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    posted a message on [1.3.1] Unbeleivable Shaders! Troubleshooting, Higher FPS
    the blue screen thing didn't work. my chunk loading is on default and still doesn't work any one know another possible issue?
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    posted a message on Problems With Magic Launcher, Optifine, and Minecraft Forge
    Well i opened my mine craft.jar with he mod loader command (I'm on mac os 10.7) and then installed forge. the straight after that optifine and it says in game forge 1 mods loaded optifine. i have the multicore version so if this was any help good
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    posted a message on Port SSP to SMP without SMP modification?
    do u use mod loader if not u just do the exact same on the server files and it will work.
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    posted a message on Multiplayer modding
    hey i have made some multiplayer mods for my server. but i don't mod with mod loader. if u want help with modding without mod loader you can just do the exact same for the serve. My mod has ebony and copper tools and its smp compatible. message me at [email protected] if u wanna make a mod that works smp and ssp without mod loader.
    or in fact there is a good tutorial on this link
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    posted a message on [1.1] Reagle606's more stuff mod v1.2
    Quote from Takinomfan

    You should try to make it so mud blocks spawn with the world, and could act as a better farmland that makes anything grown on it grow twice as fast. That would require transporting the mud blocks you find to your base.

    Yea i have been working on it generating randomly and i have only been able to get it to spawn in water holes that are random. if any one knows how to actually make things generate that would be useful
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    posted a message on [1.1] Reagle606's more stuff mod v1.2
    Quote from Sevenedges

    Nice start, nice start, but please. I beg of you - don't make mud tools and armor.

    Thanks but don't worry I'm currently working on copper tools and ebony tools
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    posted a message on [1.1] Reagle606's more stuff mod v1.2
    Reagle606's more Stuff mod v1.2 for minecraft 1.1

    mod adds more Stuff to the game
    current new items: 8 Blocks 2 sets of tools and 2 Ingots and a new weapon

    Stone path
    Brick tiles
    vertical planks/wood

    Copper Ingot
    Copper tools
    Ebony ingot
    Ebony tools







    Brick Tiles


    Sideways planks/wood

    Stone path

    Ebony Ingot

    Smooth sandstone

    How to install:
    Step1: Locate minecraft.jar in Minecraft/Bin
    step2: unzip minecraft.jar with any unarchiver (winrar, Archive utility)
    step3: Drag files from my mod into mine craft.jar and replace.

    Downloads (current version)
    SSP v1.2 Click here

    Previous versions:

    Changelog v1.2
    changed the colours of mud and mud brick
    added copper tools and copper ingot
    mud generates randomly in small water holes around the place in new worlds
    added Ebony tools and ingot
    added war hammers
    added more blocks (Stone paths Vertical Planks etc.)

    Some Blocks don't appear to have names

    post any ideas for items or block you would want to see in this mod

    if there are any problems with ssp let me know at [email protected]
    Check back for more updates
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    posted a message on Free 4GB Server Hosting!
    |Name : Reagle Shakaar
    |Email : [email protected]
    |Age : 21 Years Old
    |Country : Australia
    |Why you want this server : i want this server so me and my friends (about 8-14) can play a roleplaying server and so in stead of me turing it on it will be up so we can play when ever
    |You want any plugins list them : no plugins needed
    How far do you think the server will go : i think this server will last for at least 4-7 months because we are gonna ahem heaps of fun
    |What can you do with this server : i will have a role playing server with my friends to enjoy our selves because i cannot host from my house anymore
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