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    Bump! To show that I'm serious about starting the project, here's a screenshot of World Painter with an overlay of the Ivalice map.


    The map is approximately 12,000 x 8,000 blocks. Now you may be thinking that's enormous and possibly can't be exported, and you'd be right about at least the size. To properly capture the scale of Ivalice I think it's necessary to start out with this size until further refinements can be made.

    The next step will be to gather up all the local maps and stitch them together to estimate a practical size of the map and make any refinements as necessary. I don't any changes will be forthcoming in this step.

    Then, world painting will begin in earnest to replicate the landscape as shown. This step will probably take me at least two weeks if I do it solo, so I'm hoping by then someone will be willing to assist. That's all for now, thanks for reading!


    Here is a layout of all the individual rooms in Ivalice!


    As you can see, there are over 300 individual rooms! This makes for a lot of work. Unfortunately, only a fraction of those are due to the major cities, and the vast majority of them are free terrain. Each individual room is considered a project, and is part of an overall geographical area project. A team consisting of a few designers would draft the layout of one of these areas, provide color schemes and material sheets, and then terraformers would model the area to represent that. Afterwards, the same process would be applied to buildings and interiors.

    Rabanastre is considered the capital of Project Ivalice, and will be drafted first so that all following areas will branch out from it. From a previous submission, the Tomb of Raithwall is already mostly constructed! With some time and effort, the Westersand and two Sandseas will be made to join it to Rabanastre.

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    Hello minecrafters! In 2013 I set out to recreate Ivalice in Minecraft, or at least begin the process and gather some help for the project. It was a miserable failure, and you can see that here.

    Old Thread

    It's been 3 years since then and my hardware and building skills have increased dramatically since then, and I'll even prove it with a few screenshots of some recent builds in case you doubt a scrub like me is qualified for a project this size.




    Japanese Temple

    Long story short, I want to restart the project! Who's with me? :)

    Table of Contents

    - Info
    - Looking For
    - App. Process
    - Quality Control
    - Stages
    - Changelog
    - Pictures


    WesterosCraft has been my inspiration. Let's take it from there! Ivalice is an enormous world with well over a hundred unique areas to explore, scattered across over a dozen locations. The focus of this project is to recreate all of them as they are represented in the game on the scale of a Minecraft player, so there can be a true playable experience with appreciable detail.

    Given the introduction of commands blocks since 2013, a lot has changed and a lot more can be accomplished. I hope to start this project with an aim for a vanilla experience, but as the project evolves we will look into the possibilities of mods. To be clear, the first and foremost goal is to recreate Ivalice, and NOT make an adventure map. That means quests, items, and immersion will be added after building, or as time and resources permit. It all really depends on you, and if you want to contribute your skills!

    Looking For

    Just like last time, this project starts from scratch, with just me. This time around, there's more organization and more clearly defined goals!

    -World Painters (x3)

    I haven't yet tested how much my computer can handle, but either way there will be a lot of virtual terraforming before any work is done on the map. To begin, we will determine at what size and scale we will attempt to recreate Ivalice, then overlay a map of it on a blank sheet and start terraforming from there based on known geography of the game. This is a rough draft, because inevitably terrain will change as in-world construction begins and takes precedence.

    1. Goals:
    2. Paint the beta landscape and export it into a working Minecraft map

    -Concept Designers (x5)

    Given the large amount of architecture present in Ivalice, a handful of people are needed to 1: play the game, 2: recreate the buildings on paper or computer, and 3: draft them in block form. This is for both buildings that are easily viewable and those that are obstructed, so some speculation and creativity is required. This role is split between exterior and interior designers. These drafts will be the basis for Architects and Interior Designers to build from. Also necessary will be a color sheet and proposed material sheet, which will break down the buildings and room color palette and textures.

    1. Goals:
    2. Draft buildings and rooms directly from game into a template to be shared with Architects & I.D.'s
    3. Suggest color palette and materials to use
    4. Provide support during construction to preserve micro detail where possible
    5. Work with other C.D.'s to minimize conflict between multiple proposed drafts before any actual building time is invested in them

    -Architects / Interior Designers (x10)

    There will definitely be a need for more than 10, but we'll start small for now. After the structures are drafted, these build teams will get to work using the drafts from the Concept Designers to actually build the structure. This will be the crux of the work during the project, and experienced builders will be appointed as leads for certain buildings, neighborhoods, or geographic areas. Architects and I.D.'s can expect to work closely with C.D.'s and Project Leads to build their structures and adhere to detail.

    1. Goals:
    2. Responsible for actual construction of buildings
    3. Adhering to draft templates where possible
    4. Reporting and fixing problems during construction

    -Landscape Designers (x5)

    Like the Concept Designers, this group will play FF12 and draft out the appearance of the terrain as a template from which to terraform. This work is crucial because it will be the foundation for the rest of the teams to expand on and will define the player experience while traveling between locations. L.D.'s can expect to decide on pacing, size, color, scale, and other factors will best represent the dozens of corridors between the villages, cities, plains, swamps, etc. They will operate similarly to C.D.'s.

    1. Goals:
    2. Draft landscape directly from game into a template to be shared with Terraformers
    3. Suggest color palette and materials to use - Provide support during terraforming to preserve macro detail where possible
    4. Work with other L.D.'s to minimized conflict between multiple proposed drafts before any actual terraforming time is invested in them

    -Terraformers (x10)

    Following the drafts of the Landscape Designers, the Terraforming team will be responsible for actually recreating the terrain as it is present in-game to within a certain degree of accuracy. Given the size of Ivalice, this position is definitely the most daunting, labor intensive, and arguably thankless, but for those who are willing to give it a go, your work will be immortalized in the world rising around you. Terraforming is the first wave of the player's experience in Ivalice, so these projects will be the most tightly regulated and automated to lighten the burden. Attention to detail is not as strict here, and most of the work will be about preserving shape and scale.

    1. Goals:
    2. Responsible for actual terraforming of landscape
    3. Adhering to draft templates where possible
    4. Reporting and fixing problems during landscaping

    -Project Leads (x10)

    Every single thing needs to be planned out and accounted for! P.L.'s are not required to be directly involved with the drafting or construction of their project, but precedence to be a P.L. is given to those who are. Either way, every P.L. will be directly responsible for their team to make progress on and successfully complete their project. Rome was not built overnight, and neither will your project be! Also, P.L.'s are not just for building! They will be needed for every team, in fact.

    1. Goals:
    2. Set goals
    3. Set deadlines
    4. Make final decisions in conflicts
    5. Manage team availability and talent
    6. Communicate effectively

    -Server Hosting / Maintenance (x1)

    For those not inclined towards play, your technical talent can serve to make Ivalice possible through its members. While the teams are still small, we may be able to get by without dedicated hosting, but at some point it will be necessary.

    -Website Hosting / Design / Support (x2)

    To spread the word and the world, here's your chance to be in charge of the website! You will be managing our traffic and possibly the social media to generate eyes our way and show the Internet our proud work.

    -Graphic Artist / Media (x3)

    Love being creative but don't like building? Calling all artists to make some dedicated content to give this project a face and a soul. Your art will be the first thing people see when they hear about Project Ivalice!

    Application Process

    Leave a post in this thread or contact me directly. Either is fine, but thread posts will receive a faster response.

    *Preferred Name:
    (Optional) IGN:
    Preferred Communication:
    (Optional) How long you have been playing:
    ** Position applying for:
    *** Relevant media to show experience:
    (Optional) Reason for joining:

    * I don't ask for gender because everyone is welcome, but if people have mistaken you for the wrong one because of your name and you don't want me to do so too, just clarify!
    ** You can apply for more than 1 and be accepted for up to 2 fields of your choosing, or 3 if at least two of them are not related to construction
    *** This is entirely optional and you may be accepted without it for a number of positions, but to be considered as a Project Lead this must be provided. The more ambitious your application, the more experience you must provide.

    Quality Control

    To preserve the smoothness and timeliness of this project, members will be allowed to work autonomously to some degree depending on their position and use their own judgment about maintaining the quality and detail of their project. Having said that, I do wish to preserve it as much as possible, so as outlined above, senior and ranking members will be responsible for and have final say about how to accomplish this. This doesn't mean you must be silent! This is a team project, so every voice will be heard. If you have suggestions, questions or comments about your project, please feel free to raise them. Every project is an organic one, influenced by its members, and reflected in the result.

    I also value compromise, but understand that it can lead to stalling and pose a threat to more projects than one. So, once again, one or a few people will have final say about the direction of a project and whose idea will be chosen going forward. What does this mean for you? Respect that differences will arise, and you will not always like them. Everyone brings a bit of their ego to the table, but they will have to be put aside.


    Stage 1A - Ivalice is completely terra-formed on World Painter!
    • Stage 1B - Ivalice is exported and ready to be played in-map!
    • Stage 2 - Multiplayer support is established to allow teams to come in!

    Stage 3 - Teams are present and work is ongoing!
    Official Release - Ivalice beta is finished and open for play!
    Stretch Goals Introduce mod support! Introduce command blocks! Design quests! Custom textures and items!


    (1) - 06.03.2016 23:55 EST - Thread is posted!
    (2) - 06.04.2016 10:58 EST - First update with pictures!




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    Preface: I'm making a self-contained two-way moving train with command blocks on either end to clone the train and tp the entites inside.

    Setup: The train is oriented north-south and the conductor's car on the north end is set up and works fine. With the way the dimensions are selected I can move the train one block at a time at variable speeds using a clock.

    Issue: The south car specifies the same dimensions but relative from down there (+Z going -Z), so when I try to clone the train one block south the train is cloned its entire length * the difference between where I want to move it relative to the executing command block. Summarized below:

    (Example) Train length = 5 blocks, thus:

    5 * (5 + -4)

    The coordinates syntax specify the length of the train going north, in the -Z direction, so in the command the length of the train is relatively considered to be -5 (an absolute length of 5 nonetheless). Since the clone command places the blocks in the northwest corner, I want that corner to be +1 block south, so -4. If you change it to -3, or -2, and so on, the distance cloned just becomes 5, 10, 15, etc. blocks south instead of one. The actual clone command as it appears in my game is below:

    /clone ~2 ~3 ~1 ~-2 ~-2 ~-64 ~-2 ~-2 ~-63

    X1, Y1, and Z1 specify the east side of the train, X2, Y2, and Z2 specify the west side, and X, Y and Z specify how to move the train. The X and Y work just fine and offset the train moving left or right, but the Z is broken and would move it 64 blocks.

    EDIT: Requesting thread to be closed, I figured out the issue.

    When using a button to activate the signal there are continuous ticks that cause the behavior, setting a redstone block alone will achieve the desired effect.

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    posted a message on Auto load jukebox with music disk possible w/redstone?
    Quote from setzke

    No. :(
    I don't even think you can truly auto-play with command blocks, but I am unsure.

    I've developed a method for playing songs on a loop and having them be activated by all the variations of redstone / commands available ;) However, it requires some unusual conditions and precise timing to sync up with the audio loop (namely, using a very large play area to achieve the effect of a consistent volume level and adjustments to a hopper clock to make sure it reactivates as soon as the loop ends).
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    posted a message on A question about /testfor command .
    Your issue lies with the command: because you're using @p, it will continue to detect the nearest player forever, regardless of the coordinates, and as long as there is one on your map, they will always be picked up.

    Fezzr was right, and I tested it myself: put a range of 1 [x=-552,y=61,z=209,r= 1] and your test should work as intended. r=1 is in fact not implied; converting the argument into spoken words will reveal why.
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    [center]Hello all! I bring to you the fruits of a week and a half of hard labor designing a map and implementing the dozens of commands blocks that make this map work (for MC 1.7.4).[/center]

    [center](This map designed for LAN / Multiplayer play. Will not function with one player.)[/center]

    [center]- Intro[/center]
    [center]- Version History[/center]
    [center]- Known Issues / Announcements[/center]
    [center]- Planned Features[/center]
    [center]- Download![/center]
    [center]- Instructions for first time players[/center]
    [center]- Instructions for hosting[/center]
    [center]- Gallery[/center]
    [center]- Acknowledgements[/center]


    [center]VERTICAL CRAWL[/center]

    [center]In this map you are randomly assigned to one of two teams: Emerald or Gold, and pitted against other players on the opposing team to capture all 7 flags scattered from the very top of the field to the very bottom. Take in the breathtaking and scary view from perilously thin platforms as arrows and fireballs whiz by your face! Stand and fight next to your teammates to break through the other team's defenses and dominate the Vertical Crawl! Find and employ a handful of hidden effect plates that will give you a temporary edge in combat![/center]

    [center]~* * * *~[/center]

    [center]VERSION HISTORY[/center]

    [center]1.0 - Original Release[/center]


    [center]~* * * *~[/center]

    [center]KNOWN ISSUES / ANNOUNCEMENTS[/center]

    [center]- The array of testfor blocks I placed to detect players going out of bounds does not function with cubic commands (dx,dy,dz) and thus will not kill them. Administrator supervision / plugins are required to currently detect and kill these players[/center]

    [center]- Because of command limitations doFireTick is disabled to prevent structural damage to areas that were designed to accept it (spawn area excluded, not meant to be burned down)[/center]

    [center]- Running the full CB setup is redstone and resource intensive and thus will very likely cause performance issues when activated. This performance drop becomes less noticeable further away and on the field is non-existent.[/center]

    [center]- Due to command limitations players in a match are stuck with permanent particles from 'Mining Fatigue' which is set to be applied to all Survival mode players indefinitely. This is to prevent griefing onfield. Particles will be removed in 1.8[/center]

    [center]- Players from both teams can alternately capture the same point in rapid succession despite being in each others' presence. This will be fixed in an update soon so that a point may only be captured when it is clear of enemy players.[/center]

    [center]- A lot can go wrong with the system very quickly if instructions are not followed exactly ;)[/center]

    [center]- I neglected to implement a feature that will automatically testfor and remove players from the respawn room / field if they logged off mid-match. This means they can potentially join a different match and unbalance the game and CB system. Until I fix this please insist on players forfeiting to Lobby before logging off. Otherwise the entire system will have to be reset.[/center]

    [center]- Missing option for Spectator platform players to turn back to Survival mode for match. Requires manual admin intervention. Recommend disabling Spectator plate below lobby until issue is fixed.[/center]

    [center]~* * * *~[/center]

    [center]PLANNED FEATURES[/center]

    [center]- Fireworks upon match win[/center]
    [center]- Out-of-bound player death[/center]
    [center]- In-match creative mode check (currently disabled to allow admins to supervise)[/center]
    [center]- More destructible environment[/center]
    [center]- More game modes[/center]
    [center]- More areas[/center]
    [center]- Team size limitations [maybe][/center]
    [center]- Redstone / CB reworking to reduce lag and size[/center]
    [center]- Better capturing indications to improve responses[/center]

    [center]~* * * *~[/center]



    [center]~* * * *~[/center]


    [center]Eager to play? So am I. I look forward to having you enjoy an FPS experience with all the adrenaline and fun of a console shooter. Here's a primer to get you familiarized with the layout before you blindly charge in![/center]

    [center]There is also a Spectator option when you go downstairs from where you can view the action on the field up-close. The plates to the left teleport you to the next area, the plates to the right teleport you back.[/center]

    [center]If playing a match and wanting to log off, please find a way to kill yourself to spawn back in the respawn room and then step on the 'Lobby - Forfeit' plate. Your scores will be reset and you will be removed from your team and may safely log off. If you do not, the system will prevent you from being sorted into a new team if wishing to play again and you will have to ask an admin to clear all your scores and remove you from your team.[/center]


    [center]This is Emerald's spawn. All players on Emerald team begin here and have the option of plunging down to the Forest [1] or rushing forward to the Emerald Forward Base [2], or even further to the East Wing [3]. Cocky players might try to claim the West Wing [4] early, but because the Gold team is funneled down through their only open door to the Sky Platform [5], they will also be inclined to secure the West Wing simultaneously.


    [center]This is Gold's spawn. All players on Gold team begin here and have the option of plunging down to their Gold Forward Base [7], rushing forward to the Hall [6], and are naturally forced to try to capture the Sky Platform or circle back up and open the closed iron doors blocking their way. Additionally, from the spawn, Gold players may take to the mountain top and quietly circle around to the other half of the field. When your team is pinned down on its last point and needs a saving grace, one sneaky ninja may slip around and turn the tide of the battle![/center]

    [center]This is the Forest, quiet and blanketed in white. The tall trees make good cover to sneak behind and give you a chance to unleash a surprise attack or evade your pursuer. This point is the very bottom of the field and is the easiest to reach from all other points. As such, it can be difficult to keep.


    [center]This is the Emerald Forward Base, Emerald team's first line of defense against Gold. Its not far from the spawn and should be a cinch to capture, but is an important funnel up to the rest of the field: if Emerald team gets pinned down here, they'll have little hope of advancing forward and may very well lose. [Currently analyzing map to possibly rebalance.][/center]

    [center]This is the East Wing. It directly follows the EFB and is linked in a circle with the West Wing and central platforms leading up to the Sky Platform. It meets the West Wing in a small chamber and could be a great area for intense team fights![/center]

    [center]This is the West Wing, directly connected to the East Wing and a route to the Sky Platform. The steps leading up to here are initially closed off to Emerald team so Gold has a small advantage but must race against the clock to capture this point as fast as they can. It is easily accessed from three direction and could prove to be difficult to hold.[/center]

    [center]This is the Sky Platform, the penultimate point of conflict that symbolizes the essence of Vertical Crawl. With two scaffolds jutting out on both sides and an open air design that leaves it exposed from all directions, this point is sure to leave both teams hurting when they clash. [Currently being analyzed for rebalancing.][/center]

    [center]This is the Hall, one of Gold team's closest points. Situated in a tiny room off to the side of the main stone hall, this point is a late-game changer. In day or night, the scant columns and dual dispensers give opportunity for both teams to meet in a power struggle.[/center]

    [center]This is the Gold Forward Base. It is uniquely designed to give certain perks to players on both sides of its space and has the largest capture radius of all the points. Dive in and see for yourself just how much can go wrong...

    [center]~* * * *~[/center]

    [center]HOSTING INSTRUCTIONS[/center]

    - Avoid letting players into the CB room below the Lobby. Seriously, this place relies on everything being perfect.[/center]

    [center]- I've set up a system that allows for remote starting and stopping of the clock and all map functions. Enter the CB room and drop down the ladder at the end of the platform to the ground level. Turn 180 degrees away from the clock and face the CB cart on rails. Turn on the powered rails and push the cart forward (detector rail must be on too to detect change in scores). Now you can wirelessly start or stop the clock from anywhere in the map by giving yourself a score of 1 in the Run objective, which is a dummy. To turn it off just set your score to 0 in Run. To avoid screwing around with multiple scores of Run for different people make sure you only assign it to one person at a time (preferably yourself). If wanting to keep the thing going indefinitely regardless of who is online simply place the redstone block next to the comparator and remove when necessary.[/center]

    [center]- All online players have their scores reset at the end of a match to allow the CB's to work as intended. Some objectives will also be removed and re-added as a failsafe to prevent fatal function errors. In case a player leaves mid-match without dying and forfeiting to the lobby to be cleared of scores and team alignment, go to the CB room and check the three CB's to the right. Pop in the player's name in the relevant CB and press the button to wipe them clean and allow them to play again (if you want...)[/center]

    [center]- In case of weird functioning like players not being teleported out of the queue area during assigning, it might be necessary to stop the clock and entire network (manually or otherwise). When coming down to the ground level, look at the level of CB's one floor above. There are 2 CB's with buttons on them above the clock: the left one resets ALL players scores, replaces glass in spawn and field, and replaces iron doors in field. The one on the right resets the iron block in the team randomizer so that two players are again required to begin the initial process and start the match. There are a lot of objectives and I'll make a guide to explain them all soon, so until then in case of unresolvable function issues send me an email at [email protected] and I will guide you through fixing all the broken little pieces[/center]

    [center]- Some functions I implemented can be buggy and have been disabled on purpose (out-of-bounds testing). Others are disabled to not destroy the map or spam the chat (firetick, mob spawning, mob loot, inventory drop on death, command block output). I have done thorough testing to make sure everything works as intended and generally it does but there are times where stuff just goes bad.[/center]

    [center]- The daylight cycle is set to off by default. It can re-enabled with no negative impact. I've implemented a special little function that only works at night, so start a match, set it to night and see it in action ;)[/center]

    [center]- The world was generated in amplified so I don't recommend flying much beyond the field to generate new chunks

    [center]~* * * *~[/center]














    [center]~* * * *~[/center]


    [center]I'm really grateful to all the tutorials, wikipages and videos available to compile all this knowledge and make all the work that went into this possible. Dragnoz's videos were really helpful (I used some cool tricks from there and other YouTubers) and skylinerw often had a lot of responses with codes here that I use in the map :)[/center]

    [center]Have fun!
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    posted a message on testfor specific player with score
    Quote from Skylinerw
    He's attempting to use fake players to track scores without having to rely on a player being online. For example, you can track a fake player by simply creating your own name in place of the 'player' argument:

    I was hoping for an explanation of the precise setup here. I had similar problems when making a team randomizer but got around them, so the answer is pretty situational I think.

    Quote from kenblu24
    For example,
     /scoreboard players set fakeplayer testobjective 1234 
    works, but
     /testfor fakeplayer[score_testobjective=1234] 
    does not. Using the @a selector if only fakeplayer has an entry will always turn the comparator on, no matter what the score actually is.

    You're missing a a _min in there. If you just use testfor fakeplayer(score_objective=1234) you're going to get all results UP to 1234. Combine this with score_objective_min=1234 and you'll only get a result when there's an exact match.

    Now, I ask for more info because you could be asking to literally search for a specific player and score (seems like it) or have the option to search for any specific player and score. I'm not sure by your wording though.
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    posted a message on Moving a stucture to a players location?
    From what I understand of the current command arguments I don't think this is possible.

    However, might be of use.

    Edit: As was pointed out below it's possible in a snapshot (of course, I had a feeling...) of which I'm a noob with :P
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    posted a message on Problem with blocks
    Depends on what kind of redstone you're using. Repeaters, for example, only transmit forward. Torches transmit along X / Z and up but not down.

    According to the wiki transparent blocks cannot transmit power down (and the ones that do support redstone placing are glowstone, upside down stairs, slabs and hoppers.)
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    posted a message on Need help on tp
    Quote from kaz_bricks

    /tp @e[type=Zombie,name=Ender Zombie] @r returns [16:22:59] You must specify which player you wish to perform this action on. Help?

    Rename the zombie to Ender_Zombie and change it in your code too. Normal MC names cant have spaces because theyre then considered individual. Try it out, should work.
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    posted a message on The chest that spawns does not spawn with items using a command block
    I replicated the issue, Im not able to spawn a trapped chest with items either. However, one steak did appear when I changed the id to numerical. This seems to be the case with all items, which is very strange because my own setblock codes work fine and look identical.
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    posted a message on testfor specific player with score
    Quote from kenblu24

    Basically, I'm trying to create a variable that will work no matter who is online, as people logging in and out will produce inconsistencies in scoreboard entries. I'm trying to testfor a specific player and a specific score, even if said player is offline.

    Could you be a little more specific? I might be able to help you do this in the current version if I could get more details.
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    posted a message on Spawn Zombie w/ effects, Help :(
    Im no good with this kind of stuff, but it seems to me the speed attribute is not a factor of the equipment and thus shouldn't be nestled inside with it. Have you tried moving it out of the Equipment bracket?
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    posted a message on Help with making enchanted items
    Sorry for the delay, I didn't notice your response!

    Assuming you only had two enchants per weapon allowed, you could create exactly one command block for each unique combination. Say, Sharpness and Smite, Sharpness and Bane, Sharpness and Knockback, etc. Then start from Smite, go down, start again with Bane, until you've done every combination. Allowing for only 2 enchants per weapon comes out to just 15 combinations and thus CB's. Additionally, its easier to sort of the blocks and you can guide the player with 'yes/no' signs. Even with 3 unique enchants you come out to 20 CB's.

    Edit: ^ Assuming 3 are required. Otherwise it's 20 + 15 + 6 = 41.
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    posted a message on Detecting the location of a player within a room?
    You dont need a clock for each CB, just one connected to all of them. But anyway, its not possible for it to detect without a constant clock signal. Its just how theyre designed.
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