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    So I had created a server on Attack of the b team on technic launcher. I got it working to where my friend could join from a different internet. And for a while I did run the wrong server file. Was not running launch.bat when I figured out I needed to I had some errors at first but got that fixed. Launch.bat runs fine now but some of the mods are still not working.. actually most of the mods. Only ones like hats, and mapwriter, and the one that tells you what everything is, works... biomes of plenty, morph mod, witchery and a lot more stuff still doesn't work.. Everything seems vanilla still. Except the mods I said were working.. I really liked to know from someone who knows what they are talking about. Keep in my mind my server does work and I am running launch.bat but mods are still not showing up. Please help thanks

    oh and all mods work on single player. So its not a mod issue

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