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    Eh, it's a short list for me, but there are certainly a few.

    For one, there are bees. There are few things in this world that I actually fear. Among that short list are bees. When I was three, I was playing in my bedroom and I rolled underneath my bed. I have no idea why, but there was a yellow jacket under my bed and I crushed it with my arm. You can probably imagine how that felt.

    Ever since then, I have been TERRIFIED of bees. I'm sixteen now, and the fear is just as real thirteen years later. I also had a really big fear of yellow jackets, and by that I mean yellow-colored jackets. I was three, okay?

    As for other animals, I would have to say chihuahuas. Any other dog, I'm fine with. I love dogs. They're loyal, friendly, and all-in-all great pets and friends. But chihuahuas are just... ugh. Whenever I see a chihuahua, it yaps and barks at me, and I just want to punt it over my back fence.

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    Okay, I'm working on it right now. I don't know when it will be up, but I think a good estimate would be before the end of the week.

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    posted a message on The Above Three Avatars Have Been Sent To Kill You

    Those other two I could probably handle, but fluffy kittens are my greatest weakness.

    I surrender.

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    posted a message on Misquoting
    Quote from ThePiDay»

    I smell potatoes.

    Delicious :D

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    posted a message on Make The Weirdest Excuse Possible For Not Handing In Your Homework

    Well, Mr. Norman, it went something like this.

    I was walking in the woods alone one night with a not-fully-charged lantern. In those woods, I met a drunken satyr named Mr. Listerine, the Axe Cuddler. He just sat in a tree filled with jellybeans, cuddling a plush axe, and I decided to just leave him alone.

    But he had other ideas.

    He jumped out of the tree and began beating me to death with his axe... which took a long time, by the way. However, right when he was about to strike the final blow and cut my life frighteningly short, a massive rainbow-colored trout the size of a GET bus tackled the satyr to the ground and sternly scolded him. Mr. Listerine bowed before the might of Sir Lord Baron Earl LXXVIII, a gummy bear slave driver from Albania, and obediently scurried off into the night.

    The fish returned to his home and warned me not to eat the black moss. I thought it'd be pretty self-explanatory, but as it turns out, the moss looked tasty enough for me to overlook common sense. I almost ate it when Sir Lord Baron Earl's words rang through my mind, and I instead set the moss on fire.

    Turns out that when black moss burns, it releases toxic fumes that cause you to get the absolute worst headache you will ever have in your life. The headache was so bad that it made my skin shrivel and turn a bright green, and eventually I fell unconscious.

    When I awoke from my moss-induced coma, everything was on fire. The trees were on fire, the rocks were on fire, the fire was on fire, and that fire was as well. I ran towards the river to escape it, but it turns out that it was on fire as well, so there was only one way to escape.

    I beckoned my flying space narwhal, Rundeego the Sparkly, and politely asked him to take me to school. However, every time he takes me somewhere, he requires that I feed him paper. With my homework being the only thing I could have given him at the time, I was given no other choice.

    Surely you understand, right?

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    posted a message on The Dumbest Thing Anyone Has Ever Said
    Mine isn't so much the stupidest thing ANYONE'S ever said, but more the stupidest thing... I'VE ever said.

    A few years ago, I was at an IHOP (International House of Pancakes) with my family. The server comes over to take our order, and for those of you who have been there, you can essentially create your own omelet - you tell them what you want on it, and they'll make it exactly how you want it.

    So I asked for one of those... and I asked if it came with eggs.

    The whole table bust out in laughter. It was then that I was reminded that omelets are made FROM eggs. I already knew, but... the question just kinda flew out of my mouth. The best part was the look on the server's face.

    I'll admit, not my smartest moment. Hard to say if it was my STUPIDEST, though.

    Well... then there was this one time. Coincidentally, it was at that very same IHOP.

    So we walk in the door, and as soon as we enter that waiting room with the comfy benches, I see these two police officers walking towards the door to pay for their meals. I was roughly 5 years old, I think.

    So my five-year-old mind thinks "Wait, don't cops only eat donuts and drink coffee?" And of course, anything a five-year-old thinks ends up flying out of their mouths at the worst possible times.

    Like when the cops are opening the door to leave.

    We decided it was a good idea to go to a different IHOP.

    Er... yeah...
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    Quote from Emerald9Creeper
    Who said we shouldn't plat VGs in the poll?

    Apparently, 6 different people.

    Yes, there are plenty of men that treat women like garbage. We aren't ALL like that, but sadly there are many that are.

    Personally? I think everybody deserves a chance to game. In fact, a lot of my closest friends are girls who play video games. There's nothing wrong with playing video games, no matter what gender, race or age you are.
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    posted a message on What are your favorite pokemon?
    There are a lot of Pokemon in the pokedex, and it's difficult to only choose five. However, I'm pretty sure I could pick them out.

    My fifth favorite is Luxray. I'm not even sure I need to explain this one. It's just plain awesome. It's a perfect candidate for battling Crasher Wake in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, as it reaches it's final stage around the level you fight him at, though this is only one of the things that makes it awesome. Kinda like how you order a package, but they give you free bubble wrap that provides hours of fun.


    Moving on. It's also one of the sturdier Electric types out there, and it also has a high attack and a versatile learnset that can fit almost any situation. The one drawback? It's slow. Very slow. Bite is good for it early on, but I wouldn't bother teaching it flinching moves in the higher levels. The flinching won't really help due to it's low speed, and it already learns Crunch - naturally at that.

    All in all, though, it's awesome enough to warrant a special place in my top five.

    My fourth favorite pokemon is Scizor, for a multitude of reasons. One of them is the fact that it's really freaking awesome, and that's further bolstered by the fact that my very first (and only) non-scripted Shiny pokemon ever was a shiny Scyther. It has a well-rounded stat total that allows for survivability and brutality, even if it loses speed as a result, and it's Steel-type defends it from numerous elements that the Bug type would otherwise have trouble with, such as Rock. As well as the fact that Bug also supports it's Steel-type by giving it a better chance against Fighting-Types and Ground-Types. Just awesome.

    Shiny Scizor.

    Third Favorite was a hard one to pick, but I'd have to say Gigalith. It evolves near the lower levels in the game, and has an unholy attack and defense stat, which is even better considering it's Sturdy ability prevents it from being one-shot by Surf or Hydro Pump. It's also pretty awesome that it holds the title of only third-stage purely rock-type pokemon. Give it a Quick Claw and it'll dominate your opponent's team.

    And, like all my other favorites, it's just freaking awesome. Even it's very name instills fear in the hearts of all Volcaronas.

    Second favorite is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Yanmega. I don't even know where to start with this one. I had my Yanmega take on a Steelix... and completely crushed it. It's special attack is pretty high, and it's speed is nothing to sneeze at either (especially if it has Speed Boost). Give it a Brightpowder and watch it work it's magic.

    And my all-time favorite... the one that holds a spot atop a podium in that one special place in my heart. Betcha can't guess.


    Back in Johto, I trained a Gligar and found myself sorely disappointed by it's sorry stats and limited move list. I just didn't like it.

    But then, everything changed when the Sinnoh Region attacked.

    When Gliscor came out, I actually held out hope for a better pokemon than that sorry little termite that is Gligar. And it payed off big time. Gliscor's defense is extraordinary - I pitted my Gliscor up against Aaron's Drapion, and it hit me with an Ice Fang. At the same level, (level 53) my Gliscor survived the attack with more than half it's health, even with the x4 effectiveness. Then I hit Drapion with an Earthquake and flattened it in a single shot.

    Now, it's special defense it's very pretty, but who cares when you've got such an awesome pokemon? And it can even learn the Three elemental fangs (Fire Fang, Ice Fang and Thunder Fang) which suit it quite well. This pokemon will always stand above the rest in my book.

    It deserves a bigger, better picture than the others.

    So that's my in-depth explanation for my favorite pokemon. :)
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    posted a message on Why Do People Believe In God?
    I'm not going to get on anybody about what they believe, and I hope that act of respect will be reciprocated. However, I am going to tell you what I believe, as I believe in God and that's what this topic was originally created for.

    I believe in God because of what He's done for me. I've seen His work in the lives of countless people, including myself. I've tried and failed countless times to be perfect, but Grace doesn't care about my failures. He doesn't care about what I did wrong in the past, as the past is in the past. God turned my entire life around - why wouldn't I choose to believe in Him?

    I believe in God because without him, there would be no passion, no emotion, no drive. God breathed into the first human being and gave him a soul. If God didn't exist, we wouldn't be alive. We might be operational, our organs working fine and everything. But we wouldn't be LIVING. We would be surviving.

    I believe in God so that I can have an eternity with Him. Because that's what He's promised to those who love him and accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

    I believe in God because I've found absolutely nothing else that I can truly put my faith in. I've put every ounce of my faith in God that He loves me, and I've seen the truth - He does. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is able to change that.

    Yes, I've had other choices. In fact, I've made other choices in the past that, to this day, I can't forget. They were unhealthy. However, God has helped bring me out of it, and there's nothing else that could offer me something as valuable as salvation.

    I'm done now. And again, I'm not going to stop anybody from believing what they want to believe. I'm just sharing the reasons I believe in God, and nothing more.
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    posted a message on Wrath of the Divine
    ((There's something seriously wrong with you, you know.))
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