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    Quote from neondrop»

    For some reason I get the feeling that your mobs keep spawning near me while I'm not looking. For example I'm in the nether, just building a bridge, and suddenly I'm getting f###ed by a Baphomet from behind. I'm pretty sure I should have seen it if it was there beforehand, and this has happened on multiple occasions. Is that intended? I don't have a problem with hard mobs, but it would really be better imho if you could prepare in advance, and not just suddenly have them ambush you while you're in a disadvantageous situation.

    It's a bit more troublesome to keep mobs away from you in the nether in general, if I remember correctly.

    Despite the whole zone appearing rather bright, mobs can spawn anywhere and everywhere (that isn't too close to the player unless it's behind a corner, wall, pillar etc.) which, combined with the GoG mob's long lines of sight, leads to foes attacking out of the blue (or in this case, out of the red) rather often.

    My suggestion? Paranoia. No, seriously. If you're anywhere that mobs can be, keep your ears tuned and don't look one single direction for more than three to five seconds without stopping and looking around and you're much less likely to get ambushed, at the cost of slightly reduced work efficiency and slightly increased pulse.

    And if you're going to build a bridge, it's probably for the best if you do it properly. I'm assuming it was just a one block wide bridge, because that's the fastest and most material efficient build (although that's somewhat dangerous and not really recommendable even in vanilla). I recommend at least two blocks wide plus walls at least two blocks high on either side. If it's going to see regular use, anyway. You can cut out two whole lines of material by having the walls floating diagonally adjacent to the bridge floor, rather than actually being directly attached to the bridge floor.

    The pattern, seen from the front/back, would look something like this:





    B = material block

    A = air/blank space

    That will make it wide enough to comfortably fight on, if needed, and wide enough for mounts to fit across as well. The walls will provide (relatively, if they are, indeed, only two blocks tall) sufficient protection against both projectiles and lines of sight. Such a bridge could also be upgraded in a couple different ways afterwards as well.

    It could be upgraded with torches, which will still keep mobs from spawning in the nether as usual if I remember correctly; I would place them along the top (not the side, or they could be broken accidentally if a fight occurs) of one of the walls (unless the walls are more than two blocks tall, then you would want to place them along the side of one of the walls, three blocks above the bridge floor), spaced eight blocks apart (ten if you want to be stingy, but that may let the light level get low enough for some of the bridge's blocks to have a very low but still possible spawn chance).

    And it can also be upgraded with a rail line, if you're so inclined, for very fast, food-efficient travel from one end to the other. I would, however, not recommend placing a rail line without also upgrading the bridge with lighting as that sounds like a great way to suffer reverse drive-bys.

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    Hey! I made a texture pack for this mod. It was mostly for myself, but I figured I should share it too.

    Using a combination of the old Painterly Pack texture pack I had lying around from the old Balkon's Weapon Mod days (which I think I made myself, but I don't remember; either way I heavily modified it myself back then and now), the colors from Pixel Perfection and various specific tweaks by hand, I've made a Pixel Perfection themed texture pack. Your mileage may vary using it with other resource packs, but it should at least be better than the vanilla Minecraft themed textures. Your mileage may also vary for certain weapons as well. I basically bodged the entity textures so the darts may or may not actually resemble the items and the boomerangs definitely don't resemble their items, but they should look better than vanilla in any case. I also wasn't very happy with the iron mace but decided not to bother with it anymore because I already spent too long on it and it looks fine. Honestly. Probably. Hopefully.

    Installation instructions: Open the rar and drop the folder into the rar of your copy of Pixel Perfection.

    If installing it onto a different resource pack: Open the rar, go into the assets folder and delete the minecraft folder so it doesn't replace your resource pack's default gold and diamond sword textures because you probably don't want it to. Or maybe you do. I don't know.

    Links down below. Hopefully. Having to make a new account because of losing my old one due to the whole Twitch kerfuffle that happened a while ago, I may not be allowed to post links which would make this post pointless.

    Pixel Perfection itself (which is a great resource pack you should totally use): https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/resource-packs/1242533-pixel-perfection-now-with-polar-bears-1-11

    The texture pack: http://www.mediafire.com/file/le13llg7y3oy6c7/PixelPerfectionReforged.rar/file

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    Quote from Silentine»

    The Curse/Twitch merging left a bad taste to a lot of users on the forum resulting in some users to move or even quit. Despite Curse being bought out by Amazon, I could never understand the need in merging the two accounts. It boggles my mind.

    That is a ticking entity issue. It usually happens when upgrading versions on dedicated servers. The issue has been brought up in the GitHub issues tab (refer to issue #93).

    Yeah, the incidental exposure which occurred when trying to look up if I could still merge my old MCForums account with my Twitch account (which I at least already had) had revealed that much. Enough about that though, it's in the past. No point in getting people riled up about old spilled milk.

    Anyway, so that happened because of the upgrade to 1.6.5. It's worth noting, however, that this was in singleplayer and not multiplayer; although the singleplayer is an automatic local host dedicated server so that still makes sense, I suppose. I hope it will go away if I start a new world, then, because when re-launching the game it still crashed again. It should, since I have seen and fought minotaurus since upgrading to 1.6.5. It seems to only affect mobs that were spawned before the upgrade, which is strange. Do minotaurus not despawn? I was wandering around for a while after the upgrade and only crashed when I started returning to base.

    In the end I suppose a restart doesn't really matter, since I'm playing my game in a fast and loose permadeath style and boy are there a lot of restarts with a combination of Mo' Creatures/Custom Mob Spawner and GoG3. It still stings a little since I had a finished base retrofit from a crypt dungeon from AtomicStryker's Ruins mod and a full set of iron plate armor, though...

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    Huh. It's been a while since I've had to log in, I didn't realise that Curse and Twitch had merged and now my old account seemed to have been lost into the ether. I'm slightly irritated as my new account name is asinine like one of ye olde Xbox Live gamer tags. Oh well, guess it doesn't really matter in the end.

    In other, more topical, news I just ran into a crash. Upon cursory examination of the crash log, my guess is that the ranged variant of the minotaurus has broken AI that crashes the game.

    Crashlog pastebin (That's how you're supposed to do it, right?) here: https://pastebin.com/XnjSBEGN

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