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    Oh crud... This ones rather funny
    The story of the first world, and RonWilliam's first nether portal.
    Here's the story of my first (really 2nd) world in the land of Minecraft beta 1.7.3! (I'm not that new, lol)
    Okay, I don't know how to break anything. I thought you had to spam click after watching an MC Alpha tutorial video. So I get a bunch of seeds, and after about an hour of being angry at myself for not punching down the tree, I finally figured out how to puch stuff down. I knew all the wood & stone tool recipes, and the other basic ones from videos. I settle in a cliff on the side of a lake. The main room had very little. I had a ton of staircases with rooms every 10 blocks that had different things. The last one was at bedrock. Then I realized the place sucked, and I moved too a snow biome a found with a ton of flat land near the coast. I made an enormus wooden plank tower, and my first cake. :steve_csi: Alright, in an attempt to make my tower floating I burned down the bottom. Except it spreaded everywhere else. So I had a rubble of stuff and a tiny minecart track with a chicken trapped in the minecart (It was experimental, I had no clue how minecarts or redstone worked). Then I made my first Nether portal. So I jump in, with nothing but wood picks for fear of losing stuff. My portal apparently links up to a tiny netherrack floating island above the lava ocean. Ugh. So the idea was too get glowstone and get out. But I had too play on peaceful because ghasts kept making the floating island smaller and smaller. After getting some glowstone I made the crappiest castle ever, and then I started playing exclusively on an old beta 1.7 server (unforunately it went away in beta 1.8) and I think by the time the Adventure Update was out I had made a new world.
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    posted a message on Just died in lava
    Eleven diamonds, over a stack of iron, tons of redstone gold coal etc.
    Happened way back in 2011 in Beta 1.7.3. I mean BETA 1.7.3
    For some reason it has always stuck with me.
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    Alright, I don't have screenshots of this.
    But I used to play a Minecraft server, vanilla, no plugins. Not even TPing.
    So, I quit for a few weeks and come back.
    about 500 blocks away from home base (a hidden door 1 block under the ocean) I see a giant cobble castle and a huge boat....
    Someone built it without even knowing I was there.
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    1. Get 25 logs
    2. Convert too planks
    3. Make my wooden tools (Shovel, pick, axe)
    4. Make a 5x5 box house
    5. Get some more wood with my wood axe
    6. Spend the night mining from a hole in my shack.
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    Improvements so far-
    The basement has been turned into a full-blown storage room, but won't be big enough for forever
    The small roof is a balcony now.
    Perimeter fence with torches.

    Quote from Aeroisticon



    -Not enough utility items (chests, anvils, enchant table, crafting bench) Okay, theres a crafting bench in the bedroom/attic. And seriously? An enchant table on the fourth night? Geeze.

    I don't think it looks that noobish. I'm not godzilla. I haven't even got my first diamond yet.
    What do you expect? An obsidian fortress with arrow dispensers placed all around the border?

    Alright, the updated house and basement.
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    posted a message on I have a Question for EVERYONE
    In 1 particular world?
    Think you have everything done?
    Start a quarry. You will need it.
    Now make a city. Include a minimum of 10 houses. And really focus on making it pretty.
    Most satisfying thing you can do. Even when I just made a small village of 4 or 5 buildings and a port with a little cargo ship (the hull was a great place to put a farm).
    (Why so vague? Spark your own creativity, it's more fun!)
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    Quote from godprimarch

    It is too small, but could be made into part of a village, with each house dedicated to specific tasks.

    That village could be surrounded by a wall, have lots of food generation and be hostile mob proof.

    Changes I would make:

    - line the smaller section of the building up with the larger section of the building
    - Double Door Entrance
    - Perimeter fence with lighting
    - A walkout balcony on the top of the smaller section of the building
    - Chest room could use some love

    Rating: 4

    Needs work, but shows some promise for a village build.
    Thanks for replying.
    I made the chest room alot better, is sorted and has more chests now.
    Made a lookout balcony.
    Yeah, once I'm in the mood I'll probably add some more of what you said.
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    Quote from Litargirio
    A little too small, considering that in order to make a minecraft house fully functional you should have at least: a smelting area (min. 6 furanaces), an enchanting room, a brewery, a portal room, a storage room (min. 12 double chests, half of them trapped, so you can put them next to each other), and a bed-room.Also, you need to prevent mobs from spawning on the roof, so when you walk out the door a creeper doesn't fall on your head and blow the whole thing up.The way you have your door right now makes it very easy for mobs to ambush you from behind if you try to walk out at night. It would be wise to build a perimeter around the whole house, by surrounding it with torches and a fence.As to the aesthetics, I would say it looks OK, except for the roof of the smaller section of the building.Rating: 3
    Alright, if thats your rating, then I should really work at it :/.Your right, a spider did spawn on the roof.EDIT: Thanks to you, the uglier part of the roof is now a lookout balcony, the basement is a storage room and (soon) will be a furnace room.
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    Hello, I just got back into Minecraft after at least half a year of not really playing consistently, and I want to make sure that my aesthetic skills are still up too par.
    I've uploaded all of the images into this album on Imgur. (Link: http://imgur.com/a/V86Bg#6)
    They are in this order (horizontal): Bedroom (attic), window (from attic), kitchen, basement
    Row 2: Main room, Outside view, Outside view farther away

    Please base this on a rating of 1-10, and judge with materials I was able to gather within the first 5 nights.

    This is what I expect

    1-Piece of crap (3 block deep hole with a bed, etc.)
    3- Not really that great, I would demolish it. (Multicolored shack, etc.)
    10-I love it!

    Improvements made based on suggestion

    Added fence around it, and lighting
    Smaller roof section is now a balcony.

    Updated chest room and house
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    DAY 3: The Ravine (added to main post too)
    So today as the sun went down in our Minecraft world, I decided to finally start a mine after 3 days without a good supply of stone, or any type of tools above it. After digging all the way to layer 40 with no luck I finally found this:
    Alright so I dug up the iron, and after 1 block of stone I came to this:
    Tommorow we will explore this cave. I think I can find some diamonds there so we can make a nether portal, and then maybe fight the Wither? I still have alot of time to prepare for that and I still have not died. But this is a step forward to beating the EnderDragon.
    Day 3 death count: 0
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    posted a message on Been thinking for awhile...
    Quote from jddunn06

    Hey everyone,

    I have played the Xbox version of Minecraft quite a bit, but I haven't touched it in awhile, mainly because my friends don't play anymore and I don't really ever find people to play with. I know that version of MC is an older one, but what are the biggest differences between the Xbox version and PC? Do people grief a lot on the PC? My biggest thing I want is to be part of a community on the game, are there many opportunities for this?

    Thank you!
    Yeah, join a server with towny and some good protection plugins. Griefing is only stopped completely on those servers that are strictly Capture the Flag or something. But normally you can find a good community in a server with good admins and little griefing, but it won't be that popular server that is the first to pop up when you search the net.
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    posted a message on Pre Adventure Update Server?
    So I used the new launcher to go back to the time I first spawned in Minecraft, Beta 1.6/1.7ish
    I did 1.6 just because I felt like it...
    So anyway, I found it very relaxing and the pace was much slower than the new Minecraft. Unfortunately I do not still have the old Server.jar/exe files for these 2 versions, and I was wondering if anybody else has one of the type of servers hosted, or could at least upload their old server.exe/jar? (preferably exe)
    Now the only thing is I would prefer if the exe was after alpha, but if somebody has the one from alpha and nobody else can get an old .jar then that would be perfectly fine.
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    Quote from 1234abcdcba4321

    "All achievements are needed before I defeat the EnderDragon."
    Impossible, because of these 4 achievements: (Each one requires the one above it, so...)
    The end. - Defeat the enderdragon
    The beginning? - Spawn the wither
    The beginning. - Kill the wither
    Beaconator - Create a maxed beacon.

    Well obviously to get the end I need to kill the enderdragon.
    I will probably just kill the wither before I go to the end. I don't care if "technically" I did not get the achievment, as long as the Wither dies.
    Quote from koreyisawesome14

    Are you using a texture pack because the cobblestone looks like the old cobblestone design
    Yup. Just a custom CobbleStone texture pack I made.
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    Quote from 1234abcdcba4321

    I think you should go for all achievements. (Which means beating the wither as well)
    Good idea.
    I suppose I can ADD to the rules, as long as I don't take away anything.
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    Quote from 1234abcdcba4321
    Those are nice rules.Though, 2 pics a day is a bit much...I'd at least recommend using spoilers.
    I did not use spoilers? Silly me. Let me fix that.
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