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    If you're really attached to the world, go into creative, spawn the animals you need, and then breed them from there. I consider that cheating, however, and most others probably do too.
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    There is a difference between bloodbath/thor...Thor strikes high powered lightning in one place, *possibly?* setting fire to blocks around that place. Bloodbath would kill all mobs around you, any direction, provided they were in your range.
    For Bloodbath, instead of just damage increasing, maybe the range would increase with the levels as well.

    For "Define" such and such, Mojang (if they used any of these) would figure out what's the best time for each one. If Redstone Shovel were to post his times, everybody would complain that it's either to high or low, so there's no point in him defining times. Mojang'll figure that out.

    Repair could be based more off of what armor you have on; iron it would heal 100%, Gold would heal so much, diamond so much, etc. This way, it's not too powerful, but it is good enough that it's worth it to take off your almost destroyed armor until you get the book enchantment and can repair it.

    Those are just my ideas, but I like your ideas Redstone, keep it up!
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    I am DEFINITELY going to join this server. My backstory, I was on another server like this one (smaller scale, wars only allowed at certain times to prevent a war where no defenders were on, had to be declared in advance, etc.). It shut down after a while, and I've been searching for one to join like this ever since. I haven't found any.
    My full support is in for this server. If you ever need anybody to help build a spawn point or something before the server opens, I would be thrilled to help you. I love this type of server and you seem like a smart, well rounded person that could coordinate a server like this very well (not sucking up, but I was reading your responses and I think you're a person that thinks things through a lot. That's a good quality to have).

    Anyway, there needs to be concrete rules for the foundation of different "factions." We can't have 15 factions with, say 3 people each. There has to be a set of rules. Maybe, "We have 7 people that would like to join, so can we make a faction?" would work. I've seen too many "small" factions that are just a burden to the game's politics.

    Also, rebellions. How would you manage it if the, say, leader of a faction started to not be online much, or he continually refused his member's suggestions to do such and such. There should be a way for the faction people to rebel. I will outline this later.

    I was just thinking abou a server like this earlier. If I had the money, I would start one on my own. I was outlining some of my ideas on paper, and boy was I surprised to catch this topic.

    First off, I think the "factions" should be called "kingdoms." Gives it a more fuedal age, class system role. The "leaders" should be "kings." Tags on names wouldn't be necessary, but it would help distinguish who's who. Maybe tag the kings, and color names for their factions. But that's an option. For newer players, that would be a very helpful thing if the server gets large, as it's hard to start in a server of 50 people, not knowing who's "on your side" or not.

    Secondly, each "Kingdom" would be ruled by exactly one king. This king could have different "manors" or "duchies," depending on the size of the server. If this gets large, it would be Kingdoms>manors>duchies. There would be set rules for the amount of duchies a manor gets, and the amount of manors a king gets. Maybe based off a kingdom's population.

    Third, members of kingdoms should be rewarded for their good/bad actions. A good member, ie, one that donates a lot of time and resources to building up his kingdom should be rewarded by his king, maybe by being the next player in his kingdom to become a duke (ruler of a duchy), if/when the king makes another duchy. Good dukes and their duchies (that support a kingdom well, whether by time or resources) could be upgraded to manors, as long as the kingdom was allowed to have another manor.
    Bad members could be punished some way. Maybe their resources would be confiscated, maybe the would be sent to jail (not allowed to do anything) for a certain amount of time. Bad dukes could be punished by losing control of their duchy. Maybe a good peasant (the lowest "class") who the king likes would be elevated to duke status, and the duke made a peasant. This is a viable way to punish and reward bad and good players, respectively.

    Fourth, I think that each Kingdom/Manor (if manors are implemented) should have a "central" manor/duchy. As this could be considered favoritism and create resentment, this could be very controversial. I think this would be a good idea, but others may not.
    There should definitely be a "capital" for each; while the above idea may be disliked, this capital could be "shared" by all duchies/manors and worked on together, for the good of the kingdom. It wouldn't ahve to be ruled by anybody except for the king, and would have no peasants. It would merely be the "center" of a kingdom's power and territory.

    Fifth. Back to my earlier post about rebellions. They could happen at any time, provided the king/duke/lord (ruler of a manor) that is being rebelled against is online. It is up to said leader to recognize the signs before a rebellion takes place, and it is up to him to quell it. Maybe dukes could war against other dukes on behalf of the king. THey must watch out, however, because at any time a neighboring kingdom could sieze the opportunity and invade during the chaos. Makes for a very tedious and intricate political situation.

    And those are MY ideas, at the moment. I had more, but I can't find the paper I was brainstorming on earlier.

    Back to what was written above about the server.

    -What should the server be called?-

    I don't much care about names, I"ve seen some tacky ones. Other people have good suggestions. I'd be happy just with the server, let alone the name.

    -Should factions/clans be called factions, clans, or something else? Not really essential, but I get tired of typing "factions/clans" all the time.-

    As outlined above, kingdoms/manors/duchies. If you're only going to have a main "faction," just call it a kingdom. I'd be fine with factions, however.

    -Should there be any roleplaying? If so, to what extent? Should we consider factions/clans as nations but not have character roleplay?-

    Factions (kingdoms?) should be allowed to do whatever they want. It's not that important, really.

    -Should there be any server-wide events (i.e. Olympics or other competitions, Arena matches, etc.)?-

    Maybe PvP matches every month or so, but it's not important and doesn't affect much.

    -Should we use any plugins/mods?-

    As I believe stealing and murdering should be allowed(frowned upon if caught, maybe with punishment) I think lockette definitely should NOT be used. Most plugins merely serve to lag down a server and help very little; a few would be nice, however. Ones that make different chats for different kingdoms/manors/duchies, maybe, and a plugin that colors chat names. But not too many.

    -Should factions be able to set their own spawn point by means of a plugin?-

    It's not essential, but spawn points should probably be different for each 'faction.' If you plan on (as you stated earlier) have the factions hidden and secret, a single spawn would make it very easy to tail a faction member and find it out. Also, read below.

    -What should we do about combat logging? How should we try to prevent it? How strict should we be? Remember, more often than not, combat logging is accidental. I'm not asking how to punish it, that's the easy part.-

    I don't really know. I can't think of any ideas to help, but I"ll be brainstorming.
    -How far away should factions/clans be located from each other and the spawn point? I've never really gotten used to large measurements in Minecraft.-

    This is what I was referring to about the spawn points. If factions are truly going to be some 5,000 blocks away from the spawn (this is about the average for what people have said, and would be necessary to keep factions hidden from each other), it would take a very long time to get back to your faction. Especially if you die from hunger or something. YOu'll be ready to diea again by the time you make it back.

    Warfare should be totally rule-less, as long as no hacking or combat logging is allowed. ARchers should be allowed (makes it less fun if bows are banned), and you shouldn't have to all attack as one group. Setting up pre-attack strategies allow for flanking manuevers, sneak attacks, and people to infiltrate the base while the main fighting is going on outside. It should never be divulged how many people are going to participate in the fight on each side; you don't know that in a real war.

    Anyway, I need to go for now. I'll try to think of some more things, and I realise my ideas are about polar opposites from yours (my ideas on kingdoms, duchies, manors, etc.) I would love to see them implemented, but I know that your faction idea is headed the opposite way of mine.
    Whatever you decide to do is fine, I'll work with you either way. As stated earlier, if you need any help building anything, any help coming up with rules, any help admin-ing even, I'll admit I'm not great at any of them but I would be thrilled to help.

    Best wishes for the server!
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