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    posted a message on ∆- Spigot -∆ =vs= ∆- Bukkit -∆

    Spigot is built so that it supports 95% of the Bukkit plugins but offers better performance. Also Bukkit is dead and is now only updated by the team that creates Spigot (as a dumbed down version of Spigot).

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    Unless I miscounted there are 150 mods here, there is a VERY HIGH chance that some of these mods are not compatible with each other. On top of that you didn't even provide links to the mods just their name in a SCREEN SHOT which means somebody needs to retype the list, search for and download each mod and test its comparability. You are asking a lot.

    You will be better off joining a server that offers what you want OR try doing this yourself and come back when you have issues. One thing that will help you, don't load all mods at once, load a few test, rinse and repeat. That way WHEN it crashes you will know which mods did it.

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    posted a message on Server IP's suddenly don't work anymore!
    Quote from emwaAdventure»


    I have been running several servers from my home computer for many years(I know what i'm doing in other words), but suddenly my ips don't work anymore..... It seems like everything is OK(The server is running as usual, no errors) but neither me or my friends can connect to it...

    I have tried:

    1. Checking if my static ip somehow has changed(It hasn't)

    2. Allowing my ports through the firewall(BTW running Windows 10)

    3. Re-Portforwarding several times

    4. Changing what ports i use to connect(Portforwarding aswell ofc)

    5. Connecting with my iPv4, and that worked! But my friends can't connect with it..

    Please help me!


    1. When you say you checked your static IP I assume you are referring to the IP you gave your server within your network. If set to static that would not change.
    2. No comment.
    3. Re-Port forwarding is not necessary unless your internal IP has changed.
    4. What ports did you change? The port the minecraft server runs on?
    5. You said you connected using your ipv4 address I assume this means your internal addredd (192.168.xxx). Your friends will not be able to use this address from outside your network they will need to use your public address (www.whatismyip.com).

    Most likely your public address (what the internet sees you as) has changed so when your friends try to use the old one it no longer points to you. Visit www.whatismyip.com to see your current address.
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    posted a message on External ip issue
    Quote from Lionminer557»

    I solved it!!!!!! AFTER 3 BLOODY YEARS........sorry had to get that off my chest

    Congratulations. You should share the solution in case others find this with a similar issue.
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    posted a message on unofficial Minecraft Server Launcher - no more messy server.properties/batch files!

    I would suggest having the text box where you ask for the jar file be made read only and have a browse button that opens a FileOpen dialog allowing them to find and select their jar file. This will give both you the file name that you need AND its path removing 2 points of human error. In my experience on the forms (especially the server support forum) people commonly use the wrong jar name even when given clear instructions on where to find it.

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    posted a message on No idea what I'm doing

    When you are both together he should use your internal address. No since going out to the internet just to come back in. That is like mailing somebody in your house a letter.

    It sounds like you set up everything correctly, mind posting some screen shots of the configuration so we can see if there is anything out of place?

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    posted a message on No idea what I'm doing

    Ok, since you and your bro are able to play when he visits that tells us that a lot of things are set up correctly. This means the main hurdle is port forwarding.

    When you brother is over you give him your IP address (normally 192.168.x.y) and he can connect to you game that you "Opened to Lan". This works because that is the address of your computer within your network. When he is not with you that address will not work for him since that same address exists in another network and doesn't point to your machine. In order to get to your computer in your house he needs to use your public address (what the internet sees) and setup port forwarding so that connection goes to your machine.

    Think of it like mailing a letter. If you live at "123 Main St" that is where the letter will be sent. Once it arrives it could belong to anybody in the house unless it has a name on it. Port forwarding works the same way, the public IP gets the connection to your house, forwarding sends it to the correct computer.

    It sounds like you already know your internal address (as you referred to IPv4), the next step is we need to find your gateway (router) and public address. Getting your public address is easy, visit www.whatismyip.com and see what is returned. That is the address that your brother will need to use once port forwarding is set up, that is your "mailing address".

    Getting your internal address is slightly more complicated. I am going to assume you are using Windows (mainly because I have no experience with Macs), if this assumption is incorrect others can help you with this part. Depending on the version of Windows you are running these steps will differ slightly. Press Start -> If you have a Search Bar at the bottom type "cmd" and press enter; If you have a run option click that then type "cmd" and press enter -> In the black screen (known as the command prompt) type IPConfig -> Look for your IP address and below that you will see "Default Gateway" write that number down.

    The 'default gateway' represents your router on the network, it is your "gateway" to the internet. You will need to use this address to configure your router for port forwarding. In your web browser (IE, firefox, Chrome...) goto the address "http://YOURGATEWAY/ (put the address of your gateway there). This will very likely bring you to a login screen. If you know the information great, otherwise you will need to look in your manual of the router or google the default password (hopefully nobody in your house changed it).

    Once in your router you will need to look for the Port Forwarding section. It is also sometimes called Virtual Servers. This is where you configure the port forwarding. You will likely need to google "how to port forward on router XXX" to get complete steps. Once you find the area you need to be in there may be several fields you need to fill out, the field for the IP will take YOUR IPv4 address that you have been using all along, port will be 25565 which is what minecraft runs on by default.

    If you are able to get it set up correctly your brother will be able to connect using your PUBLIC IP from his house.

    Good luck

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    posted a message on I tped myself up really really high and can't tp back down.
    Quote from Minerharvest»

    Actually there is a way, but it will cost him his player's inventory.
    1. Get your player's UUID (you can find a Username to UUID online)
    2. Stop your server and find the player.dat that is labeled with that UUID in the file path of the following yourserverfolder/world/playerdata
    3. Delete it and restart server
    4. This will empty out your inventory and reset you to spawn

    Your welcome. :)

    Rather than deleting the player file you can open it up in the NBT Editor and adjust the position.

    Note that if you DO delete your character that not only will reset you current inventory but the contents of your ender chest also.
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    Most likely with your power being out for a period of time your router was given a new IP address and your friends are still using the old. The same could be possible internally where your computer (hosting the server) has a new IP address in which case you would need to update your port forwarding rules.

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    posted a message on Issues with port forwarding

    Its possible that there is a firewall on your machine that is blocking the connection. I have no experience with Macs but know its a default feature in Windows and you will need to create an exception to allow the connection. Many anti-virus programs also include their own firewall that overrides the OS.

    As for your port forwarding, it sounds like you are doing it correctly. Using your DHCP address or a static address will yield no change in functionality (assuming you IP doesn't change frequently). Using your external/router IP for port forwarding is wrong.

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    posted a message on No idea what I'm doing

    Not sure why nobody is asking the important question. Does your brother live with you or does he live somewhere else? If he is with you then port forwarding is unnecessary and if you don't need to port forward you also won't need to worry about setting up a whitelist since nobody can get through your router.

    What IP did you give your brother? What IP did you use to connect to yourself? Assuming you live together the most likely explanation is that your firewall (enabled by default in Windows) is blocking his connection.

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    posted a message on Need to Regenerate a Region at Certain Times

    I am not sure what 'bending' is so not sure if this solution will apply but I used this for a Spleef arena on my server.

    In case you are unfamiliar with spleef it is a mini-game where players try to dig a light material (snow) under another player to make them fall before they themselves fall. Each game the area floor needs to be reset to fill in the holes that have been dug. To accomplish this I created a copy of the arena floor in another location and setup a command block to copy and paste the backup copy of the floor upon a button press. To prevent the button from being spammed and thus possibility crashing the server I added a timer to the button circuit so it would could only trigger the past at most every X minutes (using a hopper timer).

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    all you gotta do for anyone reading this thread and since it is out of date and most people have this error, just edit your batch file that is called "run" or "start" and make it have this code.

    @echo off
    java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar

    really all you have to do is add "@echo off" to the top! thanks!

    You resurrected a 3 year old thread to post incorrect and irreverent information which doesn't even attempt to answer the question of the original post...
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    posted a message on Only 1 IP works for my server

    If you are only able to connect using your internal IP that would mean that your port forwarding is not setup correctly, you have a firewall blocking the connection (Windows has one by default) or your ISP blocks 25565 (rare).

    Do you have another computer that you can try to connect with that is inside your network? If you are able to connect using another machine that means a firewall is NOT the problem. Next we will need to see your port forwarding setup. Provide screenshots showing us the results when you run ipconfig (Start -> Run -> CMD -> IPConfig) and your port forwarding configuration.

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    posted a message on Using domain for server connection not working

    First of all I assume that when you connect directly to the IP/Port it works (w.x.y.z:PPPPP), is this correct?

    Who do you use as your domain host, I personally have mine through GoDaddy with the following setup.

    * A Host Records

    @ -> IP: w.x.y.z

    minecraft -> IP: a.b.c.d

    The address minecraft.domain.net points directly to the minecraft server using the default port (25565). If you are using the default port (which it sounds like you are NOT) then you can use the A Host or CName records to setup your subdomain.

    If you are using the non standard port but don't want you users to include the :port at the end of the address you will need to setup a SVR record. I have one as well that points to a my minecraft TEST server which used a different public IP as the Prod server.

    *SRV Records

    Name: minecrafttest

    Target: @

    Protocol: _tcp

    Service: _minecraft (just a general name)

    Port: 24565 (the port I choose for this server)

    Using the SVR record allows you to embed a port as part of the domain name which removes the need for your users to enter it. One important thing to keep in mind, you can't have other services use the same subdomain with a SVR record since they will operate on a different point. This could be an issue if you use Dynmap you will need to setup a separate record for that to point to the configured port (or use an A Host or CName if you are using the default 80 or 443).

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