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    My idea is simple...

    Edible cacti.

    Cactus in real life have water stored in them, and most of them are edible. That means that in Minecraft we could make it so you could craft edible cactus. This would make cactus farming more useful.

    So basically to craft edible cacti you would have to craft a sword and a cactus together, and you would get tiny bits of edible cactus that could be stacked.

    Now the fact that they can be stacked will also result in them restoring small amounts of health, I propose it healing half of a heart for each edible cacti consumed.

    Depending on what type of sword you are using to craft the edible cacti will affect the quantity of cacti received.

    Here's some pictures I made to help you better understand how this works.

    Wooden swords will give you 2 edible cacti.

    Stone swords would give you 6 edible cacti.

    Gold swords would give you 16 edible cacti.

    Iron swords would give you 32 edible cacti.

    Diamond swords would give you 64 edible cacti. (You would probably do this if your sword was about to break.)

    This idea would help optimize the inventory space used to store food, while helping you better survive.

    If you support this idea and/or have any other suggestions to help make this idea better, please let me know in a reply below.
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    posted a message on Other ways of obtaining string + Gunpowder
    I disagree...

    These resources are meant to be hard to obtain and should stay that way, If you could craft gunpowder there would be TNT everywhere. (In SMP of course)

    As for string, the only thing it's useful for is making a bow for killing mobs and if your playing on peaceful then you have no need for a bow, If your not playing on peaceful all you have to do is kill 2 spiders and you're set.

    And for the people who want this just so they can get gunpowder and string on peaceful,
    1. Your on peaceful and would not need a bow or TNT to fight enemies.
    2. If you need it that bad just switch the difficulty to something other than peaceful.

    I would recommend playing on hard, It makes obtaining gunpowder very rewarding and fun, Creepers basically one hit kill even with some leather armor on.
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