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    IGN: Dawnedwings

    RL Name: Bruce

    Age: 21

    Why you want to join: I have friends on here who I play minecraft with, and it would be great to join them. Plus vanilla servers are great. :) Storm.

    Other (Optional): Should have two others coming in too...
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    Why you want to join the server:Two of my friends are already on it, I'd like to be able to play with them, mutliplayer is more fun than single player. I hope you let me in.

    What you can bring to the server: I can help build/test things. I will keep an eye out for rule breakers, however I will mostly keep to myself and my friends. I will be a friendly minecrafter and will craft things all day.

    Are you willing to voice chat with other players?: I am, after I get to know them.

    Are you able to donate to our server if you enjoy it?: It's possible, but seeing how I'm already broke it'll be rare.
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