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    posted a message on What would you do during your first day in Survival?
    1. Get 25 logs
    2. Convert too planks
    3. Make my wooden tools (Shovel, pick, axe)
    4. Make a 5x5 box house
    5. Get some more wood with my wood axe
    6. Spend the night mining from a hole in my shack.
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    posted a message on Five Lives: A Minecraft Journal
    Short Intro (please skip if you don't feel like reading this, I could care less) I have been playing Minecraft for a long time now, since before the Adventure update. I bought it in Beta 1.6-1.7ish and have seen it grow and develop, seen mob farms break from the new Endermen, seen hours of making a passive mob farm go to waste, and seen what world generation used to be like...Anyways, once 1.4 came out I finally had felt like I was done with this game, and so I took a break... until a few weeks ago. 1.7 was out and I decided to find a serer and start my survival world. There was alot of new things, anvils, Witches, The Wither (I still haven't had a chance to do battle with this foe) among many other things.But SMP doesn't always cut it, internet lines fail, lag sucks, and people hack. The only real way to escape this is through single player or a friends whitelisted server. I went the first route, but I did not want it to be boring.So what do I do? I made this. Five Lives: A Minecraft Journal.Rules:* Normal difficulty is the minimum. Most of this will be on hard, but the first 2 nights were normal. Peacful and * easy are too well... They aren't interesting.* The only "End" to this journal is when I beat the Enderdragon or die trying! (or life gets in the way)* No cheap saving yourself, and by that I mean "Oh crap, nighttime! Better dig a hole and wait for day". My shelter will be something dug out, or built. I don't plan to cower in a dirt hole. No shelter nearby? I'll fight my way home.* After 5 deaths this series ends, EnderDragon or not.* After 4 deaths, I have to fight the EnderDragon with no armor, and only a bow, stone sword, and a few stacks of arrows. No doing any prep. Get food, get those Ender Eyes and get to that stronghold!* 2 screenshots per Minecraft day minimum* ALL achievements are needed before I face the EnderDragon. Show achievments every 5 days.Day 1: Buttermouth Bay
    So I spawn, dig a small hole to mark my spawn point and begin observing my surroundings. This is what I found: I feel like this interesting bay needs a name. It really reminds me of Massachusetts, so I named it Buttermouth Bay. Behind me is a vast spruce forest with a few oaks strangely enough.Now, I don't like being stuck out in the open at nightime so I start by making my house. I always make ugly 3x3 plank boxes, and I don't want to take that route. I figure I can make a decent looking house by midday, this is what I started with: this is what I ended the day with: Stuck in an unfinished house, missing the glass I need for the windows. Not what I call fancy living. Didn't have a chance to get any grub but an apple, which I ate.I just wasted more time than I would have liked. But the important thing is I still have 5 lives, and this home will forward my intentions of keeping it that way.
    Day 2: Food on the mind, I need a mine.
    Day 2 starting inventory: 4 cobble stairs (for the roof of my house), 4 cobble, a stone sword, a stone pick, a heavily damaged wooden pick, 4 dirt, and a wooden axe. And that folks is why you don't spend the whole first day building a house. the sun has risen in Buttermouth Bay.The first order of business is creeper scouting. I didn't find anything but a spider. He didn't give me any string. But soon I will need to fish for food as livestock is fairly scarce here, which means this definetly is not my last spider encounter. Go after the stragglers!I spent the day gathering more cobblestone and wood, finishing my house, and gathering food from the small amount of livestock I found. The next days will be more interesting I hope, as it is time to go spelunking.
    Day 1 and 2 death count: 0 Day 3: The Ravine
    So today as the sun went down in our Minecraft world, I decided to finally start a mine after 3 days without a good supply of stone, or any type of tools above it. After digging all the way to layer 40 with no luck I finally found this: Alright so I dug up the iron, and after 1 block of stone I came to this: Tommorow we will explore this cave. I think I can find some diamonds there so we can make a nether portal, and then maybe fight the Wither? I still have alot of time to prepare for that and I still have not died. But this is a step forward to beating the EnderDragon.
    Day 3 death count: 0Please share your opinions of my Minecraft journal.
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    posted a message on Why is everyone so obsessed with this game?
    Anyobdy else agree?
    Quote from Ronwilliam

    Not everyone is obsessed and wants to constantly hear about it.
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    posted a message on Why is everyone so obsessed with this game?
    OOH I can hear the fanboys of Mojang screaming now. "MINECRAFT IS AWESOME YOU RETARTED PERSON!!!!." I myself have played Minecraft since October 2011 and I feel like for $15 I got my moneys worth (it used to be much cheaper) but seriously I cannot talk to people at my school without hearing Minecraft references ever since the pocket edition (everyone has iPads, LOL I would have gotten a laptop if I were them) but it is getting annoying and only a few of my closest friends understand that Minecraft is not everything. I personally stopped playing it and lately I have not been very active on the forums. I just understand that it gets annoying and it is very bad to be addicted to something for years. Anybody else feel the same way? (I have taken up other interest mainly involving retro gaming lately)
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    posted a message on Do you still get excited for Christmas?
    Quote from Krontical

    What do you mean the magic is gone? I'm going to ask for a magic ball for Christmas. Just kidding, Christmas isn't the same, but its still nice to get free gifts. Besides, its fun to celebrate the birthday of Jesus (Before anyone goes on about how he's not real, let me believe what I want to
    he is real :) MY parents did not want to lie so I never cried because they told me there was no flying, fat guy. I do enjoy presents, the spirit, and spending time with my family.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 2. Horrible or Great?
    Well i don't really think much of it anymore i decided it was just another joke like hotdogs in beta 1.6 but i really do hate how they put spheres in there i mean Minecraft is a BLOCK BASED building game after all
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    posted a message on wood mod
    Do you spend tireless hours in the forest trying to get yourself a couple logs? then this mod is definetly for you!
    what it does is makes your hands the ultimate axe (and everything else) you can chop trees and remove wooden planks instantly! (note: this is only for singleplayer and will always only be for singleplayer you evil griefers)

    download here: http://www.mediafire...q08476ejunynfq2


    download 7-zip or winRAR

    go to start menu and type %appdata%

    go to roaming .minecraft then bin then use either 7-zip or winRAR to open up minecraft.jar (or minecraft on some computers)

    put the file from wood mod into minecraft.jar and then delete meta-inf and run minecraft!
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    posted a message on Nether far lands now?
    no but i saw a picture of it here is the link: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/File:NetherFarLands.png
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    posted a message on Pirate mod (request)
    u start with a tiny boat and no base and only a crew with one fisherman and u buy bases and bigger boats and talk to npcs and fight with the navy and other pirates
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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Wolftail Challenge
    this is like the city construction challenge witch is pretty old that was probably what you based this off of im not going to do it but i bet somebody else will
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