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    posted a message on Awesome Survival Server! SDpyro.MChost.us
    Hi, I'm just going to be telling you a bit about a server that is really kool! The ip is SDpyro.MChost.us This is a really great survival server with great staff! *cough*me*cough* :P Also if you vote you get TWO free diamonds!!

    1.Use common sense!
    2.No griefing, tresspassing, hacking, cheating!
    3.No stealing!
    4.Respect & Courtesy (TO ALL USERS)!
    5.Good chat Behavior!
    6.PvP only in allowed areas! (no abusive pvp)!
    7.Dont ask staff to give you anything (Items/ranks/etc)!

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    posted a message on what are some things you wish the xbox edition had?
    creative mode, mods, textures and everything in the current version of MC on PC
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    posted a message on 1.7.3 MCXBLA Seeds List
    Nice set of seeds ill have a go at all of them ^^
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    posted a message on [1.5.1][ADV][SMP/MULTI][ACTION] Sky Resistance (18,000+ downloads)
    Got 157 diamonds + THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MC MAPS I HAVE PLAYED, WELL DONE MAN, :Notch: <-- That guy loves this map too :P

    EDIT: and my IGN name is the same as my MCForums name :D And I'm going to play again to try and find more diamonds ^_^ great map, will share on my facebook, twitter and any other place I can think of :D Hope the pic works, if it doesnt then it was supposed to be my final results in my inv:

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    posted a message on Blue Aura!
    Quote from kingsmurf1017

    IGN: papasmurf1017
    Skills: hunting animals.... and people. i am also fairly good at mob fighting
    Job: Scount and Spy are your jobs atm Papa lol

    My skype is kingsmurf1017 btw. msg me if i get in :)
    Ok welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy this clan and Right now, I'm working on the servers that we go on so just stick around for now :)

    Quote from daredeviler

    ok, so what server/s does the clan play on?
    I am currently working on the list, Just wait a little and the servers list will be back up :D
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    posted a message on Creepers or Skeletons?
    i can kill creepers easy w/out getting blown up but for skeletons im always gettting hit, so its the creeper
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    posted a message on Server Check
    Well no1 can join ur server unless they have ur hamachi details, so If you would edit ur post and make it inclued the hamachi details, I would test it out.

    P.S. If you whitelist the server u dont need hamachi! :D
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    posted a message on Error:Null, in need of help!
    Hi, me and my fellow crew have been working on the solution to the problem so for now, you will have to stick with it.I will inform you when we find out the solution.Also SPC is Single Player Commands the last time I heard.But I'm having no problem with that.
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    posted a message on Blue Aura!
    Quote from daredeviler

    Problematic computer has seen me away from Minecraft for a short while...

    How about an all-rounder kinda person? Someone who does things that need to be done.

    Also, I don't know what servers are what, these are all the clan's servers, right?



    An explanation of what each server is and what it allows/disallows would be nice. All I know is that mortalis is no rules.

    Ok well I have actually removed the server list so I can update it a bit and get my personal website editor (AaronStone55) to check if its alright ok?ill fix at earliest convenience (hope thats the right spelling -_- ) So we'll cross out those servers for now ^^

    (so u know i crossed those out for u lol)

    Quote from silverman125

    Reko I'm very sorry I yelled at you. I was raging and it was your fault so wouldn't you be mad? But still I am sincerly sorry.
    Silver, you know you'll always be one of my best mates right? Well if you didn't...you do now ^_^ I'm sorry too, still friends? :D
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    posted a message on Looking for Experienced builders to help build Kingdoms for my Server
    Hi, I would be glad to help out, I will add you on skype tommorrow when I get back home, Just message me through the forums what the ip is if u will accept me, I am a pretty experienced builder (even better when it comes to sorting out permissions/plugins if u need any help with that) Anyway hope to hear your reply :D
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    posted a message on New Great Server In the Making OPS NEEDED!
    IGN: reko9999
    Email: [email protected]
    XP/Skillz: Own my own server and op on 1 other,am a moderator on a very popular server and also about to be SubAdmin so IK how to run a server pretty much ^_^
    Other info: Expert Minecrafter
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    posted a message on Blue Aura!
    Quote from wheel_of_fire

    IGN: wheel_of_fire
    Skills: Farmer, miner, scout. (definitely not pvp or monster hunter because my lag is so terrible that sometimes I can't even move)
    And also wat job u would like to have for the clan!: Don't mind really :)

    I'm lolling 'cos I'm such a noob on here that this is my first post. I've been on forums before though so I should be fine. Also if you're interested, I made this in my spare time:

    Apparently zombified doesn't have an apostrophe.
    (I believe I owe credit to Insert31990 from deviantart for the background creeper and onsdag from monster madnezz for the foreground one
    Wow. " That is a very nice banner you have there " :D lol that is pretty good.Thanks for that and welcome aboard, I'm just curious of what a scout is lol.Cause we dont have a scout atm so I guess you could have that job and 1 other job that I'm going to let you choose.(It can be nothing if you only want 1 job ^_^)
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    posted a message on SnagCraft [Need Staff] [hamachi]
    Hello I'm posting this for my friend snags3, he would like me to advertise his server so that is exactly what I am doing ^_^ To apply email me or him at [email protected] or [email protected] and send us an email saying why do you want to join and then add a picture of a good build that you made. If we think you are worthy enough we will message u the ID and the Password.

    Website: www.wix.com/danspivot859/SnagCraft
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    posted a message on Blue Aura!
    Quote from daredeviler

    IGN: daredeviler
    Skills: Mining, woodcutting, have a moderate understanding of redstone and I'm good at improvising.
    Job: Farmer, miner, apprentice redstone technician and/or city planner (NOT builder, the guy who gives advice and makes blueprints kinda stuff) would suit me.
    Extra: My computer is a piece of crap, so any form of PvE or PvP on any SMP server, I'd be better off standing still on one spot and suiciding. As for redstone, the best I have done is this; I have made a music repeater which can be toggled on and off via 2 levers, and I can make a contraption that allows a concealed workbench (or similar) be slid in and out of a wall at the flick of a switch. I also prefer playing on Creative mode, but Survival is fine. I also have no Skype.
    After thinking of what job I should give you, I thought I might aswell let you choose ^_^ so choose whatever job you like :D welcome aboard
    Quote from 17454538

    IGN: 17454538
    Skills: Killing mobs, finding redstone, building wooden structures
    Job: Knight, Miner, builder
    Skpe: None
    You can be the Builder/Knight if that's ok with u
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    posted a message on Blue Aura!
    Quote from xxROBOxx

    Ok i added you
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