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    Some people have already suggested that this is a bad idea because it is not optional, but making it optional (i.e. having a portal) kills the "Dream" part of it (i.e. you go ther when you sleep).

    Other people have suggested an item that increases the likelihood of you being sent to the Dream World.

    I have another solution: a Dreamcatcher, made out of sticks, feathers, and string. As long as you have it in your inventory, you will occasionally go to the Dream World when you sleep.

    Crafting recipe could be something like:

    :|: :|: :|:
    :|: :White: :|:
    :Flint: :|: :Flint:

    Where the wool is string and the flint is feathers.
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    posted a message on Make Bricks Throwable
    Currently Bricks serve no purpose other than a medium between Clay Blobs and Brick Blocks. I propose that they be throwable, similar to snowballs, only for damage. I can't imagine this would be terribly hard to implement since the coding clearly already exists in game.
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    posted a message on New Idea: "Brick Dust"
    Quote from nickryba333

    its a bit weird i don't think it should be brick dust.

    It's no worse than fermented spider eye.
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    posted a message on minecraft build challenge
    Quote from Pxex

    you know when people make epic builds then someone comments (jokingly) "my dirt house is better."? well i got a challenge to make that statement true! try to build an EPIC house that is mainly made out of dirt and make it as EPIC and you can. Who wants to build with diamonds when you got dirt?

    This post is built from derp
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    posted a message on What is going to happen to the MC Community if MC is a Lego Product?
    To answer the original question... nothing.

    The average age on a Minecraft server will go from 14 to 12... not much of a difference.
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    posted a message on Notch is mad at Simon and Lewis
    Quote from Blusterblast

    Wow. The second **** in this thread so far. Stop randomly claiming people have mental disorders such as aspergers. It's not a joke, it's quite a serious thing. So, for the second time today, on behalf of the community go **** yourself.

    And as for as single instance of him being misleading, Notch vs Zenimax. Go look it up.

    And stop wasting our oxygen you little ****.

    Hey, good job double quoting me there aspie! You lernin to computer?

    There wasn't a single misleading tweet during the BETHESDA SOFTWORKS(NOT ZENIMAX/BETHESDA STUDIOS) lawsuit. The fact that you don't even know which company it was is extremely telling.

    Oh, and **** off.
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    posted a message on Notch is mad at Simon and Lewis
    Quote from Braclo

    Wall of text

    It's called "Twitter."
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    posted a message on Notch is mad at Simon and Lewis
    I love how people are rushing to yogscast's defense and attributing all sorts of motives to them like "they didn't mean it" and all this **** that they can't possibly know.

    So I'm going to go ahead and make some assumptions too. Simon and Lewis are a bunch of aspergers-inflicted assholes who didn't know how to interact with people prior to minecon, probably showed up to their panel drunk, and will pay for it in the sense that they won't ever be invited to anything Mojang-related ever again. Everything Notch said was probably spot on (since I can't think of a single instance when Notch hasn't been completely candid with everyone on his Twitter), and consequently they deserve every ounce of criticism.

    Most telling is what Notch said about hate, insults, and threats flowing in from Yogscast fans, which definitely tips me off about which community is on the mark on this one.
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    posted a message on Alpha Players
    Got it in like... September or August 2010... I'm tempted to say it was August because I definitely remember the compass being added, but past that I have no idea.

    But you have my pickaxe.
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    posted a message on How long do you/have you gone on a legit world without cheating?
    Quote from dantose

    I've got a HC world that I've been playing for months. I've got a mob aggregator for XP (poorly designed, but top of map to lvl 12) village is completely walled, working on a 3x3 tunnel to another village I found. Got all relevant furniture.

    Man it is gonna be lulzy when you die.
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    posted a message on Ok...what the hell?
    Quote from Neospector

    Why don't we add an option to make pigs blue and say "flippity-dippity-ding-dong" as well? There can't be an option/menu button for everything. If there was, where do you think people would stop? They'd want little buttons that make dirt fall, or mods you have installed on/off, or gold tools to be stronger, or a million tiny other little things that don't really matter. A menu button sounds all right at first thought, but once implemented it's on the verge of being ugly and pointless a lot of the time.
    The sounds may be subject to change, but after being tested in the RC's and released in the official version of Minecraft, the likelyhood of them being changed without having to install a mod or replace the file is extremely low.

    To be fair, these forums are full of butthurt and fail, so no one in their right mind would ever pay attention to anything that is said on them (especially Notch).

    That being said the above paragraph is so blindingly correct it broke my monitor.
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    posted a message on Awkward Creeper spawn...
    Any holes in your roof? Failing that... just bad luck I'm guessing.
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    posted a message on OMG MINECRAFT IS OVER!

    Quoth /v/, you ******s will argue over anything.
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    posted a message on Think Minecraft is Getting Boring?
    I disagree that Hardcore doesn't up the challenge in a world. Knowing that, if you die, it's all gone for good definitely changes how you play, limiting some otherwise risky actions you might take. That definitely ups the difficulty a bit.

    Quote from stacker55

    1. spawn
    2. spend all day getting trees and seeds
    3. build tree farm under ground
    4. win

    literally the only thing you are missing out on by not going above ground are natural trees

    although the first few nights might be a little boring waiting for your tiny tree farm to grow so you can find a cave

    See you would think this, but there are so many other little things that exist only on the surface that you will smack yourself in the head for not getting once you are down in the ground. I already mentioned one (wool), but there are others like reeds, cacti, sand (exists only very close to the surface) etc. Not to mention the fact that you only have one day to gather supplies probably makes it impossible you will go down into the earth with a bucket of water, which is necessary for growing wheat. Hence your first priority is getting water: this becomes a frantic search without food, especially if you forgot to gather food on the surface.

    I could go on and on but this is part of the fun of this challenge. I have to say, if you think this is too easy, I really encourage you to try it and see if you screw up your first attempt.
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    posted a message on Think Minecraft is Getting Boring?
    So I had a thought recently as I was thinking of ways to entertain myself with Minecraft. Some people say that the game is becoming boring, and too easy. The "Hardcore" option is sort of a response to this, but I think Hardcore goes a bit too far (and you may agree). Consider this a challenge in a similar vein.

    You wake up one morning - this very day, in fact - and you somehow know that at the end of the day the world as you know it will cease to exist, and that, with the rising of the sun tomorrow morning, the surface of the planet will be scorched into an unlivable, barren wasteland, taking every living creature with it.

    The only solution is to bury yourself underground. Deep underground.

    The challenge is this. You have one Minecraft day to collect everything you will ever need to survive underground, forever. At sundown, you must seal yourself inside an underground bunker, and dig. You cannot ever return to the surface, for anything. For added fun, try listening to some of the creepiest/saddest music you have while doing this. Additionally, I recommend playing on HARD MODE. Any less, and you lose one of the most brutal aspects of this mode: the possibility that you might starve to death.

    You may not think this sounds very interesting, but this playstyle has completely revitalized my Minecraft experience.

    Things I have experienced:

    1) "Oh !$%&*#" Moments - Where I realized I forgot an absolutely essential component on the surface, and that I was going to be severely limited without it.

    2) Rationing - Times when I had to limit how active I was during the "day" because I was running out of food, or force myself to choose which items I would craft with my limited materials. You also learn to appreciate some materials which you may have just thrown out before.

    3) Paranoia/Claustrophobia - Though this is greatly enhanced by creepy music, Minecraft's random weird noises, and the sounds of hostile mobs already give this effect pretty well.

    4) Forced Combat with Mobs - Combat with Mobs when just playing through Minecraft normally is never really forced. If you end up fighting Mobs playing through Minecraft, you probably screwed up (got caught out late) or you want whatever items they're dropping. In this mode, you will sometimes be thrown into (often desperate) battles for your survival. These can be incredibly exhilirating.

    5) Moments of Reward - You will experience moments where your patience or daring pays dividends. When your supplies are already extremely limited, these are extremely rewarding.

    These alone have completely changed the way I look at the game, but there are of course other small aspects which are enjoyable. I highly recommend this to anyone who really appreciates the "Survival" in Survival Mode.

    If anyone wants some tips for giving it a shot, I can throw them in a spoiler below, but really... a lot of the fun in this mode comes from quickly making a mental list of all the items you will need and rushing to collect them - and maybe missing one or two, and learning to cope. The one thing I will say is you will want to grab some wool for a bed, put it inside your bunker and sleep in it the first night. Otherwise, if you die, you'll have to spawn on the surface - and we can't have that, can we?

    If this isn't an original thought I apologize, but I did want to share.
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