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    posted a message on [Co-Op] $Teamwork Towers$ !SEQUEL TO "The Trust Game" Do you have the teamwork needed?
    Several days ago heeding Lewis' request a new subreddit was created to suggest maps. I posted there as well.

    You can thank me later.
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    When Notch added pumpkins, he didn't have time to include carving. This suggestion will expand on that.

    Pumpkins look stupid. They grow already carved.

    Pumpkin stems will grow proper pumpkins, which can be picked up and placed as a block. Right-clicking one with a sword will carve the pumpkin into a pumpkin head. The sword will take one hit and several pieces of pumpkin mulch will pop out. You can eat the mulch for 1 Food Point Crafting it with a bowl of water (right click water with bowl to get a bowl of water) will get you pumpkin soup, by drinking it restore 2 1/2 Food Points, or use it as a substitute for orange dye. You can also cook it in a furnace to get pumpkin seeds. Oh and if you carve the pumpkin while attached to the stem the stem will detach.

    EDIT: Changed method of eating to pumpkin soup. I got that brainwave thinking of the pumpkin soup I had last night.
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    posted a message on Infected Hotel 2 is GONE... (Read)
    This looks good, but I'm not the combat type. I can help you on the english though, it's a bit broken.
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    posted a message on Save the Squid, collect ink in a bottle!
    I was listening to

    when the idea struck me! Right click on a squid with a bottle to collect ink!
    These ink bottles are stakable and can be crafted in place of ink sacs. The bottles themselves don't get used either!
    Save the Squid!

    EDIT: Changed bowls to bottles, because they make more sense.
    EDIT2: Fixed title, can't believe I missed that.
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    Hey, why don't you add another challenge? Get a music disc.
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