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    I've been playing on the Eclipse server for a good while now and have enjoyed every minute of playtime!! Personally I double dip on the 2 servers available inside the vanilla server. I use creative to test build new structures for my town, then switch batch to survival to add them in! Also love being able to chat with everyone who comes online. The server has such a friends vibe to it, doesn't feel like your playing with a whole bunch of strangers on the internet! That is definitely one of my favorite parts!! The Discord is another key part that makes the experience that much better. If you ever run across an issue or need help or just want to chat with some friends there's someone available almost 24/7. So basically, one way or another. I'd recommend checking out this server. It's got 6 different worlds to explore, multiple towns, and a lovely staff who are always ready to help when needed. Why are you still reading this? You should be joining!! We would love to have you!!!!! :D

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