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    posted a message on Trying to get a youtube series
    im only 13, sadly, so im sure u wont accept me Lol, as well as i dont use skype i use Vent or Steam Voicechat =(
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    posted a message on Looking for 3 people to do commentary series
    Oh and another thing, u can expect people to be like "oh ok heres my IRL Name" a lot of people know its unwise to just tell some random person their real name
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    posted a message on Looking for 3 people to do commentary series
    Dude u have to be a little more Flexible....i would apply but 1, i dont use Skype, i used Vent, and Steam VC, 2, i dont use FRAPS i use Hypercam (which you can get youself its 100% free)
    I do have a Youtube Channel but i dont have a mic...i have one built in on 1 comp but i dont use that for Recording
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    posted a message on (BMK Server) [1.4.7] Winter Wasteland Zombie Survival
    Quote from lightshaft

    vMpee - whitelisted.
    KingdomKey54 - whitelisted.
    Revinblade - declined.
    brianbui - declined.
    prt0100 - declined.

    wrong application format

    wrong application format and did not read the rules

    If you were declined because of using the wrong application you can resubmit(using the correct format) and we will review it.

    Thank you for your time.

    also... vMpee
    Excellent app! It is amazing that even after 40 servers you still put the time in to build an application that is asthetically beautiful and well filled out. Major browine points for you!

    Not to be a bother or anything but could you tell me why i was declined so i know if it was something wrong with application or somethin?
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    posted a message on (BMK Server) [1.4.7] Winter Wasteland Zombie Survival
    After close examination of all classes and occupations i have decided on Scavenger, and Artisan, Thank you for the time it took you to read my posts and im sorry if my triple post felt like spam to you...i appreciate you looking and accepting or declining me at your earliest convenience, Thanks

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    posted a message on (BMK Server) [1.4.7] Winter Wasteland Zombie Survival
    - Your IGN (In Game Name)Revinblade (2nd application cause of difference from the forum one i Copied and Pasted and the others

    - Why you want to join? I enjoy minecrafting and love killin Zed
    - Your age (Are you a mature player?)Im 13, Mature enough, i have my fun-side but i am quite mature

    - What you look for in a Server? Players working together

    - What type of player you are? Hardcore buttkicking Mob Killer, and Minecrafter =D

    -Why do you think you should be added? I understand when i need to listen to a direct order.. And im good at helping out my team... i feel that if added i might turn out to be a brilliant asset to somepeoples survival

    - Do you have a Mic? Yes, i also have Ventrillo but no Skype and do not plan on it

    - (Know someone who plays on the server? no i was looking for hardcore servers and this popped up
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    posted a message on (BMK Server) [1.4.7] Winter Wasteland Zombie Survival
    Your IGN:Revinblade

    Tell us a little about yourself:Im a experienced minecraft player looking for a Challenge..


    List some of the video games you've played:Starcraft 2, Terraria, Dungeons of Dredmor, Fable (1,2, and 3), Call of Duty,

    What do you look for in a server: Simplicity yet Hardcore and mean enough to make me have to try hard to survive

    Tell us about your history with SMP Servers:ive played....around 4 or 5 different ones all i grew tired of for the challenge they gave...Didnt really suit me

    What was your last server and why did you leave:Domination (or something around those lines its been about a month), Completely screwed up EVERYTHING! The people there were completely retarted and didnt know a thing about hardcore Minecraft when they called themselves a Hardcore minecraft SMP Server..

    How much do you play a week:It REALLY depends, im not a SOLID player i would probably say everyday for 3-4 hours if not more...unless im having a bad day

    What class will you choose and why: i wont "Choose" a class ill see what i am required for.....im used to doing the things all those classes do and more by myself in SSP with Mo'Creatures on aswell as a self made mod that increases spawn rates and allows mobs to spawn in daylight,

    What aspects of Minecraft appeal to you the most:The playing style, the crafting, and the combat

    What do you think justifies the use of PvP on a SMP server:The use of Pvp on a server.....Really depends on the server or the current status of the players and their community relationships, if they hate certain players...Sure let them fight it out.....but if someone is killing for no reason..thats were i really find it an issue

    How do you keep up to date with your Minecraft server without being told:check forums if there is one... read MOTD's if there is one..and pretty much anything that would give me important info

    Why should we select you over the applicant above you: I cant answer this question...i believe all players have their perks, for all i know no matter what the applicant above me sounds like i cant judge him upon his application and then fight against him for a spot on this server, if you want him but not me, So be it, ill try again some other time or apply for a different server, no harm done

    Favorite Superhero and why:uh Really? idk batman?

    PS: i will file a 2nd application cause everyones looks diff from mine and i got it from where the link took me
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    posted a message on How to Obtain Seed of Older Worlds?
    Quote from Y2K2000

    Yes, that's the tool that I mentioned in my first post. However, as I said, it does not work for older worlds as the seed generator has changed since the days of Alpha. What I'm wondering is how I could obtain the seed that was used when my world was first generated, as opposed to the seed it uses now, which seems to have changed.

    Im having a similar problem, i wanted to play through the world Paulsoaresjr made for his tutorials and allows you to DL, but it gives me a slightly different map...its somewhat similar
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    posted a message on The Dawn Of Time (10 DAYS TILL NEW MAP - JOIN NOW)
    In-game Name:Revinblade
    Why do you want to be apart of The Dawn Of Time? It seems to be the friendly community i am looking for
    What role will you be/What will you contribute? I would like to be a Builder,Forester,Miner,Farmer.
    Experience with MineCraft?I have had minecraft for....2 months i believe, maybe 3, But i have played a lot in that short time, and have learned much, i know a large amount if not ALL crafting recipes, I was a faction leader in a different server that i quit. I also know how to make things such as a Nether Portal
    Have you read the rules, and will you play by them? I read the rules, I will abide by them without fail, i wish to join and stay in this wonderful community
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    posted a message on Small Survival Server
    Hey IGN's Revinblade i'd love to come hang with you guys, my normal SMP server is down cause they usin Bukkit, Plus i find that server way to cluttered up, i want a freshish start, So yeah, Im a creative builder, if you need something done, Im ur man, if its a villiage setup i will do ANY job

    Just Pm me the Ip, Or post it on my wall or W/e, i look forward to seeing you in the untamed world, of Minecraft
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    posted a message on TERRARIA SEED!
    Quote from Blakerty

    I Can't Try It Yet Its Raining And Minecraft Is Laging

    Note:Terraria Is A 2-D Minecraft Game....

    NEVER Call Terraria 2D Minecraft, Terraria is more beast than minecraft minecraft should be called 3D terraria
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    posted a message on The best way to kill creepers without a bow
    Well what i did was wait for the creeper to start sizzling, and smacked it away with whatever i had in my hand (a pickaxe was my case) and it flew back, and blew a hole in the ground, leaving me unscathed
    :Notch: :Logs^: :SSSS: = :Notch:
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