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    posted a message on ★★★★★ PhanaticMC Network ★★★★★ skyblock skygrid factions creative minigames + more
    Minecraft Username:Revinblade
    What do you think of the server? try to keep an open mind as to the fact that it looks enjoyable, although i have yet to determine that firsthand. So i stand impartial as if it is good or bad, Yet it looks good.
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    posted a message on Revinblades Lets Play the Latest Minecraft!
    im going to be playing on the latest snapshot and livestreaming it.
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    posted a message on ★★★★★ PhanaticMC Network ★★★★★ skyblock skygrid factions creative minigames + more
    Minecraft Username:Revinblade
    [optional]What do you think of the server?:Its a Great idea and i'd love to join
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    posted a message on [WIP] Revinblade and Marios Mod (Name Undecided
    Hey Guys, Revinblade here, im actually a beginner modder but this is a mod me and my friend have been thinking about doing and finally did today, we put together a compilation of some stuff, even with seeecrets, which will be removed from the post, ill post the Current Ideas Below, BTW this mod is COMPLETELY random, theres a few random things added into the mod and it doesnt really have any main topic :D Anyway, heres our current ideas

    ----Revinblade and Marios Mod (Name Undecided)
    EXTREMELY rare drop by Pigs, FULL Hp/FB Restore, 30 seconds Invulnerbility (Rainbows your Screen while you are invulnerable)

    -Diamond Apple
    Crafted with a Golden Apple Surrounded By Diamonds

    -Bottle of STFU
    Throw it and it freezes all mobs for 30 seconds in a 100 block radius

    -Gem Chunk
    Created with 9 of any kind of Gem, used for crafting the Gem Items :D

    -Obsidian Bucket
    Can Hold Radioactive Water Block, (Normal Bucket will be destroyed, dont try it) Holds 2 blocks of Liquid

    --Weapons and Tools
    One hit KO Made with 2 Pr0k and a Blaze Rod, 50 Durability, Right Click to Eat pr0k for 20 durability cost

    -Molten Sword
    5 Hearts of Damage, Fire Attack 500 Durability, Secret Recipe,

    -Lazorz! BLAAAARGH
    Level 1 Laser, made with Diamond, Can be enchanced with any type of Gem, Ruby Laser, More Damage, Vaporizes all but bedrock, (DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO MINE) Sapphire Laser, Will Drop all its Blocks, and goes through 10 blocks, Emerald laser is an Explosive Laser, (Do i have to really explain much more) Amethyst Laser, (Rail Gun Affect) Combat Laser, NO LASER (except ruby) Can break Obsidian Or Endstone, No laser beraks Bedrock, Shots Phase through Glass,

    -Excalibur and Clarent
    Excailbur Gotten from killing Lord of the Sky (Light Dragon, Spawned with...somehow) Clarent Gotten from Ender Dragon, Both Indestructible Both do 7 1/2 Dmg Excalibur, Freezes things, Clarent Burns Things

    -Radioactive Pickaxe
    Poisons you if you dont have a hazmat suit and its in your hand, if you swing it at a mob, it poisons it, and if you hit a creeper with it theres a 95% chance of it blowing up in your face, and a 5% chance, of it becoming a nuclear creeper, and blowing up in your face 20 times over.....

    -Obsidian Armor
    Armor with Defense Capabilities of Diamond and -1 Durability (infinite) Requires 24 obsidian and 4 Dragon Orbs for Full set

    -Hazmat Armor
    Crafted With Obsidian (1 per piece), Glass Window on Helmet and Stone for Rest (Environmental Damage except fire)

    -Empowered Obsidian Armor
    Strongest Armor in Mod, Happens when you combine one of each type of Gem Chunk, with a piece of Armor, Helmet=Gills Affect Chestplate=Fire Proof Greaves=Increase Attack Speed and Damage Boots=Constant Sprint, No Fall Damage, Increased Jump Height! (1 or 2 blocks, to be determined)

    Cant Mine it, if you do, your pickaxe becomes Contaminated, Stand on it, Death (unless you have full hazmat armor), Highly explosive if hit with explosives, Glows with Radioactive Powarrrrrrrrr

    -Radiation Pool
    Liquid, Same Properties as Uranium, Except no Instant Kill, Just Poison Doesnt Generate on its on, only way to Get it is if Uranium touches water, or Radiation Pool Touches Water, if a creeper falls in, 95% chance of creeper exploding, 5% of becoming Nuclear Creeper!!!!!!111=!!! (Oh and it Glows :D)

    Rubies, Sapphire, Emerald, Amethysts, All are Minable with Stone or Better Crafted into good gear

    -Gem Block, Made from 9 of Gem Chunks, (which is made from 9 gems, Hurrah for 81 gems per block!)

    -Air Raid Siren
    When powered, Ear Rapes you.

    -Display Case
    Allows you to display gear such as Swords

    The Statue allows you to display Armor

    -Nuclear Creeper
    Mob made with a 5% chance when a Creeper falls into Radioactive Pool Blocks, Eyes and Mouth Glows 20x as big of a bomb, Detonates 5 blocks away, Oh **** Get Away.....You cant knock them back to stop explosion, as soon as they see you, they go boom after a 5 second Tick

    -Military Grade Plastic Explosives
    MGPE, is a bomb that says R on every side, is the same size as a block, and blows up the same area as a Nuclear Creeper! Secret Recipe...

    -Light Dragon
    The Light Dragon is a Boss Mob (Drops Excalibur) (Retextured Ender Dragon with a crown)
    Spawned with a pillar of each gem block, (Made with 9 of each Gem Chunks) and a gold block on the top

    Has 5 hearts, flys around and passes through walls, really ****ing annoying, does 2 hearts of dmg (Spawn Rate 3%)

    Nuclear Wasteland? <---Not sure about that yet

    Jukebox plays music when powered (Toggleable Jukebox)

    there is a whole bunch of secret items too but i dont just tell those to anybody, but there may be few that i shot, currently any of my friends who want to know, get to know

    if you have any suggestions, feel free to post, and ill look them over, Thanks OH! nearly forgot its small but heres a link to a few of the already textured items

    I cant think what else to say, so have fun
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    posted a message on 404 Server Not Found |Factions, Survival|
    Hey Guys, Revin here, posting a forum Thread about my good Buddies server, its lagless, and runs nicely,
    Theres Currently NO Whitelist, But if there becomes a problem with hackers, ill have him setup a whitelist
    There is no Perms so you wont have any commands except i think /back and /spawn normally...
    So yeah Come on in
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    posted a message on Skyblock! Livestream Inbound!
    Hey guys! Live streaming Skyblock RIGHT NOW!
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    posted a message on *NEW* lets play series, RPG(like the yogscast) *NEW*
    Minecraft name:revinblade
    Skype (if you have it):revinblade
    Experience(days, months, years): Since beta 1.3_01
    Role(more than one would be nice =P ): Character, Builder, Redstoner

    idea for name: Bugga!
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    posted a message on (1.8.1)Nanaimocraft (flatlands) (bukkit) (hamachi)(24/7)
    (optional)Age:13 (14 2 days after Minecon ends xP)
    Why do you want to be a Op: To help maintain the sanity level on your server
    Have you been an Op on other servers?:Yes
    What will you add to server as an Op?: I will make a Spawnhome if not already done, as well as help out everyone with their creations
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    posted a message on [1.8]Minecraft Hunger Games[Accepting Contestants!]
    As intended
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    posted a message on [1.8]Minecraft Hunger Games[Accepting Contestants!]
    Eh Ok, Reason for the lack of reposting btw is cause i went to bed Lol, and ANYWAY answer to ur question, Yes i can play EVERY friday, unless something big comes up at home. And who to back up.....erm...wanna give u an answer before school, Eh ill just wing it, seeing as how he doesnt like Hamachi ill be Firestarians backup

    If its Ok with you guys i might record this myself and post it up on your Channel, i put ur names in the Credits
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    posted a message on [1.8]Minecraft Hunger Games[Accepting Contestants!]
    Hey! Revinblade here and i would like to be a Contestant, i live in Wisconsin (in the U.S. of A Babayd) and im 13. Love a Challenge,
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    posted a message on Songada's Freebuild [EVERYONE IS OP] [Creative]
    i cant connect at all, doesnt even show up as "Your Not Whitelisted!" i cant connect, What so-ever

    P.S. If you have Steam i can use that to VC, Steam name is Revinblade

    Oh im running 1.8.1 if that has anything to do with it
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    posted a message on KisukeCraft - Dedicated Host!
    1.7.3 or 1.8?
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    posted a message on Notch is consumed by greed
    Notch isnt sapping our money, he wants to make 1.8 Perfect for us, if he released it long ago it would be horrible, Bugs to fix, things still would need to be added, the first release date that wasnt met, was saturday, so dont freak out, we pay for minecraft so Notch can pay his Crew, and feed himself, So Honestly,
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    posted a message on Looking for a FUN server
    Still Looking...
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