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    posted a message on My server says its down for maintence but im the owner.

    authorization servers are down; here is a link to check whenever you need to: http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/

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    posted a message on Will Someone Make a Poisonous Gas Mod Already!? (it should say 1.10.2)
    Quote from gurujive»

    Poison would totally be alright. It wouldn't have to be wither.

    You get poisoned by a trap you triggered in the middle of a room. Holes in the walls appear revealing dispensers rigged up with arrows.

    The arrows fire, you dodge the arrow trap but you are still poisoned!

    Queue the zombie plz.

    I don't see any harm in having both a wither and a poisonous gas though.

    We were more or less saying the status effect which could kill you and are similar to poison. That is why I had mentioned wither.
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    posted a message on ENCHANTING PLUS
    Quote from dirt_sword»

    I really like this mod! But it's a little overpowered for me so I used the Minetweaker mod to make the recipes for the Advanced Enchantment Table and the Advanced Enchantment Table Upgrade harder to make:

    - I thought Voidstone would be a good substitute for obsidian here (Chisel 2 mod required). And the Voidstone color goes nice with the Advanced Enchantment Table look.

    - The writable book has been replaced with any enchanted book.

    - Gold ingots have been replaced with gold blocks.

    http://i.imgur.com/93FJrq2.jpgPut your spoiler here.

    Minetweaker code:

    [[<minecraft:gold_block>, <minecraft:enchanted_book>, <minecraft:gold_block>],
    [<chisel:voidstone>, <minecraft:enchanting_table>, <chisel:voidstone>],
    [<minecraft:gold_block>, <minecraft:ender_eye>, <minecraft:gold_block>]]);

    [[<minecraft:gold_block>, <minecraft:enchanted_book>, <minecraft:gold_block>],
    [<chisel:voidstone>, null, <chisel:voidstone>],
    [<minecraft:gold_block>, <minecraft:ender_eye>, <minecraft:gold_block>]]);.

    Minecraft 1.7.10



    Forge 1614

    I just feel as if i should mention that you are basically using half a block of obsidian, half a stone block, and a quarter of a ender pearl when you added the void stone, which is kinda cheaper in the long run (short run its more expensive)
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    posted a message on Et Futurum - Brings the future to now!
    Quote from ArloTheEpic»



    As long as the AI isn't too different from 1.7.10 mobs gany will easily implement them, otherwise we will probably need somebody else to mess with code for him.
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    posted a message on Growthcraft Community Edition
    Quote from renadi»

    They'd be more appropriately titled wineskins I think, you can put brews in them to drink, but it holds... maybe 5 servings of each?

    This is the code you need to use to make the water bag give you hydration in enviromine.

    item_waterBag_item_Water_Bag {
    B:"03.Enable Ambient Temperature"=false
    D:"04.Ambient Temperature"=37.0
    D:"05.Ambient Air Quality"=0.0
    D:"06.Ambient Santity"=0.0
    D:"07.Effect Temperature"=0.0
    D:"08.Effect Air Quality"=0.0
    D:"09.Effect Sanity"=0.0
    D:"10.Effect Hydration"=25.0
    D:"11.Effect Temperature Cap"=37.0
    I:"12.CamelPack Fill Amount"=-25
    S:"13.CamelPack Return Item"=minecraft:potion
    I:"14.CamelPack Return Meta"=0

    *i am assuming that you know what you are doing otherwise. Growthcraft doesn't autofill itself into configs for you so you need to write everything manually (copy and paste it)
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    posted a message on Pam's Mods - May 14th, 2018 - 1.12.2u Released
    Quote from Namorax»

    I googled around for a bt and this seems to be an older Issue:

    Playing with Agricraft 1.5.0 and Harvestcraft 1.7.10Lb, the Sesame Seeds do not drop their fruits when harvested from Agricraft-crops.

    One possible solution suggested to me was to downgrade, but I am reluctant to do so because I like the newest additions... is there a fix for the missing Sesame out there? Minetweaker apparently can't solve the issue, and it also doesn't seem to be able to work with harvestcraft seeds in general: Whenever I try to add something I get an error saying "invalid Seed".

    And if there isn't a fix, would it be possible to release a hotfix Pam? (^ ^)'

    There is actually a fix that i discovered like 5 minutes ago. Don't use minetweaker to add sesame seeds to a ore dictionary, use zzzzz custom configs. Also in spoiler is what you want to write for it to work (OreDictionary.cfg is file name)

    <stack1>harvestcraft:sesameseedsItem 1 0</stack1>
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    posted a message on Minecraft Transport Simulator - Realistic transport for Minecraft! (Formerly Minecraft Flight Simulator)

    I know that much, I just was never able to fly planes in video games. :D

    Played a lot of the GTA games and most planes i flew crashed into the ground, so my friends banned me from flying if they were with me.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Caveworld 2 - Adds more new cave dimensions!
    Quote from GalaxyMinerYT»

    Are you updating this to 1.8? Please do!

    I might, I mainly play on 1.7.10 and first thing on my list is to read through and understand the code. When i do that, the next thing is to probably change how the caveborn will always give you certain items. After that, I may consider trying to do that, but it would require a lot of re-writing and such.
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    posted a message on [CO-OP] Two For One (241) (updated to 1.14!) 300K+ downloads

    Nice to hear that.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Caveworld 2 - Adds more new cave dimensions!
    Quote from Nawnp»

    Curious, what version are you on in OS, Java, Forge etc., because this is a really weird issue, surely I'm not the only one who's tried in the same condition?
    At this point, since I'm now latest everything, I don't see point in downgrading things, turns out java 7 won't even work with Mac OS10.10 with having to rewrite part of it.

    I am actually on windows. And not know differences between macs and pcs in that field.
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