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    Howdy y'all,

    So when you guys are making your packs, what if at all do you use to test your textures while in the process? I know many use official test tracks when they're showing off the blocks for finalized packs, or for reviews, but do you guys have favorite maps or seeds that you use to test your environmental textures while they're still WIP?
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    I'm not a Catholic or anything (or super religious for that matter), but I think this is cool. Good on you, man. The textures themselves need some work but I really like the idea.

    EDIT: Also as much as the video is helpful, it'd really be nice if you included pictures of the edited blocks, mostly because it's a quicker way of getting your information across than a 30-minute video. Also, some ideas for your pack:

    Why not include some more decorative blocks, such as:
    • Gold ornamentation (as seen on the interior of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City)
    • Marble flooring (mostly deocrative, perhaps with patterns on it, as seen in various basilicas and cathedrals)
    • Murals (retextured paintings)

    Or other things like that. Make this a full-blown texture pack with rich ornate stones and woods, and ornamentation so that we can go all out making cathedrals, churches, basilicas, and the like.
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    Quote from zeldahuman

    Also! In the midst of all of this, I started getting ideas for a new resource/texture pack... I'm dubbing it Decay for the time being, and it's going to be a CTM-heavy apocalyptic themed pack. Here's a link to a few heavy WIP screenshots:

    Imgur Gallery Link - http://imgur.com/a/SxcZF

    Anyway, that's it for now! I'm going back to texturing! Peace! :)


    Ooh, that's nice. I'm working on a modern-ish pack myself, and using the coal block for asphault roadwork is a good idea.
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    Quote from Maffhew

    Think I finally got it down. Just needs some random ctm. Any objections?

    I really like it. You've just got this one really dark line in the middle of your cobble texture that shows the tiling.
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    Quote from FailStoner

    --posted the same thing three different times--

    Just because no one's replied to you yet doesn't mean they won't or haven't seen your post. Be patient and stop spamming the same information across different posts.
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    IGN: xRILLIANx. Pretty cool server. Shout-out to Syracuse.
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    Quote from farehaven

    *claps* amazingly done my friend *starts to tear up*

    Thank you very much!

    Quote from MrLaurent94ANTW

    Holy everything. Must be one of the most perfect houses i have ever seen built on minecraft. Exterior looks super, making a nice interior for a nice house aint always easy but you just did it man.

    This is perfect! I want to see more of your stuff!

    Quote from Remne


    The interior especially has been decorated marvellously - no easy feat. Many houses have a perfect exterior, yet their insides are barren or cramped. This pulls it off!

    Thank you as well. Interiors are something that I feel must be in tune with the exterior. If the interior does not arise at the same time as the exterior, then something is wrong with the house.
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    Howdy everyone!

    Rillian here, bringing you my latest serious project. "Rich Oak" was conceived, designed, and built in a long process of about three weeks, split into a full four days of work looking up reference, doing research into Craftsman design, and gathering inspiration, approximately six days of design on paper and rough layout in-game, and approximately eleven days building and furnishing the product.

    This is a traditional suburbian home, built on The Voxel Box. This home includes:

    • Beautifully decorated interior and exterior
    • Foyer
    • 2-story living room
    • 2-story dining room
    • Kitchen
    • 2 bedrooms
    • 2.5 bathrooms
    • Carport (not included in the schematic)

    This house does come in schematic form. In order to truly appreciate it in all its glory, there are two big things you must understand.

    1. You must use the latest version (2.2.4 for MC version 1.5.2) of the Palceon Pack. This also means you must use Optifine or MCPatcher in order to have CTM for things like colored glowstone and ice.

    2. Parts of the house are fragile, and may break if you touch them wrong. There are also snow pieces that will melt on vanilla worlds. Please use mods or plugins to ensure that fire does not spread or catch anything, and that ice and snow will not melt.

    That said, enjoy!

    MAIN DOWNLOAD: Click Here

    Donation Policy: I am a firm disbeliever in people having to jump around ads to download things they want. Therefore, I will never make you go through adf.ly or other similar sites in order to download my content. If you wish to donate to me, you may do so through PayPal (click the "Donate" button below). However, there is no pressure to donate, and it only shows that you support an architecture student through his schooling (and dating) life. 100% guilt-free. Stay happy. Stay crafty.

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF DOWNLOAD (Read these carefully or suffer the consequences):
    This house was sketched, designed, and built by Jovan "Rillian" Millet, known by his alias, xRILLIANx. This house is available for download as a schematic. The carport in the front of the house is not included in the schematic. Use of this schematic is perfectly fine for personal reasons and satisfaction. However, any public display of this house in any altered or unaltered form may only be done with credit to Jovan "Rillian" Millet, the original builder and designer of the house. By no means is this house allowed to be redistributed in any form standalone or as part of a larger creation. By downloading the schematic of Jovan "Rillian" Millet's house, you agree to the above conditions, and agree that, should you choose not to abide by the above conditions, your work will be reported, and measures will be taken to have it removed from whatever site the violated work was posted to.

    See the PMC post as well!
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    That's a cool staircase design.
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    Quote from Taiine

    Woo! My pack got posted as a texture spotlight on curse.com!

    WOOH! Congrats Taiine!
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    Quote from Steelfeathers

    Could I get some thoughts/opinions on this enchanting table for my Dragon Dance pack? Something's bothering me about it, but I can't put my finger on what.

    It looks like a box or crate of some sort. Maybe that's what you were going for? I dunno, it looks a bit strange that way to me.
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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but...

    Words like "Modern" and "contemporary" have real meanings to them. They're actual architectural and design styles that create specific looks and feels. What you've got here are a sort of neoclassical courthouse (as evident by the columns, rigid structure, and symmetry), and some oddball hodge-podge style store.

    Modern is typically noted by the smooth designs, open framework, and "honest" structure (being that it shows exactly what it is). It doesn't typically have any of the fluffy columns, frosting, decorated windows, or facades that come with more formal styles. In the words of Frank Lloyd Wright, "Form follows function."

    On your store, you've got these random rounded parts that don't serve much purpose, really decorated, hard to see through windows, a hipped roof that's pancake slab-and-glass, and an overall conglomeration of uncoordinated materials.

    As for contemporary architecture, it simply means architecture made of the present day. What this means for the broader scope of things is green building, conservation of energy and waste, lots of light, hi-tech construction and appliances, open floor plans, and the like. You don't display this anywhere in either of your builds.

    Ultimately, these buildings are alright as Minecraft builds, but they are not, and should not be labeled as "modern" or "contemporary" structures. They were obviously not designed in either of those styles, do not reflect the larger scope or idea behind the styles, and are misleading as such. You should really rethink, and relearn what architectural styles are before making a guide on them.

    I'm going to step off of my soapbox now.

    Source: Architecture student at Syracuse University, and avid history and architecture nerd.
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    I found a visual glitch that is just slightly annoying. When I group these blocks up together (they're all vertical slabs), they create a dark patch in their middle area.

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    That is a lot of skins. I'm downloading right now. I'll edit this to give my feedback after.
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