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    We are a small growing Minecraft server that wants to offer the best playing experience to everyone. We wish to create a friendly and relaxing environment where everyone has a place. We are always willing to hear out your suggestions and make improvements based on them! The staff is friendly and will be there to hear out anything you want to say.

    Chaonius Server Spawn

    Features included on Survival:

    - MCMMO
    - Jobs
    - Automatic Chest and Inventory sorting via '/invsort' or '/chestsort'
    - Claiming and protecting your land
    - Teleport with your horse or any other rideable animal
    - Essential commands such as '/home' and '/tpa'
    - Auction House
    - Player Shops via chests and signs (look on our discord for more details)
    - Player Warps via /pw
    - Graves on death
    - Discord Server Integration
    - Daily rewards
    - Sit in Chairs
    - Pets with special abilities
    - Custom Wings
    - Voting to Skip the Night in order for it to be fair for everyone
    - Random Teleport and find the perfect place to stay
    - Don't lose your spawners just because you placed them wrong
    - Transport mobs using a special craftable item
    - Join from Bedrock edition too! You just have to have a Minecraft Java account
    - A good AntiCheat to make sure you have a Hacker Free experience

    Join our server and community!

    Server Ip: mc.chaonius.com

    Discord: https://discord.gg/79YgkT3Cwm

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