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    hi. i've got a problem trying to set up climate control + rtg and bop. it seems like there are some biomes from biomes o' plenty who aren't generated. i found out that some biomes incidences are set to 0 at default in the config file, like mangrove, kelp forest, coral reef for example and rising that number i was able to get them in finally.

    but still there are some missing like volcano, quagmire, oasis, glacier and some others. i'm not sure, has it something to do with them being subbiomes? i set suppress Bop sub-biome generation to false and installed a mod called natures compass who searches for biomes in a 10000 block radius, but still none of them are found.

    i would be thankful for any tipps, because i would really love to have all the biomes.


    i checked the bopincidences in the biomesoplentyInCC config file again and it looks like the missing biomes are exactly those who aren't even listed there.

    namely those: brushland, canyon ravine, dry river, glacier, lush river, meadow forest, oasis, quagmire, scrubland, seasonal forest clearing, spruce woods and volcano

    is there a reason why i can't find them in the conifg? and would it help if i add them there manualy?

    edit 2:

    hmm, alright. i think they aren't listed because they are subbiomes. i was wondering why some bop subbiomes are showing up in this list and some aren't and checking the thread again, i found out that you added some as full biomes because some people wanted them. still my problem is that i can't find bop subbiomes in my worlds and i would love to turn them on somehow. i have suppress Bop sub-biome generation on false, but still they aren't there.

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