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    Randumite here! I'm BACK On the forums!

    Anyway, I saw some videos from AntVenom, and if you dont know who he is, go look him up on youtube hes awesome, anyway he has a "peaceful map" and its a map he plays on in peaceful mode,so I propose we should ALL Make peaceful maps, and show what we built on them!

    So, lets get out there and make some PEACEFUL MAPS!

    Post pictures here.

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    posted a message on RealityCraft [iConomy][McMMO][Jobs][Factions][MobArena][Lockette][AuthMe]
    Hey everyone,this server is great just to let you know,I'm making a faction called Rancraftia,we explore and stuff,join this server for some good ol' fashion Minecraft multiplayer fun! its easy!
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    posted a message on Some Minecraft Art
    The Ghast one took forever,I recently got a new program to paint with on my computer,so thats why it was better than the rest.
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    This is some concept Art of me doing random things,be free to comment.

    This one was one I didn't put much effort into..

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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    I started playing in 1.1, but watched videos of before 1.1, I saw a 1.8 world,I think in a letsplay (Tea&Minecraft letsplay) and he was on a mountain that made a small cicle and a very small little valley in the circle,then there was forest all around the mountains,and trees were on the mountains as well,now when you play minecraft,everything is too barren,exploration has no point,other than making better bases in different areas.if Jeb were to bring the terraain I never got to play in (which I felt soemthing was missing in minecraft when i started...),I would be very happy,Because that terrain,was more exciting,more adventurous and MORE CREATIVE! And thats,what I'm all about!
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    Hello, And welcome.
    I suggest you know what to post here, because I want to know what you think.
    THIS Is what I think,though.

    Things you cannot post.
    - Dont post your theorys, small storys will do.

    - Dont post innapropriate things

    Things you can post

    - small storys

    - suggestions of the origins

    - Waldo

    Extended rules

    -soon to come,depending on the activity of this thread.
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    Tell me what you think,btw I'm not a teen,i'm a kid,this took a few hours...but its done!

    Thats the castle from the outside view (this is my first time psoting screenshots)

    Thats was the bottom floor,of the castle the throne has a minecart in it,so you can sit in the thrown.

    this is basically where all the knights,and arrowsman sleep.... and see that small room there?

    Thats whats inside that small room.

    I worked a while,at first I was gonna make it like,abondoned,and by the time I decided not to,there were too many vines,but nevertheless,it still looks cool,it has a working gate on the inside so you'd have to climb the walls to get inside the castle (didn't feel like wiring another redstone gate...I'm not very adept at redstone so it was a bit hard)
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    Quote from Zenity

    I can confirm this seed works fine, spawned just a short distance from the village, close by is jungle, and a handy cave with coal and iron ore.

    Village needs a bit tidying up, but there is 16 Obsidian in the smithy chest, as the OP says.

    Village is at -304 272

    Seems theres quite a lot of villages near the one you spawn at! just a short walking (or sprinting) distance,
    and again,I thank all of you,to some who may have typed it wrong,or havent upgraded to 1.2.3 keep trying to type it/upgrade!
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    posted a message on On the Origin of Creepers
    I refer to this http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1082415-minecraft-theoryhistory-of-minecraft/page__fromsearch__1
    read that to a certain point to find out what I think creepers are! :D
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    posted a message on RandumCraft: A Minecraft Story
    Chapter 1: Awake

    Day 1

    I awake in a forest, ready for what is ahead. I originally intended to go to the grocery store the next morning and to buy a news paper, on current events. Recently, there had been some major damage to cities and I heard creatures were invading, and I was scared. Next thing I knew, I saw a BOMB dropping from the sky and I just readied for it as quickly as possible. I have no idea how I survived or woke up in this forest, but at least I survived.
    Let me explain. I was a normal Minecratian, until I heard these creatures started invading our cities and in the process a lot of our cities were destroyed....

    Anyway I need to survive. I figure i'm the only Human within 100 miles, so I'll have to go it alone. I'm trying to find a water source, Aha! Theres one! And many pigs around here, a few chickens and some cows. Well, better get to work- I need to make a house. Theres a nice hill I could make a house in, it'll do. I'm making my house out of the wood I gathered with my wooden axe, all I have to do is mine out the inside of the house, and make an entrance.
    I'll make the entrance out of wood, and I guess I could smelt some glass. Let me just craft....a..furnace...there!
    I can use wood and make charcoal, there a nice little house!

    Day 2

    Last night I couldn't sleep, on the cold floor, so I had to wait out the night. It was a short night though. Ugh, time to gather more wood. Wood, wood, wood, I always need wood, Tommorow i'll make a pen for those cows with wood.
    Ooo, theres a nice water pit right there, that could serve as a nice mini-farm! I should do some more exploring though, theres a nice swamp nearby, and I think....I see some sheep!
    But before I go over there, I'm going to make some pressure plates and light my house up a bit. Lemme just craft two pressure plates.....there, set!
    oooop! its getting late! DANG! Its too late to go over there, now- and OOP A skeleton just spawned better get inside!! Erm....its staring at me....creepy.....
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    posted a message on Are you honestly scared of Minecraft?
    Quote from Disco_Dancer_

    Endermen are the only thing in Minecraft that REALLY scare me.
    Anyone who has ever seen them (and has a rational mind...) can tell where I'm coming from.

    Enderman arent scary,only if you encounter one underground,otherwise just slay one with a stone sword and no armor,while being near a source of water.

    Quote from Peavler

    *cough* Herobrine *cough*

    Ghost arent real,but supposed ghost that are somehow hidden in the game files are creepy,even if they are removed.

    Quote from ratkinzluver33

    Oh GOD am I scared of MineCraft. I get this crippling feeling whenever I go mining, like something is watching me. The hairs on my neck always stand on end, too. Ik, I'm such a wimp Dx. It's just those darned Creeper ambushes!

    TALK ABOUT IT! I was mining and I was sprinting back to the entrance to my little stairway to the surface,and somehow a SKELETON SPAWNED,that startled me.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Theory:History of Minecraft
    Quote from shinyjiggly

    This is a really good theory and is a pretty interesting read. Can you maybe go over the mushroom biome?

    Ah,thanks the mushroom biome is gone at the end of the epilouge,thanks for reading! the mushroom biome as it says in the story was caused by radiation.

    People,please post on this if you like it,So more people can read it this is a really nce theory from what i've heard,as I've stated before :P!
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    posted a message on Whe did you join Minecraft?
    Joined in 1.1,now I'm a hardcore diamond hunter,and Enderman slayer,I had a pretty progessive world,but I couldn't adventure as much as I wanted to,so I deleted it,now I have a new world I named Minecraftia,and in that world,I'm a hardcore cow killer,and chicken egg-getter I've gotten quite a lot of baby chickens from eggs and I have a pet chicken and cow,inside my house heh. 60th post FOR THE RANDUM! (not Random)
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    posted a message on Zombies AND Zombiepigmen drop rare goods???
    In one of my deleted singeplayers,I got an enchanted bow from a skeleton,power 1,and I got a LOT more bows afterwards,I got some skeletons to kill some creepers,and I had 3 music disc,and i had an iron ingot and a iron helemt from some zombies,I accidently fell in lava in the nether,and lost the iron helmet the enchanted bow,and a diamond sword,and a diamond pickaxe....the sword was enchanted with sharpness 1..... D:

    And no,I didn't delete it because I fell in the lava.
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    posted a message on What era is minecraft in?
    read this
    Its in that era, yet that IS just a theory,but its a theory thats likely, Minecraft isn't earth, its your imagination, Minecraft takes place in the dimension of Minecraft. I like to think of games and TV shows and stuff that I like, as alternate dimensions in real life, so Minecraft is what you make of it, and what you think it is, thats where it takes place, your MIND.

    It is, THE Era, the era you make it.
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