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    Mythical wars
    Mod Request

    This is a mod based off of mythic creatures/gods if they were brought to the future. This is also going to be a very large mod so if you’re willing to help just be prepared for a long term relationship with this mod. But I will be providing textures, ideas, and support. This mod will include:

    · Weapons
    o Swords
    o Guns
    · Armor
    · Disks
    o Computer disks
    o Analyzing disks
    o And more…
    · Ingots
    o Gem ingots
    o Metal ingots
    · Tools
    o Picks
    o Shovels
    o Axes
    o Drills
    o Saws
    o And more…
    · Extras

    · Décor
    · Ores
    · Misc

    · Teleporting
    · Energy storage
    · Solar panels
    · Crushers
    · Matter makers
    · Mass makers
    · Atom reworks
    · Nuclear power machines

    · Ships
    · Crashed space ships
    · Much more…
    · Aliens
    · Gods
    · Creatures

    Little bits and pieces:
    · timber like
    · project table like
    · better villagers

    Thanks for help!!!

    Textures will be linked after someone has agreed to do this.
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    Good idea how bout you post that as a new group under my poll Ideas+.
    water blast
    lava blast
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