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    posted a message on Need help?
    Okay. So, I was here three years ago, and someone posted a program that took .schematic files and allowed you to put them into a Minecraft map... I might be dumb for asking, but does anyone have a link to that specific mod?
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    posted a message on Custom Skin (Self portrait)
    Hi, my name is Richard, and I'm in need of a good custom skin. And it needs to be pretty high quality, as it will (hopefully) be a self portrait of myself.
    I hope someone will do it for free, because I'm a bit low on cash at the moment and don't have the skills to make my own skin.
    I would ask for people interested in helping me out, to either message me on here, or email me: [email protected], either does not matter, but email is preferred.
    Thank you to anyone who decides to help me out, I will send you a picture of what you'll, hopefully, be doing once you've made contact with me.
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    posted a message on New Server Getting created STAFFS NEEDED
    If I can, I would like Moderator. (But whatever open spot is available works too)
    I've been Admin/Mod on, I'm guessing (cannot recall the number), 6 or 7 servers since last year.
    I know right from wrong and I like to talk things out rather than believing just what the player whom reported the issue, right away.
    I'm not very good at building, but redstone is one of my specialties, still though, I am learning.
    My Minecraft name is RichardMandon
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    posted a message on ~Argos Empire~ [RPG][Custom Map][PvP] Brand new Fantasy server! Looking for Professional Builders, Experienced Admins and Plugin
    Admin App
    • In-Game Username: RichardMandon
    • Age: 16
    • Skype Username: fangyrulesz
    • Any experience you have prior: Lots. I've been mod/admin for many servers, even owned a few, but those died quickly due to my lack of money to pay for the hosting.
    • Knowledege of certain plugins (Towny, WorldGuard, Dynamap etc.) : I used to know all about these, but my memory has lost me, but with an hour and a good wiki page, I bet my memory would be refreshed.
    • Why you're a very qualified player to have as an admin: I know right from wrong, and I'm very mature. And I don't jump to conclusion, I like to talk things out. :)
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    posted a message on DruneScale: Dungeon Heroes 2.0 - Starter Kit!, Classes, RPG, Plots/Apartments, 7 Unique Dungeons & MORE!
    Position: Mod
    Name: Cameron Tubbs
    In-Game-Name: RichardMandon
    Age: 16
    TimeZone & Location: Pacific
    How long have you played DruneScale: Dungeon Heroes?: I actually have never... But if it's what I think it is, I played something like it a week ago.
    What's your favorite aspect of the game?: Again, if it IS what I think, then the randomization.
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Oh god... Since Alpha?
    Rate your build skills from 1/10: 7
    How much time could you dedicate to the server?: 7 hours a day.
    Would you join the server even if it was completely empty?: Of course!
    What makes you think you're eligible?: I've been mod for 8 servers since last year. Was loved by the whole server except the rule breakers. I've also owned many servers, but those go down hill due to my lack of money.
    Final thoughts?: Nahhhh
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    posted a message on Godly Survival for Youtube [max 8 players] (13+)
    Some pictures from the map:
    God's Temple: http://i.imgur.com/k1h5W.png

    Die's Temple: http://i.imgur.com/vS8C0.png

    Nocte's Temple: http://i.imgur.com/AeHZI.jpg
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    posted a message on Requesting a few builders for Medival city speedbuild
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    posted a message on MINECRAFT HARDCORE SERIES (13+) PLAY NOW
    Age: 15
    IGN: RichardMandon
    Skype Name: fangyrulesz
    Gender: male
    CAN YOU RIDE A PIG :3: I am the Pig-Whisperer.
    Mic (1 To 10) : 9.5
    Do you swear: **** YEAH
    lol wut: lol duhh
    Country: AMERICA!
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    posted a message on Requesting a few builders for Medival city speedbuild
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    posted a message on WorldEdit
    Alas! I have found it! Thanks to CaptainSparklez:
    MCEdit, that was the wonderful program!
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    posted a message on WorldEdit
    I remember a while ago, there was a WorldEdit that had a .exe, and I would put in Schematic files into this .exe and would place them in my world, render them, and when I went into my world, boom, the creation was there. But I was long since seen this .exe because I deleted it, like a dumb ****, and was wondering if anyone could link me to this wonderful mod? I am in dire need of it. No, I do not want WorldEdit with the SPC. I need the .exe. So please.. PLLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE. Help me?
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    posted a message on [Adv] You Just Got Schooled! [v1.5]
    Great map. Loved playing it and recording it!
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    posted a message on Lets Play Partner
    Skype name- fangyrulesz
    Age- 15
    Minecraft name- RichardMandon
    mic?- Yes. Turtle Beach headset.
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    posted a message on Voice Actors
    Might be the wrong place to ask, but I need voice actors. I'm very picky, so don't even think about applying if your voice is as high as a 3 year old's voice.

    I'm not gonna put up a skele for people to fill out, but I'm gonna post my Skype, for people to send me sound files. I don't care what you use, it just needs to be good. If you can relate to this guy () in voice, then don't send me a voice file. Just add me and call me. But others, voice file. (Make sure you have an awesome mic. Not a headset mic, and not a laptop mic. A real Studio mic. I might be asking too much, but I want quality for how much time I'm putting into this.) Btw, women, are allowed as well.

    Basically, I'll give you scripts if I hire you, and if you want, you can record you saying the lines for the series. You will be credited at the end of each video.

    Thank you everyone for reading this.

    Oh! And I'm looking for a skin maker, so if you can make skins real good, send me the link to the skin (MAKE SURE IT'S IN PLANETMINECRAFT.COM and not Skindex.)

    Thank you again.

    Skype name: fangyrulesz
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    posted a message on Skins ASAP [WILL PAY]
    Okay. Sweet. Can you get them done by... say in a few hours?
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