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    posted a message on [1.6.4] ♕ SHADOWS&DAGGERS ♕ ~ A serious, original, roleplay server.
    I've applied to so many RP servers. Most all tend to lack the roleplay aspect and the immersion. I've been looking through the website and I really like the take on S&D. The character attributes, the common sense in RP. It's definitely original and it seems like the server is dedicated.

    OOC part of the application:
    How did you find/hear about us?: Minecraftforum.net
    Minecraft account name: Rhaazerus
    Age: 24
    Country of residence: USA
    Have you signed up to our forums: Not yet, but will if accepted
    Previous roleplaying servers/experiences:
    A few years of playing MUD text-based RPGs
    D&D tabletop games
    Moderator for an MC server, Athas run by 'DuneMerchant'
    Lead Builder and server staff for Elysium: Heaven's Bounty

    If you had a previous roleplaying server, what was it and why did you leave it:
    Moderator on Athas, server staff dropped off. Lead builder on Elysium, waiting for server revamp

    Define the meaning of OOC and IC:
    OOC is speaking 'out of character' used for anything outside of roleplay purposes on a server. Generally used for anything not related to your character's knowledge or anything outside of the roleplaying experience.
    IC is 'In Character' used in roleplay situations generally for character interactions and roleplay events.

    What is powergaming and metagaming, give an example of both:
    powergaming is giving your character over-the-top abilities or clear advantages that are not reasonable. As well as excessive amassing of resources. ex: *Rhaaz pulls a tree out of the ground and launches it at his enemy*
    metagaming would be abuse of a loophole in a game or using outside knowledge to benefit yourself.
    ex: screen looking in splitscreen games, using abilities your character has not unlocked in an RP setting

    What rule do you most agree with and why, give the number:
    1. Remain in Character
    Keeping the immersion in a roleplay server and unique character interactions is one of the most important ways create a strong environement for players.

    IC part of the application:
    Characters name: Alexander Cutler
    Characters age: 24

    Beneficial traits, from the list on the thread:

    -Kind ~

    -Patient ~

    Non Beneficial traits, must be equal to the number of beneficial traits:

    -Physical handicap ~ (Eye-patch over right eye)

    -Lazy ~

    Characters background story:

    Alexander Cutler was born to a well-off family of the Old Lands. His father, a locally enlisted soldier, served under the Lord Bastion and his mother a midwife and nurse's aide among the lesser nobles. His father's position and his mother's duties allowed them a home within the city walls which was more than enough of a blessing in these lands.
    Alexander spent his youth exploring the city with the other 'city rats' as the residence called the children that scampered about the town. By the age of 12, he began spending more time among the priests as they convened at the chapel's courtyard to discuss philosophy, politics, or boast of their self-righteous deeds. If Alex was able to elude being run off and scolded, he would sit for long periods and listen to their banter and conversations while quietly weighing their words with his own thoughts and questions. “For being Children of the Father” He thought, “They’re pretty haughty...”
    Time marched onward and at the age of 15, Alexander took up work as a steward within Lord Bastion’s estate. The estate was more of a show of grandeur and posterity by Lord Bastion. It was localized between the town’s common grounds and courtyard, and the castle keep where Lord Bastion often resided. Acquiring such work was not without a bit of groveling and begging on his father’s part toward his higher ups, and even then Lord Bastion’s advisors wouldn’t dare let the boy have any dealings within the castle grounds itself. Alex was given a small room and food enough for him to carry on his duties while staying at the estate. Cooking, cleaning, serving guests, and fetching messages were his common roles alongside his fellow stewards and stewardesses. In his servitude Alexander became acquainted with various noblemen that paid visits and exchanged pleasantries with the House of Lord Bastion. He learned the politics of the land and various happenings between lords.
    Over time, the tedious labors and facades of pleasantry and mirth frustrated Alexander. He was 18 now and felt like nothing more than a minion within the walls of the estate. When he could, he began sneaking back into the town that he used to wander in his youth. Hanging out in taverns and the town square became an occasional thing for him. However there came a day that would change his life forever. As Alexander escaped his duties and relaxed in the town square, an unassuming old man in well-worn robes began to speak to a small group of young men. The old man greeted them and joined their discussion, and he then spoke to them of “The Father and the Children.” More began to gather, and Alex himself was drawn to this man’s preaching. The old man began to speak louder and soon there was a congregation before him. His words carried with authority, convicting many and bring all who heard him into amazement. He spoke out directly against the church of “The Father and the Children” within the city, saying that they have grown arrogant and misdirected in their ways. “The Father does not spare the rod on those He loves!” he warned them. He spoke out against the Path of the Divines, calling it whimsical and ungrounded. He spoke out against the ideals of the Atorh, rebuking them as worldly and humanistic, built upon violence.
    When the old man finished speaking, the crowd was amazed. These things were never spoken of in the city before this unknown, unassuming man had shown up. For the next few days, Alexander would rush to the town square and listen to this man speak and soon came to know him personally.
    His name was Rhaazerus and he came from far off in an eastern part of the Old Lands. Alex sat and talked to Rhaazerus and heard the old man’s stories. Alexander was in awe of the old man and his great wisdom; however the local church saw him as a heretic and came down on him rapidly and with a heated anger. Within days of his arrival the local soldiers had the old man in chains and led him to the town square. It was Alexander’s father who was the first among those ordered to light the blaze that burned Rhaazerus at the stake. As the old man caught fire, Alexander was frozen, locked on the sight of his mentor being executed. But Rhaazerus held a great smile as matched Alexander’s gaze and yelled out with great joy “Your Father loves you very much! Your Father loves you very much!” and then no more but the crackling of the flames.
    After that day, Alexander quickly packed what he needed and left the city. He arrived at the docks of an old shipping town and found work loading and unloading ships. It wasn’t long before he heard of an attack on his old home. Lord Bastion was strung up and hanged in the doorway of his estate and the church that Alexander spent so much time lingering around was burned to the ground, its priests slaughtered and brutalized throughout the city. “The old man was right…” thought Alexander.
    The next few years drifted by like a mist. Alex was 23 now and caught wind of a ship heading for Asladoria and in a decision to let go of his past and pursue truth, Alexander made arrangements with the captain and was able to gain passage. To his disappointment however, the ship was caught in a storm and wrecked just off shore of Asladoria, leaving him with a wound on his right eye that lead to him losing it. Surviving the wreck and making it ashore Alexander spent the next year under the care of an old fisherman before setting out to seek the future that Asladoria had to offer.

    Does your character have a life ambition or goal currently? If so what are they?:
    His recent goal has become to seek the truth of "The Father and The Children"

    What is your character good at in terms of a 'working role', for example a labourer:
    courier, cook, dock worker and minor study in philosophy and "Father and Children" theology

    Characters religion and religious beliefs:
    Follower of "The Father and the Children"

    Characters morals. What is his point of view on the world? Is he capable of cold blooded murder? Does he pity those worse off than him, or sneer at them?:
    Almost naive to a fault. He has a powerful sense of justice and despises seeing the meek snuffed out by the powers that rule over them.

    Does your character have any plans for committing anything considered a villainous act, such as unagrivated murder or theft?:
    No. Alexander is quite non-confrontational and would much rather avoid violence before ever considering initiating a conflict.

    If so, why does he commit such acts? Relate to his morals and upbringing and religion as to why:
    If it ever came too violence or villainous acts it would be only for the true betterment of "The Father and The Children" or if necessary to survive, though Alexander would seek to right any wrongs if he could

    This scenario is based on your characters morals. You are strolling along in a town, unarmed, at night when you see someone being mugged. What do you do?:
    Alexander would approach them and do what he could to speak the muggers down but if they turned on him he would not hold back from fighting to the death, whether his or theirs.

    A screenshot of your characters 'skin/model':
    A different version than the original submission but same basis
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    posted a message on ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Vandor - ★ - Lo! - ★ -War Upon the Holy Lands! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    I'm already interested! I look forward to checking it out!
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] Valhalla One [Mature 18+][Whitelist][VANILLA]
    Quote from Drakka

    Hmm. Seems cool but Age limits don't usually work on servers... Im probably going to assume half of the applicants here are lying.

    I can tell you as one who plays on this server, Valhalla's player base is mature and respectable.
    You won't see any loud or immature teens.
    (That being said, the jokes can get pretty immature and slightly hilarious!)
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    posted a message on How can I learn to be more CREATIVE?
    Don't shy away from being inspired by others. Keep checking out other people's work on servers, keep chatting with fellow builders.

    But a wonderful and infinite inspiration source I've found is nature.
    Spend some time looking up good references. Real photos of bugs, plants, sea creatures, and architecture as well. Don't underestimate the inspirational source of buildings that exist in the real world. Google that architecture! Get inspired!
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    posted a message on Would you play this?
    Make this a Turn-Based-Strategy using minecraft players and you got yourself a deal!
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    posted a message on 1.7 Pre-Release: "The Update That Changed the World"
    So....does this mean we can stop "changing the world!!" now? We're done with that right? I can play in peace? Does this mean I can finally start an indefinite SSP world and not have to pout when I get wind of "WORLD ALTERING CHANGES!" like water levels changing and my rooms ending up as a bathhouses, or biome additions putting jungle trees smack dab on mah wall.

    I don't like change guise! I don't like change!
    Looking forward to the interesting 1.7 terrain though :3
    Screen name changes are gonna get so annoying on servers, I can see it now;
    Guy1 "Hello there stranger!"
    NewGuy "Dude it's me, I just didn't like my name:
    2 days later
    Guy1"Hi stranger!"
    NewGuy2"Dude it's me again. That other name was stupid."

    Everyone just hold tab!
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    posted a message on Even after an update devoted to biomes
    Quote from Barstar

    One thing I can assure you of: plenty of players that bought that game based on the potential to explore interesting worlds are thouroughly upset by this wasted oppurtunity

    I bought this game based on potential to explore the limitless, vast world and......I'm cool with it.
    Sure, I'd like to see some more play on ocean environments, maybe some sort of danger like any other parts of the world. But it's not some "insulting" factor. I find it kind of silly to be so offended by the developers' decisions. Or are you on their team? Are you the one that plans update content?

    (That being said, drastic changes always make me throw my hands up in frustration. So many changes when all I want to do is stick with a single SSP world but it always ends with me just starting over.)
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    posted a message on ANNO DOMINI - Alternative 1920s Steampunk RP - (Economy/Government/Crime/Guns/Towns/RP)
    IGN: Rhaazerus
    Name: Alexander
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Height: Average
    Build: Thin
    Family: Terra (sister) (moved away with her family for fear of war)
    Class/Job: Courier or freelance laborer
    Status: Single
    Appearance: Slightly scruffy and rag-tag. His unkempt hair drapes down into a ponytail and a brown long-coat constantly drapes over him. An eye-patch covers his right eye, giving a clear sign of a story of his past.
    Past History: Growing up in poverty Alex learned to become resourceful. His deep desire to explore this war-torn world brought him to strike out on his own and ended up associating himself with a small group of Osean pirates. At most they were a rag-tag band of renegades, occasionally raiding the defenseless merchant ship or two. A cook. That's what Alex ended up thriving as within these Osean renegades. Over time the group dwindled and Alex decided it was time to move on before he ended up floating face down in the middle of the ocean. A few odd jobs and dangerous encounters later and he ended up in Eurasia with the hope for a new start.
    Personality: Always jolly and genial in any situation. Alex can come across as almost wrecklessly carefree.
    Abilities: cook experience, some fighting experience, minor hunting and construction sills.

    I gotta say, this server looks very interesting! The website is amazing, the lore is immersive and breath-taking.
    I could definitely see myself contributing and growing with this server indefinitely.
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    posted a message on [v3.7] AMIDST - Strongholds, Village, Biome, Etc. Finder. [1.7.4]
    So far, I downloaded the new v3.4 and it works great, really nice system. Props to Skidoodle for a simple and easy to use map, no need to add as a mod, nice click and use program.
    my only gripe as of recently, that color scheme 0_0
    I mean I know it's something to get used to but that's gonna take some real adjustments!
    Just wondering why not stick with the original colors, they related to the in-game textures perfectly and not to mention were easy on the eyes.
    Cuz just to be honest, the funky orange desert seems like an odd color choice and jungles keep throwing me off for forest color and that turquise swamp man...that turquise swamp...

    (this is all assuming I haven't gone colorblind)
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    posted a message on ~۩~Domhan~۩~[Heavy Roleplay][Fantasy][Original Lore][Whitelisted][Raids / PvP][Factions]
    IGN: Rhaazerus

    Do you agree with the rules?: With the utmost respect, I do agree with the rules.

    Will you respect the server staff? : Yes, of course.

    How much RP experience do you have?:
    A few years of playing MUD text-based online RPGs,
    Created a character for a short D&D session
    6 months as a moderator for Athas run by 'DuneMerchant',
    A Lead Builder and server staff for Elysium: Heaven's Bounty run by 'Devin'

    Character Name: Rhaazerus Orzhov

    Character Age: 29

    Character Race/Faction: Human/ The Telonic Empire

    Character Personality: Rhaazerus can be a bit of an eccentric and lighthearted spirit, always trying to find joy in any situation. He has never considered himself to have ever had a 'bad day' in his life, believing that each day brings a new beginning and the past shouldn't be something to dwell on.
    He always tries to keep his sense of humility and respectable manners, though he would never hide himself behind a 'false demeanor'. However, Rhaazerus has always had a deep seeded distaste for injustice and immorality.

    Jobs/Hobbies: Rhaazerus has a grand fascination for books; historical, philosophical, comedic, and many other ranges of literature. To him, the pursuit of the secrets of knowledge in books is more precious than gold. He made his earning taking on odd jobs such as farm-hand and hunting but tends to be a bit of a slacker.

    Backstory: From a young age Rhaazerus had a wreckless sense of adventure coupled with a joy and wonder for the world. His father was a respected legionarre and his mother a medical professional across the Telonic Empire. Rhaazerus had a life of indulgence and everything that most people strive to obtain, but...He was bored. Rhaazerus had no interest in the affairs of nobles, no desire to rise the ranks of society, he simply wanted to experience the good and the bad of the world around him. By the age of 19 he began to travel.
    Getting into scuffles and getting run out of towns was a usual occurrence for his next few years but his smile grew wider with each experience. A memorable moment of trying to rip off the wrong guards earned him a good week in jail. As the years past he grew wiser, he matured and came across many unique individuals of all races and cultures, but that desire to know more never abated. At the age of 24 he returned home. His father had retired and lives in a humble home and his mother occasionally cares for the local wounded or ill. After sharing tales of his adventures he settled back at home for a time, taking up work in farms, blacksmith forges, butcheries and the like. But soon enough there came another opportunity for adventure. Rhaazerus had run into an old friend who used to help him get a hold of ancient tomes. This friend informed Rhaazerus about a book of cooking recipes. Some say this book holds the secret recipes to food so delicious you would pass out in ecstasy.
    Unable to pass up such a wonderful opportunity, Rhaazerus spent the next years looking into this book. Now 29, Rhaazerus found a few promising leads and set out once again to stride into the unknown with a smile on his face and hopeless sense of wonder.
    Rhaazerus has been heard to have said such things as; "Having food in our bellies and clothes on our backs should be enough! You could die tomorrow, so why worry about yesterday?"

    RP Example:
    Beggar Child: "ello sir! spare a coin?"
    Rhaazerus: "What's your name boy?"
    Beggar Child: "I ain't got one sir, me friends call me Squeaks"
    Rhaazerus: "Hmm, well Squeaks how'd you like a job worth a myriad o' coin?"
    Beggar Child: "Sounds right proper! what you need me to do?"
    Rhaazerus: "Well, first we'll need to get you dagger mine rag-tag companion! You'll be joining me in settling a score"

    Miscellaneous Notes: I admire the seriousness of the server and I hope to see it sticking around and thriving for a while. So many RP servers drop off and I believe the best RP servers on minecraft are the ones that can create a very immersing world that can flow and transform with the players. I look forward to contributing to and seeing the server progress if I'm accepted.
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    posted a message on Whats Your Biggest Fail?
    dug straight down into a good 100 foot fall into lava.

    ....I was in a hurry! Lost some stuff down there and wanted to get to it quickly. Made a deadly assumption
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    C'mon dude, maybe, 20 years is reasonable but 1017.. *sigh*

    Quote from Kevun1

    Well, minecraft is a pretty unique game. It is hard for another one to take it's place, unlike other games, such as CoD, where there can be many replacements, so I think it will last as long as until someone makes a better concept, or the sandbox-like concept dies out.

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    posted a message on The Will - Keep Inventory upon Death.
    ha, this is actually a kinda interesting suggestion, though pretty unnecessary.
    And sort of makes things too easy. I mean it just brings you one step closer to never really needing to do leave your base.
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    posted a message on More Realistic Armor
    Quote from SVGK

    you lost me at more realistic.


    I punch oak trees and take out a cubic section of wood with my hands that fits in my pocket.....ha. realism
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    posted a message on Am I the only one who has a problem when people
    I know couples that play the game together, but actually like "let's go sit under the minecraft stars and woo each other with out minecraft kisses and make minecraft babies!" .......yeah, that's just creepy.

    That's about as creepy as a monkey dressed as a child on the creep scale.
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