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    Quote from Wishes
    the german word for mojang ist "undankbar".

    we made this game big - not mojang, it was the community who spend there time to write mods - vanilla minecraft is just boring and no one will make a "minecon" for it. mojang get enough money from game sales, fan stuff and other promo - notch reach what a lot of ppl want - but he cant just be glad.

    the other point - why do parents think, that they didnt have to watch after there children, that they dont steal there creditcards - and - have the right to flame someone at the end? its just stupid.

    What in the world are you going on about right now? Those points make absolutely no sense as to why there should be a cape mod. The second paragraph in particular makes me wonder if you're somehow accidentally posting in the wrong thread. :l
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    posted a message on Looking for admins for my new server!
    You're really going to trust complete strangers to not abuse their OP powers in your server? o_0 OK, staying far away from your server.
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    posted a message on "Pirate Speak" Language
    Lol, that's actually a really interesting little tidbit. Never knew.
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    posted a message on Anyone else miss the "old" Mojang?

    2. Talking about 1.8 BETA-1.6, that terrain was crap, it took them way too long to fix it
    4. All 50,000 of the new decoration blocks

    Because it's not like Minecraft is a building game or anything, right? /sarcasm

    I mean really? The blocks don't affect your gameplay at all (not even slightly), why dislike them? That's so stupid. They add more blocks for people interested in building to build with. How can you actually dislike more variety if it doesn't negatively affect your gameplay experience? Just wow...
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    posted a message on My theory of the truth
    Quote from IGTranquility

    great, another human complaining how he/she hates how humans act against animals,yet continues to eat meat.

    Eating meat IMO is perfectly fine; humans are meant to be omnivorous. It's no different than any other omnivorous creature such as a bear or a dog eating meat for the protein. It's called evolution. :D That doesn't mean I can't love animals and I don't see why it should. Torturing or eating tortured animals is another story entirely though.

    I believe farm animals owned by a lot of big businesses should be treated better while they're alive. They shouldn't have to live absolutely miserable lives just because they lack our intelligence as well as a voice (not by any choice of their own). Is it okay to take advantage of mentally handicapped humans just because I'm smarter than they are? So why is it okay to do it with other creatures with emotions? So far nobody has been able to actually give a valid explanation for that to me.

    INB4 the popular, "But they're going to die anyway, why does it matter?" Why don't you go tell that to the child with cancer who's destined to die within days? Why does it matter if she's happy, she's just going to die pretty soon. What's the point, right? Also, fun fact, we're all going to die at one point. But I'm pretty sure you'd pick to live a happy life if given the choice, lol.

    Now I'm not saying we should have to treat them like royalty, but I don't believe they should be kept in some tiny cage that they can't even stretch or move in for their entire lives. Or to be kept in a small room that's so overly crowded with their own kind that they can hardly move. Let them go outside and stretch their legs when the weather allows it, that's all I'm asking. Is that really too much? They have emotions too, they just don't have a voice and therefore nobody cares about them.

    Okay, I'll shut up. I get chatty and rather loopy when I stay up this late (3 AM). >.> ...I wont be surprised if this gets deleted as it has nothing to do with Minecraft. xD Eheh

    I should probably mention that I didn't even read the OP, lol. I swear that person has no idea what a paragraph is. It's hard to read some big mishmash of text.
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    posted a message on Can Someone Please Upload both of the FULL 8 hour Minecon livestream to youtube?
    Why would you want to watch 8 hours of it? o.O;
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    posted a message on Really getting on my nerves, but WHY?
    Quote from Krexen

    i7 [email protected]
    8GB RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series 1GB

    If YOU are having an issue, mine shouldn't run it at all. But I have ZERO issue.

    In my experience, most of the time someone is having an issue, it's because they are using so many different things at the same time, then acting surprised when they get a performance hit.

    Actually I'm pretty sure it's generally because they take terrible care of their computer if it isn't old/crappy hardware; either out of laziness/stupidity or simply ignorance.

    For example, my younger brother's computer runs absolutely terribly. Part of it is because it's old, but it's mostly because it's riddled with viruses and incredibly dirty. He, for whatever reason, refuses to scan with Malwarebytes or SuperAntispyware (he doesn't even update them on the rare occasion he even does scan) and I'm pretty sure he watches a ton of nasty porn online (apparently porn sites carry tons of virsuses), so naturally he can hardly play any games on his computer at all even though his hardware should be capable of it.

    He's the prime example of laziness and stupidity, lol. Sorry, kinda started ranting there for a minute. ehehheh

    But anyways, I talked to the guy who I hired to build my new computer, (yeah, I'm lazy when it comes to hardware lol) and according to him most people he is hired by will have computers that run absolutely terrible because of what I stated already. Even gamers with very expensive computers. -shrug-
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    posted a message on What would you do if mine craft NEVER existed?
    Quote from hwh1771

    I will probably be getting a life.

    Quote from Simfone

    I'd be involved with my friends and sports much more. Minecraft removed a lot of socializing time.

    I have a feeling you'd most likely find something else to play instead, lol. If you can be addicted to a game, you most likely actually enjoy playing video games on your free time.

    Also, I can't stand when people act like playing games means you don't have a life. It doesn't even make any sense. It's just spending your free time in a different way. =/ People are so closed minded about video games, it's kinda sad.
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    posted a message on What would you do if mine craft NEVER existed?
    I'd play other games, like most other people who for some reason seem to be hesitant to say the same. I doubt one game is the only thing keeping you on your computer chair/sofa/bed for hours. If any game can make you addicted like that, you're most likely a gamer who'd find something else to play w/o Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Please bring Minecraft to Steam?
    You can expect much of a discussion if you don't want any negative feedback, also how can you hope to ever grow in wisdom or knowledge if you can't take criticism?

    Anyways, I really don't see why you'd want it on Steam for yourself personally. How would it affect you? Why do you want it so badly? I'm genuinely curious. c:

    I've also gotta say that your post in general doesn't make any sense. You just make a lot of claims without any proof or logic to back them up.
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