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    posted a message on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
    What a shame that I still only have Nintendo DS lite.

    I need to spend tons of money if I'm going to catch up from the 7th to 8th generation.
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    posted a message on Denmark in Minecraft - All Of It
    OH MY GOD YES, I was just thinking about recreating countries in Minecraft earlier as well, it would be absolutely stunning if they continued by recreating Germany, then Sweden, and so on until the entire continent of Europe is recreated. It will then be necessary to continue building the rest of the world.

    We could even make it an entire realm(I think MC Realms could possibly host a server that included an entire 1:1 world)! I would build my house and settlements in Germany. The possibilities are endless.
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    posted a message on Minecraft No Longer Officially Working With Oculus Rift
    HA, based Notch!
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    posted a message on Looking for a Beta/Alpha verison server
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    posted a message on Looking for a Beta/Alpha verison server
    Anything from Alpha 1.1.0 to Beta 1.7.3 would be nice.

    I made a thread on this a few months ago, and lately I felt like giving it another go at finding an older server.

    I've seen one server, but for some reason its either never on or I'm having connection issues. I'm willing to try at it again.
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    posted a message on What's your favorite color?
    Any shade of Blue as well as Steel/Gray.
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    posted a message on .
    Quote from Qazfdsa

    Are there any of the older players still here? I mean like players from at least the end of beta? Honestly I am disliking this new generation of internet users, and I really miss the old days :( Back when minecraft was simpler and more fun to me (and some others) in general. When you could mess around without somebody calling you a (insert censored word here). Anybody?

    The most fond memories come from beta oh the nostalgia :(

    Oh the fond memories of Old Classic way back in 2009, you think you're old? Kek.

    To find a more mature audience, I would advise to try out a modpack like Feed The Beast Ultimate.

    For simpler Minecraft, too bad, its full of children for now. (With the exception of rare beta/alpha servers that are open for sake of nostalgia)
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    posted a message on What If there was no creative?
    Quote from Bluemadness

    It used to be like that for quite a long time.... i'm not sure how long, but it was like that, and everyone was fine.

    Implying Classic wasn't creative.

    Creative came first, believe it or not.
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    posted a message on OpenClassic 1.5.6 - A Custom Server/Client for Minecraft Classic with a Modding API!
    This is amazing!

    In heavy tf2 voice: "GOOD TIMES!"

    I'm a seasoned Minecraft veteran from 2009 that has bought both the pc and pocket editions, and I started out in Minecraft classic on Redshifts Oceanbuild, I remember these hacks on the client distinctly. I cannot thank you enough for bringing us a stable and open Classic client. :)
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    posted a message on Keep the Rose!

    I agree. They might as well stay in Beta 1.7.3, as they whine like children if a new feature is added.

    That is technically incorrect.

    The new texture replaced the old texture, and it was given a new name. Therefore it is a replacement, not an addition, which is exactly what I'm annoyed about.
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    Quote from aaronfranke

    When it's done. Just use the old versions of CC (You get to choose between Beta1.7.3, Beta 1.8.1, and 1.0.0)

    May I ask how to install it for 1.0, or any of those versions for that matter? Installing it with the new launcher is a pain. I'll probably have to flush my client D:
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    posted a message on Attempting to install Robintons Cubic chunks for v1.0

    This is a real pain because I cannot figure out how to install it with the new launcher and I cant figure out which mods belong where because I have a ton of different profiles of different versions.

    This is the video I've attempted using and the directions seem too unclear for the new launcher.
    (Look in the description)

    Can anybody help me to install the Cubic Chunks version for Minecraft 1.0? (I believe its the newest version)
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    posted a message on What was the first mod you installed?
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    posted a message on Keep the Rose!
    Quote from Blazerider11

    It's just a flower all it is is a texture change and name change it's not the same name but you can edit the name and texture in a resource pack.

    Exactly why I have an alpha themed texture pack, one of the reasons for it is the old rose texture. But here, we are lobbying for the absolutely vanilla version of Minecraft, without resource packs and such. That texture has been here since Classic has been here since classic, and I, as with many others consider it unnecessary to change the texture because its one of the many icons that has described Minecraft for a long time, only to replaced by another mediocre texture and name.

    They should keep the rose bush, but as for the poppy, either keep it as a separate breed of 'rose' or simply put back the old texture.
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