to be a full five intersections long, one wool per area, with a total of 24 areas that needed to be made (including the starting area, monument, and intersections.) As it stands now, only 16 of those 24 areas are finished aesthetically, and all of them will need gameplay polish (loot, spawners, etc.) I don't see it as being even remotely possible to finish this map whilst sticking to the five-intersection formula I had devised.

    So I'm cutting back. The fifth intersection is no more. This change may actually be for the better, as three of the four areas accessed from I05 were going to be very difficult to get right; the concepts were iffy and I was very unsure about how I wanted to do them. So those three areas are being scrapped, and I'll be replacing the blue wool area in I04 with the original black wool idea that would have been in I05, and I'll redistribute the wool across the remaining areas.

    From here, I'm not really sure what I want to do. If I left all previous areas of the map as they are, that would mean I only have two areas left to build. Problem there is I'm not happy with the outcome of a few older areas, and with the new four-intersection layout they could use to be reorganized. Most likely I'll only scrap one area, maaaaaybe two. This puts in the number of areas to be built up to 3-4, which I think is reasonable. However, it will take more time than just keeping what I've got and building the final two areas. That's what I'd like your input on:

    Would you rather I keep the current layout and rush the final two areas (lowest quality but closest potential release date,) or go all Frankenstein on this map and splice together the optimal layout (highest quality but farthest potential release date)? I will be making the decision for myself, but I still want to hear what you guys think.

    Rushing areas is never a good thing, I kinda learned that the hard way :(

    I would suggest looking at all the areas you made so far. Are they good, ok, meh, or bad? Everything at meh and above you keep, bad has to be redone. Try redo maybe 1, 2 areas, but don't go crazy, Don't push out an release date, don't overwork. Rather make your map short and polished then long and weird.
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    Quote from KacperNFS
    Hey guys I made custom model.

    It's something.

    Just created this:

    I just need to find out how to texture stuff.

    Not sure about this, but according to what beta told me you just edit the standard sprite for the block/item and it should just paste that over it ;-)
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    Quote from Smeagolow

    It's a "classic" CTM map just like most vachs maps. that map is like the original Legend of Zelda, other people are making maps now that are like Wind Waker and Twilight Princess (why'd they go with that name for a Zelda game...). I'm interested to see what vachs is working on now, but most of his work is more popular than it should be compared to maps like Ragecraft (and soon many others, but mappers be taking they sweet time). To be honest I haven't played Kaizo Caverns, but I assume it's extremely outdated as a CTM map so I just haven't bothered to go and play it.

    It's totally not like LoZ. That should probably be SoFII
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    Quote from Apollo9898

    Really it will have nooooo affect on maps, only on the community. In newer maps the fog can be simulated with blindness, in older maps that can't be updated easily, just downgrade to the appropriate version. Its not hard to go back a version with the new launcher, in fact its easier than ever before.

    It will affect the community because most likely there will be a whole page worth of posts arguing this point back and forth. People reading this, please prove me wrong, i don't want to sift through a whole page or two of senseless whining/arguing about void fog removal. thank you, have a nice day.

    Unfortunately your wrong though. Blindness in binary, and void fog wasn't.

    BTW I would find it hilarious if it over time got harder to switch versions ;-)
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    Quote from WittyWhiscash
    About the whole 1.8 thing coming out, because I am not that far in, but far enough in that it would suck to redo everything, I will continue to build in 1.7, but implement 1.8 features once I have finished the map. Besides, there are some things in 1.8 I would really like in my map.

    Hi Miya! Good to see you on the forums.

    Thank you Rubisk for mentioning me in your 1000th post. (:D)

    And I don't have screenies this time. Work has slowed to a crawl for a moment as I am fighting life for a little while.

    And one final note: MogMiner, the Mojang developer, recently removed void fog for 1.8, as mentioned in this Twitter post.

    So... COMMUNITY QUESTION: How will the removal of void fog impact CTMs? Does it destroy a concept you had for an area? Are you relieved that it was removed?

    It is really bad... Void fog has always been an amazing gameplay element, and I have havely made use of it in one of my areas. Being able to see farther the higher you're up, is just something you can't really emulate, and provides for cool 3-dimensional gameplay in a 2d area...
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    Quote from Infamy
    Alright, hey guys, I'm trying to get back into CTMs and I'd like to ask if any good, easy maps have come out recently. Hopefully a full map, because I want that good old feeling of building an overly huge base xD

    Laingral is small and hard but let's you build all the bases.
    I think Chipmunks series?
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    You know what? Deal with it.
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    So, apparently a 1.8 prerelease is coming up. That took long :D
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    Quote from apoofanickymama
    Hey everyone!

    Ever wanted to make your own map like Jeoffrey's Chamber? Or give your adventure map that extra quality that only a top notch auditory experience can provide? Well now you can!

    In addition to being a redstone wiz, the rest of my freetime is spent acting. I have over 10 years of theatre/acting training and am considered quite a versatile voice actor.

    I am offering my talents for free to the minecraft community! I can do the voice acting for your entire adventure map! I can even convert the files and put them into a resource pack for you! I have some pretty good (not professional) recording equipment to make the sound really clear.

    If you would like to take advantage of this amazing offer, please fill out the application below:

    Minecraft Name:
    Nature of Job: (whole map, one character, etc)
    Are you providing a script? :
    Contact Info: (if you are giving contact info other than your minecraft forum username for PM's, please PM me the application instead!) (e.g. Forum PM, Skype, email)
    Is there a set deadline as of now? If so, when? :
    Additional Info:

    I also really need to know if you are serious about completing your map as I will be putting quite a bit of time into everyone's personal recordings.

    Please note: As this is a side activity, I may not begin work on your project for a week or two.

    Creepy samples:

    Here are some creepy voice samples. You can expect better quality than this. I just sort of threw this together without any plan. Although I did put quite a bit of time, work, and effort into it.
    Reminder: This is not for general distribution, this was created just as a collection of voice samples for the minecraft community and anyone else I choose to distribute it to.


    "Thriller" Monologue from Michael Jackson's Thriller

    Some excerpts from the Haunted Mansion Attraction at Disneyland/Disneyworld (using the actual music from the attraction) (This one gets a little bit long)

    Creepy Monologue I found on a blog (For some more serious creepiness)

    All music, sound effects, and texts are from royalty free websites, garageband, or one of the following websites.





    This one is about 12 minutes long.


    Oh god. I am so looking for this. You might have to wait a little before I got all the lines set out, but I'll definitely apply:

    Nature of Job: According to how much time you are willing to invest, 1-x
    Are you providing a script? : of course!
    Contact Info: forums for now, if you take the job It'll be skype
    Is there a set deadline as of now? If so, when? : No
    Additional Info: I might edit your voice to make it fit the map, and might ask you to redo stuff. Since the tone of the voice is really important for the impact of the player, i'll add notes like (sarcastic), (humorous) etc., and maybe let you try a few times. I will give you full access to the map and all extra source you need so I can give you the information you need to make your voice match the map (and also as a thank-you kinda thingy).
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    Quote from Infinity8miner
    Community Question:

    Do you think it's possible to implement well made lore into a map without just using lore books or making something like a custom resource pack, and if yes, how?

    Clarification: By "well done" I mean that you could understand from it anything or nearly anything you could understand from a lore book.

    Short answer: Yes.

    Long answer: Yes, (I really like this form, you can probably tell) it's definitely possible. Something really simple as showoff feature is using maps on walls as more detailed signs. You can basically just stick a 128x128 texture on the wall, and use that to show of detail. However, telling a story (and I did do a very bad job on Laingral with this, so don't go take that as an example for what I say) is more about what is there. Why are there mobs in the area? What do they drop? Where are the chests placed? Putting the loot behind a door saying something like broom closet will place the loot completely differently then when placed in something called armoury. Every block inside your place should reinforce the story. You should make use of all the space you have to say what you really want to say. Items are a great thing for this. You can make a broken sword, and tell in 2-3 lines how it was broken. Make the world feel alive. Have stuff reference to eachother, so when you find both, you discover more.

    This is really tough to do, and requires you to think of your story before crafting the area itself, but when done well, it can be very great. I've never seen it really done well though, and didn't bother to do it myself :P
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    Sorry about doublepost but here's the explanation:

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    Quote from Infamy

    That's not a good thing. It's badly designed and gimmicky, and with the new mechanics in number three they literally negate the entire gimmick. It's obnoxiously badly built, and to be honest it's an insult to CTM. Don't let people think it's CTM, because it may fit the definition, but that's not a good thing. I'll criticize more later.

    Short answer: No.

    Long anser: No, it's one of the best designed maps out there. The mapmakers managed to do SO much with the little resources and space they had, and managed to create such an enjoyable and fun experience with such less space. Everything is done right. The isles, the nether, chest placement, cave placement. It just all fits together to create an experience, which is wonderfull.
    I know some people don't like it when there are other maps being make that call themself CTM. However, we should NEVER tell people not to make a certain type of map or not to use a monument, just because we don't like it. We should NEVER limit the medium, instead be open for new types of maps. It might create a whole new genre, or just an amazing experience. You might want to add something like "original "or "survival-based" CTM. But they didn't even use the tag CTM for their map.

    Yes fang I knew you had laptop problems <3
    P-p-p-p-p-p-page get.
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    Quote from Fangride

    I generally use World and MCEdit

    derpy fang uses the world :D

    Probably McEdit, NBT-editors, and WE for most people. WorldPainter is a thing too ;-)
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    Quote from Apollo9898

    Is this directed at me or Soup or both? im so confuuuuused! ;3;

    To my broken enter key?
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