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    Quote from Darkpixel797»

    Hey, just going to my favorite mods that had 1.7.10 versions in somewhat recent history, and asking if any new content will be ported over. I waited this long because for the longest time the incessant "1.7.10 when?" comments got really annoying to some of you guys, and I can understand that. Also, I'm not asking mods that were never in 1.7.10 to be ported over, that would be a lot more work. And now that support for 1.7.10 has been completely dropped by almost all modders I wanted to remind you guys that we're still here. I know that any individual modder has a very small chance to do this, but I thought if I asked enough maybe someone would. Thank you for your time.

    At this point, those incessant "1.7.10 when?" comments are not just annoying anymore. By now they are basically ridiculous.

    1.7.10 is over 5 years old and Forge for 1.12.2 has been out for almost 1,5 years. Basically, don't expect any mod support anymore for any MC version before 1.12, let alone development.

    NB: There's no problem with playing modded 1.7.10, I even do that myself sometimes, but please understand that you are just a small minority in that.

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    Quote from wolflord117»

    Hi i'm wondering if somebody could help me out im seriously at a loss...

    I've been using Optifine HD_U_D8 for minecraft 1.7.10, which has worked great, but in order to work with another mod I need to switch to a lower version (D3-6) however, whenever I switch out D8 for one of those, the settings for animations is totally unresponsive. I try to disable them and it doesn't work, but if I switch back to D8 it works again. I've tried deleting config files and regenerating, and so far nothing has worked. Being able to disable certain animations is a huge deal for performance in my custom modpack so I would hugely appreciate and help or insight.

    Maybe you could use the properties file in your Minecraft directory instead of the in-game menu?

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    What happened to this mod?

    It died several times over.
    Right now, this is the actual thread if I am not mistaken.

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    Quote from Leilo2000»


    I use this mod on a server called Wynncraft. Its a MMORPG in Minecraft and it uses virtual players to add their Mobs with their own AI. Also they use armorstands to create custom mobs. Do you think it is possible to filter out specific ones of the virtual players which show up as normal players on the radar while keeping the radar enabled for regular players and some of the virtual players. And the problem with the Mobs based on the armourstands is that they arent diplayed on the radar.

    Image of a town populated by virtual players: http://prntscr.com/mcu44z

    Image of Mobs not displaying: http://prntscr.com/mcu6jk

    Can anyone here help me with those very server specific problems? I'd be glad if you could.

    Thanks in advance, Leo

    Since this sounds like a purely server-sided plugin of sorts, and Voxelmap is a purely client-sided mod that only interprets whatever information the server shares with the client, I would estimate this to be virtually impossible.

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    Quote from jrogelio»

    the smeltery has a max size? i try do a smeltery of 10x3x3 but didnt work but it works with 9x3x3

    They do have a max size.
    I think that it's a content of 9 blocks in each direction. So 9 x 9 x 9 = 729 blocks.

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    Quote from Henryetha»


    Further it is weird, that threads/Posts have been deleted - but profile pictures not.

    Profile pics are much more of "personal data" (especially when it's a rl pic).

    Even if not visible in public, it still has been there, which means, it must have been still somewhere in your database.

    Not that I'd be personally disturbed by that, just the whole thing doesn't follow any logic.

    Profile pictures have been deleted, but not necessarily at the same time as other content/info linked to an account.
    I have my own account as an example of this.

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    Quote from Tekimimotaku»
    Hello! This is my favorite Minecraft mod by far, because of the number of possibilities of weapons alone. I love making different tool sets with different metals. I mostly play in the 1.7.10 version, but the forge version will not launch anymore. I have done some research and concluded that the web support for forge 1.7.10 is no longer active. So I looked for some mods with ore additions and couldn't find one that was both compatible and didn't add in extra stuff like mobs. Is it possible for the team to make an optional add on with all the old ores? If so, being able to make my favorite combinations again would make my whole year! If the team doesn't want to, then could you at least point me in the direction of a good ore mod compatible with T construct?

    Something something Base Metals? It's a WIP mod, so expect some hitches, but the mod adds, among other materials, copper, tin an aluminium (sorry :( ) and should work quite well with Tinkers' Construct.

    Instead of aluminium, the mod adds zinc, which can be combined with copper to make Brass, which can also be used for TiC casts if I am not mistaken.
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    Ah, I see. The download links on the official PR wiki don't work anymore since Curse changed the project page urls...

    To be honest, I wouldn't know if anyone from the PR team still checks this forum anymore, though. The wiki states that you should use a forum PM or IRC for that kind of contact.

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    Forum OP was edited:

    • As recovering of the old thread may be impossible, this thread will be our official forum thread for now.

    We have a new programmer who has taken an interest in developing the dungeon configuration system further.
    Zombie, WaterPicker and I continue to be sleepers on the team for a while. I can not speak for the others, but I may start on the project again in 2-3 months.

    And finally, all of our releases on CurseForge are now marked Beta as we no longer deem them stable enough to call them full releases.

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    Quote from PCAwesomeness»
    Have you paid attention to the newest update at all?

    Apparently I have not paid a lot of attention to the naming of the mob.

    Yet, I very distinctly remember someone posting to a mobs mod thread about a Naga or a creature named like a mob that I initially know from a different Mob Mod like the Twilight Forest. In that thread, the mob author remarked something like "there is no such thing as a Naga in this mod". All of this was several months (maybe over half a year) ago, though.

    I did not miss the screenshots of what I would typically call a wyvern, but I did miss that there was talk of a mob called a Naga specifically in this mod since last November. All posts between last november and September 2015 mentioning a Naga in this thread have either been deleted or just never existed.

    I guess I must have been confuzzled.

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    Quote from MatCatCA»

    I can't seem to find anything on it, but what is the status of this mod working for 1.13.2?

    What's the status of mods working on MC 1.13 in general? ;)
    Quote from jojomoore2007»

    Version page on wiki needs updating

    Which wiki?

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    posted a message on Mowzie's Mobs: Powerful overworld enemies and more! - Version 1.5.4: Down below and up above!

    I still can't spawn Naga on multiplayer either.

    That is intended behaviour as this mod contains no such thing as a Naga.
    Don't mind me.
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    Quote from webrosc»
    I'm no lawyer or have much understanding of article 29 but looking at https://www.itgovernance.eu/blog/en/the-gdpr-understanding-the-right-to-data-portability quickly it seems data portability relates to analytics held on a person not the content they posted.

    I may be wrong there though as I only glanced at the page I linked

    Thank you for looking into it. :)

    I'm sorry. I'm just grasping at every straw I can find. :(

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    Quote from citricsquid»
    2. I am trying to visit a thread that has been deleted ("HTTP Code: 404 Status Text: error", or "Not found")

    Unfortunately many of the most popular threads on the forum were created by users within the EEA who did not consent to the transfer of their data. Their threads have been deleted and unless we obtain their consent (through the reclamation of their account) we will not be able to restore their thread.

    Since I am still able to visit my own threads that were deleted (OP shows as deleted) and see the replies in those threads of users whose account was not deleted, I know for a hard fact that the messages in these threads that were not explicitly deleted themselves.

    As such, citricsquid, even if it turns out that deleted thread OPs and other messages can not be restored in the future, might you still pursue to make these deleted threads visible again? Or at least their non-deleted content?
    Quote from RetroMC»
    I agree that the System is flawed.

    I don't live in Europe and never have been there. The poster states it only contacted people in Europe when i know my account was set to Australia and have never been to the European Union. Something went wrong on your end.

    If the system could not identify you as not living in the EU, you should have had the e-mails and pop-ups before your account was deleted. Even if you actually live in Australia.

    Please understand that they had to make sure. That is how laws work.

    Based on the % of pages that disappeared of Azanor's Thaumcraft thread, which is about 14% I would estimate that about 25% of all messages on the MC forums (0,14 + (1 - 0,14) * 0,14) got either deleted directly, or hidden in deleted threads. I don't know where you get your "third of all posts/threads," but extrapolation says that it isn't quite as bad as you state, so I'd like to hear your reasoning. ;)

    @everyone who cares to listen to my rant:
    Fandom... I am a member of +- 60 pretty active Minecraft related Discords and not once have I heard about the sale/change of ownership of these forums to Fandom before my account was deleted.
    The big news in the MC community right now is that Azanor seems to have stopped modding for good. There were mentions about all of the user accounts being deleted on these forums, even on Discords in which I was not the one who brought it up, but that was the news; not the change of ownership of the forums to Fandom.
    On top of that, every time this forum changes hands, this seems to be joined with a tremendous loss of users and in this case even the loss of a quarter of our historical data.

    When I joined these forums they were a great place to meet new people, get valuable information about Minecraft and modding and joke around.
    I am sad to see this forum decline in this way. And it seems like it's not slowing down either. It's speeding up.
    The less the forum is useful to its users, the less it is worth to the owner, the more likely they are to sell or get rid of it, the less useful it becomes to its users. It's a vicious cycle and there is no stopping it. :(

    At the current rate, I wonder if these forums will even exist anymore in 5 years...

    Can we just archive it the way it is, so it can not get any worse?
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    posted a message on What is up with all the "User1234567" names?

    Hmm, I may be mistaken, but doesn't the same European law also state that we as the users of this platform have a right to data portability, which should basically mean that these forums are obliged to hand our own data back to us if we so happen to ask for it?
    And with handing it back, I do not necessarily mean that the data should be restored on the forums. Another medium, perhaps a zip-file containing the content, dates and thread titles of all our posts and messages, would suffice as well.

    I wonder how that'd relate to data that has already been deleted from the platform, though...

    Don't mind me. I am just thinking out loud. :bouncyspider: by MineWarCrafter

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