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    Mobs added

    The Think's Lab Minions Mod is used in my bi-weekly custom mod series and adds 5 new mobs to Minecraft -- 4 different Minion types (two-eyed boy, one-eyed boy, two-eyed girl, and evil purple minions) and a Golden Retriever.

    First and foremost, I want to thank UnstoppableN for creating and maintaining this mod, adding in the custom features that I need and use everyday for my Think's Lab series.

    The mod adds spawn eggs for the 5 mobs shown above, along with a "Noodle Soup" item.

    • You can toggle AI modes (Villager/No AI/Companion/Wolf/Pick Me/Panick) for the minions by right-clicking the Minion mob with a stick.
    • If you right-click them with anything else, they will take it from you and/or exchange it with the item they are currently holding.
    • If they are in Companion/Wolf Mode, right-clicking a minion with an empty hand will make them sit.
    • The one-eye minion will randomly spawn a "Kevin" who carries TNT and sets it off, griefing your world.

    Release Notes:

    v1.12 (15/Jul/2015) - You can now shift-right-click a Minion to get the item back.

    Downloads (Needs Forge):


    Shameless Self-Promotion

    The Diamond Minecart




    Thanks for downloading and I hope you enjoy!

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    Hi there,

    I have a pretty popular series on Youtube in which I employ minions and we get up to all kinds of crazy adventures with mods and whatnot. Up to this point, I've used retextured villagers and it's worked pretty well but I'd like to extend their functionality to add a little bit to the series.

    Here's my most-recent episode if you'd like to get acquainted:

    I'd like to commission a custom mod that would give me a custom "minion" mob, with a custom model that is quite similar to the re-skinned villager, but with a few differences, mostly arms. Or at least, the ability to have things be displayed in-hand when I use the CustomNPCs mod for the characters. It would be much more immersive and believable to see them holding an item from my perspective. It'd also be nice to have a small arm in first-person-perspective when I am acting as one of the minions via the Morph mod or MorePlayerModels.

    Also, as this would be a commissioned, custom mod, I would own the rights of the mod and also decide whether/when to distribute it to my subscribers.

    Please follow-up if you have any questions or interest! =)
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    Playing through this for a let's play on my channel and turned off the "happiness drainer 2000" but nothing happened. Redstone lights up but doesn't do anything. I broke open the whole area behind and above the machine in creative and only found a single Redstone block about 3 blocks above where the redstone wire ends. Where is the prezzie supposed to be? (1.7.2)
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