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    posted a message on need mountain seed
    I only need one seed, one with one or many large mountains. if you have multiple seeds I will be happy.

    PSN: StantonOnTheRun (add me, gets boring playing alone, mics only though, min 15yrs old.)
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    posted a message on minecraft ps3 looking for 4-6 players
    Mic: yes
    Age: 18
    PSN: StantonOnTheRun
    Job: RedStone Guy
    what I'm good at? most things redstone, finding deep holes in the ground, mining, hunting down cave items.
    I am trustworthy
    I'm from Canada finished highschool recently, hate math, hate pessimists, and get a long well with people. I do have a tendency to fall in holes in the ground(in game not real life)
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