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    Quote from 0tter1»

    /snip/ However, if people can develop mods like optifine that boost fps, then why can’t a large team of professionals fix thier code? Do they just not care? Personally I feel like they are trying to push people to the bedrock edition - which is both a good and a bad thing.

    Hope you understood my points, please tell me if you didn’t quite get my message. =)

    Honestly, the recent updates feel like more permanent mods.

    Per https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-snapshot-18w43a "New Light engine!"

    Also, refer to just past the halfway point of the following video:

    It sure looks like they rendered it with Optifine. For them to get "4k" video on high end machines, they are going to have to get "standard" Minecraft lighting to work on lower end machines. Part of the question is, "How much of this lighting rework is Bedrock exclusive or also applies to Java Edition?" I have no idea, I just know 1.14 claims to have a new lighting engine.

    Also, Mojang as a company is taking pains to tell people "Java is not going away." I'd have to look up the specific quote on Twitter, but it's out there often enough to try to get people to accept the official line: Java Edition is not being cut. My server, Copper FerretCraft is both on the Java Server (currently Snapshot 18w44a) and a Bedrock Realm. We play on either as we are inclined, or find something we want to kick around. On the surface, both versions are pretty much the same. The devil is in the details. And WOW what a freakin' devil it is! THAT discussion is NOT this thread. I'll just say the two editions differ enough in their development teams (Redmond for Bedrock, Stockholm for Java Edition) that Redmond is absolutely definitely *NOT* pushing to "win" all the Java Edition fans over to their platform. If you want to start a thread discussing that in detail, we can certainly go through that. But "pushing people from Java to Bedrock" is simply a non-issue between the Redmond team and the Stockholm team.

    We are much better off with the following
    a) supporting AND THROWING MONEY at sp614x, the Optifine Lead to keep that project going

    B) building and testing new Snapshots like Gnembon in the following video:

    Hold Mojang's feet to the fire with specific tests that can be done to show what the problem is so everyone can see it and point a finger to it. Unfortunately, it looks like @TheMasterCaver has been doing this for eons (in Internet time) and we still have our current situation. But he keeps trying anyway, and so should the rest of us.

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    posted a message on 4 More Gemstones - Pre-textured by me

    These might be useful as a data pack or plugin.

    You can now alter the loot tables of blocks mined. As a "guess," I think we may get to a point where you can alter the texture of ore generated (say granite stone, not all, but a random few) and alter the drop for a retextured emerald, for example, without altering ALL emeralds. Then the data pack can give that retextured "new" emerald with different properties than the "old" emerald.

    In short, with 1.14 or perhaps 1.15 you just might be able to make a data pack that does EXACTLY what you propose, and people could play with it in the game as you envision it. As it is, Xisumavoid has a bunch of data packs on https://xisumavoid.com/vanillatweaks/ that alter loot tables, change the behavior of mobs, and so on. I feel some of the changes in these data packs are "Minecraft should just work this way anyway in Vanilla." One Player Sleeping, for example, because getting EVERYONE to HAVE to sleep on a server where not everyone speaks the same language (or one player is always mining and has no idea of the sun status) is a serious pain, and I don't see how any server with a large player base can do without this.

    If you can sort out how to make a data pack that will create the new ores you describe, people can play it and kick it around. You can then learn from constructive feedback and make it better. EVEN IF Mojang doesn't do it, YOU made it possible for others to enjoy in the game.

    As constructive feedback goes, my wife has a hard time with Vanilla textures where blocks such as Andesite and stone, gravel and cobble, and other such blocks begin to look all alike and it gives her a headache. 16x16 pixels does not give you much space to differentiate one block from another. The reason Ruby didn't make the cut, as I understand it, is that Dinnerbone has trouble seeing certain colors: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/archive/future-updates/384441-1-5-new-blocks-items#c11

    Did you know you can even play Minecraft to see the world as someone colorblind might?
    As far as a *permanent* Vanilla change to Minecraft, Dinnerbone will not approve of ores where he can't tell the difference between it and the existing one. Your texture will simply have to account for that. You will also have to account for people who enjoy Minecraft kept "simple," like my wife and others who play on my server. So there are issues you will have to consider and *test* your idea against, and it would take some effort.

    But is your idea worth the effort? Are *YOU* worth the effort? That's something only you can really decide.

    GO FOR IT!
    I hope this helps you with your idea. I would like to see more ore and variety in the game, but I understand the hurdles and complications that would affect other people. Cheers!
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    Quote of my post in Feedback:
    Placed in a village (and spawned atop a "church" structure) any lightning that would spawn within the village hits the lightning rod instead. This would prevent villagers from turning to witches (and the loss of an important villager). Lightning is one reason among many you do NOT let villagers "roam free". The only way to keep your villagers alive and useful is to enslave and imprison them. This is silly. A "lightning rod" that spawns with the "church" (and not all villages spawn with a church) would go a long way towards the dream of "free range villagers" with the 1.14 update.

    I'd like to have Mojang consider offering a "lightning rod" as part of the Villagers & Pillagers update. As mentioned in my comment above, my goal would be to see "free range" villagers in Vanilla. As things now stand, lightning is one among MANY dangers (including suicide by stupidity) that kill off villagers. A lightning rod spawning on a "church" with the release of updated village buildings would protect the villages lucky enough to spawn with it.

    Since the Feedback Page is where suggestions have a chance to actually be read by Mojang, please consider voting on this issue and commenting further on the idea of some protection from lightning turning your free-range villagers into witches. Again, it doesn't have to be EVERY village, just the ones lucky enough to spawn with this on a specific building, and allow players to craft one.

    Besides, wouldn't it be freakin' cool to have a castle with lightning rods on it to make it extra spooky during a thunderstorm?

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    Especially with the ability to read the code in Java, any Mojang issued currency is going to invite a whole host of issues they want nothing to deal with. The only real "Minecraft community-wide" currency is trust. There are Minecraft players I know from their videos, and I trust them implicitly on my servers. But that kind of currency isn't available for pretty much anyone else. And that's the best kind of currency. I can't see Mojang having any interest in issuing a "fiat" currency. They'd sooner shove a pitchfork through their own brain.

    In reference to "Post Scarcity", as I said before the list had more to do with ways people try to cloak themselves in personal credit for "stuff" far more than the effort they put into it to acquire said "stuff." People, in general, confuse "things" for "ability." Every time I start off a blank new world, I already start off rather wealthy in ability before I've interacted with the first block. TheMasterCaver, I'd rate around 100 times more wealthy than I. "Post Scarcity" comes up pretty quickly and shifts to, "What cool stuff can I build in Survival?" That kind of wealth is going to be a real bear to translate into a form of currency that cuts across servers unless the person in question actually spends time *playing* on the other servers.

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    Fine then... It's to easy to thrive if Keep Inventory is on. How does one "thrive" if there is no consequences for dying? You might as well play creative because then survival is just creative only you have to work for your items which basically means you are just making more pointless work for yourself.

    I don't think you are familiar with the Hermitcraft series or other "Let's Build" series. They do *NOT* have "keep Inventory" turned on. But taking a look at their completed season worlds (available for download), it is pretty clear they "thrive."

    On my Copper FerretCraft server we have several older folks around retirement age, including a player with Senior Dementia. We did have "Keep Inventory" on, but I plan to use "Player Graves" from https://xisumavoid.com/vanillatweaks/ instead. It is a concession to their desire to enjoy the play with risk, but to not have so much risk as to lose everything to a mistake. If it were entirely up to me as /op, we'd be playing Extra Hard Mode, but I'd be playing by myself without my wife to join me. So... I make concessions because these are close friends and family, and I want a happy place for them to spend time with me. Even with "Keep Inventory" on, we still had to work for things. As much as I'd prefer Extra Hard Mode, I have more important priorities, and so my rule of the game "have fun" applies. Being "god" in your own little world just isn't very appealing to me.

    If your Minecraft game is a "social" one, your desire to have fun with others may rank higher than your personal wishes and "rules" for the game.

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    @fishg, straight up... "It's a game about thriving."

    I have "rules" I go by for playing the game, and watching Hermitcraft Mumbo Jumbo violates those "rules" and it drives me crazy. Like "LIGHT UP THE FREAKIN' AREA YOU JUST MINED, MORON!" Nope... Mumbo makes a huge cave, doesn't light it up, then nearly dies or has some redstone thing destroyed by creepers. Much of my time watching Mumbo's Hermitcraft is heckling him. "Drag 15 villagers through the Nether? Whatever FOR when you can simply breed with three of them?!? You plan to build a breeder anyway! What the hell?!"

    But yeah, latching onto a current "Let's Play" like Hermitcraft Season 6 would be a great way to introduce what is *POSSIBLE* in Survival Only with Hermitcraft. There really is so much to learn, and the only real important rule is "have fun!" Minecraft really isn't about Surviving. It's "OMG you can really build something like that? And you did it in Survival mode? That's just freakin' wicked!" Download Season 5 Hermitcraft, show your friend around. Get a taste for "thriving." Then go have fun, mistakes and all. Mumbo certainly does if you watch his series.

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    TMC you are a valuable and respected player in my book. You have fun playing the game "as intended." For people like you, the category of, "just has fun playing the game mining and stuff, lots" should be added. But my "post scarcity" list is pretty much tongue-in-cheek for ways people play the game without the trouble of actually "working hard" within the game to acquire the "wealth." I don't mind farms, not in the context of a) enjoying the building and learning that is part of redstone, and B) sharing the knowledge and joy of doing cool stuff together with like minded friends. Making redstone farms to "lord" it over other players, not so much. The other items on the list are ways people acquire the benefit and wealth of what you earned without the effort you did in acquiring it in the context of the game.

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    Currency, money, is a store of value that facilitates the exchange of goods and services. "Different classes" of currency, as far as Minecraft goes, would be blocks of iron, blocks of emeralds, blocks of gold, or blocks of diamond. Mods and plugins can introduce some "fiat" currency into the game. "Fiat currency" has value because everyone agrees to pretend it has some sort of value,even if it's worthless otherwise. This makes it easier for the server operator to game the players.

    That said I suppose you could have a "fiat currency" class valued on make-believe orchestrated by the server op, and "blocks of stuff that have value because of what you can do with it. Beyond that, "classes of currency" would be difficult to track or otherwise apply meaning.

    "Post scarcity" in the Minecraft context can mean many things:

    I out manipulated the server op's currency.

    I paid off the server op.

    I'm good friends with the server op.

    I am the server op.

    I have creative mode.

    I hacked creative mode.

    I redstoned farms to where I don't need creative mode.

    I made a faction that out PVPs every other faction, so they pay me off for "protection," mostly protection from my faction.

    Even in Minecraft, the Golden Rule applies: they who hath the gold, maketh the rules.

    Those issues will seriously foul any meaningful stab at a GDP within and between servers. Economics as a field of knowledge sucks badly.

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    The ability to acquire something at "low cost/ low effort" drops its value. An auto-pumpkin/ melon farm adjacent to a decent farmer villager = hyper-inflation/ worthless currency. Diamonds can't be "gamed" as easily.

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    Yeah, I agree. That's why there would need to be an autority, Mojang.

    Governments of the world attempt to assert "authority" in the marketplace, and generally fail the more "authority" they attempt to assert. I don't see Mojang attempting, never-mind succeeding.

    And I also agree, if anoyone would tell me my price for something is , I would say the same thing.

    That's where the „free makret“ would be. You sell for your price. And either you doing good or not.

    "Free" or not, if people can't deal legally, they do so illegally, including and especially the government creating and enforcing the laws on everyone else but themselves. The existence of "market" precludes the success of anyone but a buyer and seller asserting "authority." And if it isn't "free," it is varying degrees of "under the table/ black market."

    I also hope that this chart will change. Like for example…Why I cannot sell other meats, besides porcus and pullus?

    Well, there must be some mechanism in place, so the governing body would not game the system.

    Governing bodies always game the system. What else is the point of being "king"?

    TMC... yeah, that chart is pretty freakin' horrible for the reasons you've stated, and it is part of what makes capturing and enslaving villagers pretty much a necessity if they are to remain alive and useful for long between that stupid "price chart" and the villagers' legendary lack-of-self-preservation in the AI. But pertaining to the OP, that chart is pretty much the only consistent standard for what any given thing is worth, good, bad, indifferent. Everything else is situational between a player buying and a player selling with whatever barter or currency they devise between them. I believe this would make any sense of "GDP" particularly between servers all but impossible.

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    Getting gamers to agree on anything is going to be "interesting." If I were told I had to sell my iron at a specific price, my response is usually along the lines of, "Bite me." I sell at the price I find fair to me. When the iron is essentially free *for me*, I don't have to care what they lower the price to. If it doesn't sell, I store it. Iron in Minecraft doesn't rust.

    There *is* a "universal MC market", game enforced. Emeralds.

    Villager Trade Chart

    This is enforced by game code within the margins depicted. Someone wants to sell items off that chart must do so with that very chart in mind, considering how "available" the "perfect villager" is to someone else as well as the general known selling price of that item. This also has an influence on items not listed on the chart. The demand for blank books will affect leather. If you sell your iron for too low, I'll simply buy you out every time I can and convert all your iron to emeralds and use it to buy diamond tools and armor from a villager, which in turn affects diamond as a commodity.

    So that chart is, effectively, about the only real "standardizing body", and even then 1.14 might just totally blow that chart apart... and I really hope it does.

    Monetary standardization might be great for governments and central planners to allow them to "game their own system" as they do, but markets tend to not give a damn about central planners and gaming governments.

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    The one problem (origin of items) makes the other problem intractable. Iron, as with most anything else I can think of in Minecraft, is a commodity. The game doesn't distinguish between sources. Iron is iron. In a "real life" scenario for GDP, if we could have Iron Golems fall out of the sky into a carefully created town center and smelt the "free iron", it would *still* be counted as "iron", the price of iron and anything related to it (such as steel) would fall to the point where no company would *mine* iron, and any iron mined would be incidental to the mining of anything else. Iron is iron.

    And thus the problem with forming a "standard". Even to say the Real-life US dollar as the basis for GDP. The problem you have with using the US dollar is the US Government's ability to "print" more as they "need" it. The U.S. Treasury Department writes checks. Banks are legally required to honor those checks even if they would, in theory, be "overdrawn." That is the cause of inflation: it's a "stealth" tax.

    So even in measuring GDP in "US Dollars", the real value of US Dollars falls over time. When a government goes out of its way to "just print money" to where it is obvious even to the dog on the street, you have Hyperinflation, a scenario like the one for iron above, only with that country's currency.

    Any "currency" by which you would evaluate a commodity such as "land" or "resources" would have to be in terms of other resources, subject to changes in "technology" (I made an AFK redstone farm for it) or changes to game mechanics (gravel and sand can make more valuable dyed concrete in the current version).

    In the end, "GDP" is a rough guess and a tool for a specific purpose of measuring the relative health of a given country's economy. While the same can be done "in theory" with any given Minecraft world, the "rough guess for a specific purpose" applies the same.

    In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.

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    posted a message on [ItemBound v1.9.] (Custom item skins + custom loot!) (150,000+ total downloads!!!)
    Quote from sixfootblue»

    I'm aware. :P

    Did you catch changes with 1.14 from Xisumavoid?

    By using commands, it appears as if someone can take your textures and apply them to items WITHOUT Optifine, just by using command blocks. You would have to have a data pack that would look for "Specific objects by name, replace THAT item's texture with this OTHER texture", if I understood the video correctly. Please watch that video. If you could team up with someone who can make a NON-laggy data-pack matched with your resource pack, just maybe we could start using ItemBound in 1.14... without Optifine. I'm not sure on it, but it would really be quite a boon if we could. :)

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    posted a message on Minecraft: VR -- Where do people chat about the VR side?

    I really love ViveCraft, but my server is on Spigot 1.13.1 and the current Bedrock on Realms. While there is a forum for ViveCraft and I can chat there, I've not seen anything for people using Oculus Rift or other VR sets for their Minecraft experience. Is there a place where people hang out to chat about problems, tips, and tricks?

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    posted a message on What are some of the favorite/least favorite situations you experience while playing?

    @Max_Greece that "one block out" drives me freakin' insane. Fortunately, we currently map-wipe enough on our server I don't have to suffer too long with it and I try to learn from my mistakes. I'm also working to have a more "loose" style of building so I don't get hung up on details like that, but yeah. I know exactly what you mean, and yes, it hurts my brain when I see that one damned block. ;-)

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