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    posted a message on What are you going to do with books?
    Randumite Here! Wondering what your going to do with Books and Quills!
    I'M Personally Going to start my 4th Minecraft World, I like to think Minecraft is some kinda block planet and each side of that block is nearly endless, somehow. So I have A Zone 1, my main world. Zone 2, My Well...not very much played World... and Zone 3 my played-ish World.

    But once I start Zone 4 I can keep a JOURNAL! With the books and all, so I'm looking forward to that!

    But....What are you going to do with them? Use this thing below to state what your going to do...

    What do you plan on using Book & Quills for?:

    What will their uses in multiplayer be?:

    Will you develop a secret code with symbols :P?:

    Whatever I didn't miss:

    I feel like a news reporter!

    -Randumite the Gamer/Meme Participater
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    posted a message on Contraptions & More!
    Randumite Here! Hopefully not posting something someone has already posted!
    So, what about Contraptions? I was watching some MC videos and the Yogscast was reviewing a mod with contraptions like, windmills, ropes... some just nice contraptions, I think these SHOULD, Actually be put into the game, because....

    whats the point of making an epic windmill if it has no purpose?

    Whats the point of Minecraft (other than making an EPIC MAP!) If you have to install mods to get a bunch of useful "contraptions"?

    I think the Contraptions from this mod in this video, should be implemented into the game!

    :D? heres the link to the video.

    Gimme diamonds for support! :D?! :Diamond: :DORE: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Your Minecraft
    Randumite Commenting Here!
    So, it looks like nearly all of you have pretty established and nice worlds? Thats nice! I think its awesome that this post is finally finding its place, I mean this stuff is interesting! Though sometimes you like your world is as well nice to know what other people have done with THEIR worlds and it can give you some tips to better your own world!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Theory:History of Minecraft
    Quote from knight55243

    Don't like how people try to give Minecraft a backstory. Half the fun of Minecraft is thinking up your own lore and story.
    Still, that's just my opinion. Fantastic job.
    Thanks you, good sir.
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    posted a message on Jungle Temples
    Guess theres another topic like this, Well.... I was worrying about that, anyway I guess this topic is useless so.... bye?
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    posted a message on ****Silver Age Roleplaying Server 1.2.5 [Whitelist] [Classes] [Player Crafted World] [Races]***
    Minecraft Username: Randumite

    Age: Um...Kid... all I can say.

    County/Time Zone: North America Central Time

    Define Roleplay in your own words: Acting out what your character is like and or what your character may be doing
    Define Metagaming in your own words:Knowing things you shouldnt, to gain an advantage Define Powergaming in your own words: Not dying,being overpowered

    Who are the only people who can use flymod?:Um....Staff? High Ranking Staff? I guess, if they wanted too, but considering there that rank they could just go into creative mode... but nobody else.

    IC Information

    Character Name: Dagget Dax

    Character Path: Warrior

    Character Race: Cherzian

    Character Biography (Should be at least 250 words): I was once a prince from a far away kingdom....until my first "quest" I was sent to another Kingdom...To spy. I was thrown into the dungeon.... and for SOME reason two princesses were thrown down as well.... I think it was a mishap, but anyway I had to lead them out of that cave... it was more of a cave instead of a dungeon, we climbed a mountain to get out.... I had to reveal my identity, (I was accidently thrown into the dungeon) And so.... I saved them, though I was put into questioning because SOME Princess was too curious and couldn't keep a secret....but anyway....Afterwards I started to be known for my Heroics

    For instance I defeated about 6 dark lords in all of my time of Heroic deeds, I was cast out of the world of which I was a Hero....
    Now I am in this new world...primed for whatever comes my way....this blocky paradise....what dangers lurk...
    Once upon a quest... I found this man and asked him to give me a quest being a traveler I looked for quest, I got the item he needed and he gave me his sword... it was a shining bright sword unlinke many I had ever seen... this sword was enchanted, and it was white just plain white, and glowing.... I decided to name it Excaliber and another time, an old friend took another enchanted sword well, 2 enchanted swords to be exact... and they mixed it with Excaliber making it even more powerful, this blade could now cut through anything, And its power was emmence.
    I once Decided to go out for a stroll...in the moon but upon my surprise...I was turned younger by the glow of the moon, I have now controlled that power and whenever I sleep only, I get Younger.
    I once even died, but a feat of no other was somehow performed and (call me crazy) a flower brought me back to life. but now i'm stuck in this new world, without my sword and without the wonders I had before...

    Additional Questions
    (These should be answered in character and RPed out)

    Your character stumbles upon an injured man with the mark of an assassin group on his hand. You know that this is the Assassin's Guild's work. Do you help him? Or do you leave to preserve your own safety? I would help, who cares if assasins team up on you? you fight them off with your bare hands, duh.
    You walk into Borikheim and a guard comes to you, telling you that you have been accused of treason. You know that you are innocent. What is your reaction? I say "Well, I am Dagget Dax...Traveler of Many Lands I am a Hero as well, if I am accused of treason so let me be on trial, but I am innocent....And may I ask, what are the details of this 'Treason'?"

    A Cherzian is being robbed by two armed men. Do you help him/her? Do you flee? I help them! with my trusty swor- Oh no! My sword, Excaliber is gone! blast this land! I have been cast here without my magical blade, I will have to fight with my HANDS!
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    posted a message on Jungle Temples
    Randumite Here!
    I think Jungles should be RARER, and they should house some kind of temple that you can fight through and get some treasure, for instance....

    - A Lava Arrow Trap
    - Mossy Stone Brick Temple
    - Dark Areas and Zombie Spawners
    - Skeleton Spawners at the treasure room

    Possible Treasures List: 1 Diamond. Up to 32 Coal. 10 Iron Bars. 7 Gold Ingots.
    up to 32 Redstone. up to 10 Ladders. up to 5 Bones/Rotten Flesh.

    The Diamond Gold and Iron would be the rarest things to find, the bones rotten flesh and ladders would be the most common, though.

    What do you think? Dont you hate spawning in big expansive-hard-to-manuver jungles?
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    posted a message on Jungle Biomes too Common?
    Randumite Commenting Here!
    I like them and all but, I find it difficult to survive in them, Especially sense there isn't much food.
    I like to save cows, so I can breed them and yet jungles make this impossible, there is no flat surface to make a mini-pasture, And I dont want to kill all of the cows, so I dont usually have food.
    The giant heights and hard manuverablility make it easy to be killed at night.
    When starting out the vines on a tree may not have grown so you cant make a good tree house.
    The Random stone areas are the only helpful thing, considering free coal.

    All in all, jungle biomes suck to spawn in when first playing a new world.
    sure, its nice to find one when your home is in a different biome but...
    Spawning in one at first isn't what its all cracked up to be.

    Now they should make Jungle Biomes very RARE And have some type of temple or treasure in them....
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    posted a message on Eggs and chicks
    Randumite Commenting Here!
    Well, I usually Have 1 or 2 chickens in a chicken farm, then I gather up a lot of the eggs, then I throw em' down and get more chickens and it eventually adds up, big time.
    I havent gotten 2 3 or 4 chickens yet, only 1.
    Plus I deleted the world where I had this farm, i'm hoping to find more chickens...
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    posted a message on Your Minecraft
    Hello! Randumite Here!
    I just wanna start be saying: All of you on here I bet are GREAT Minecrafters, perhaps better than me
    But ever thought, you map was a little too dull? Well, I propose for you to tell me your BEST Minecraft Worlds! On Mine I have a giant cave as a home, its well organized because I have a storage Room.
    I have a little island where I grow trees on to get wood, and I currently Slay Enderman most of the time, just so I can get the Enderpearls. I hope to amass a lot of them, so when I go cave exploring I can access area easily by teleporting to them with an Enderpearl.

    Anyway I want you guys/gals to tell me what YOUR Minecrafter world is like!
    I find it interesting not of my own world, as much as what OTHER People can do on THEY'RE Worlds!

    Copy and paste this into your reply if you like being formal:

    Current Goal:
    Current Item Stock:
    How Many Everlasting Caves:
    Details That I Might Care About:
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    posted a message on Enderman Slayers?
    I just hit em' up with a stone sword until they die. :D
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    posted a message on "Lets go peaceful!"
    This is a seed I discovered, while trying to make a map based on Peaceful Gameplay.
    Put in: "Lets go peaceful!" in the seed name area- thing....
    WARNING: It may be "Lets go Peaceful!" or "lets go Peaceful" instead because I dont remember completely
    And there are some EPIC caves, you should spawn on a tree and a swamp will be near you. I found an Epic cave with diamonds in it in that swamp so.... yeah.

    Hope you have fun with the seed! also look for my challenge in this map!

    -Randumite the Gamer/Meme Participater
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    posted a message on Challenge Accepted.
    Who wants to accept my challenge?
    I have a challenge, theres this seed I think it was "Lets go Peaceful!" Or it may have been
    "Lets go peaceful!" but anyway, look around and if you spawn on a tree, and see a swamp
    Go toward the swamp and there will be a LOT of caves. I was exploring one in peaceful mode, and it has diamonds in it. So My challenge is.... Make a Home out of all those caves and explore them all!
    Please, report to this thread of your progress, maybe even make a letsplay! I think it would be interesting to see what a Minecraft adventure mainly focused on exploring caves, would be.

    Who else agrees? here are the main goals.

    - Make a "Base of Operations" in each cave
    - Make your main home in one of the caves and link it with the caves you explore
    - Infinite Pool of Water Durrrr
    - Live UNDERGROUND For the Rest of Minecraft
    - Make an Underground Tree Farm
    - Derp Around :3

    I am not really good at making challenges this is half a challenge half just for fun because I want people to have something very challenging to do with this seed, especially if you like caves....

    -Randumite the Gamer/Meme Participater
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    posted a message on Enderman Slayers?
    Hello, Randumite here!

    I want to know, how easy it is to slay Enderman for you?
    I started a new world yesterday, and now I have a giant awesome cave as a home 5 ender pearls and about 30+ iron, I believe. I have slayed about, 6 Enderman on this map, and I have gotten 5 enderpearls already.
    This is a normal map By the way. I used some Random name for the seed, sense i'm Randum.

    Anyway, I wanna know how easy it is for you to slay Enderman
    I am currently slaying them without getting hurt at all. All the Enderman seem to like not teleporting on my world so, its KIND OF easy. But still, I'm a pretty good Enderman slayer and this was with a stone sword, goodbye I hope to hear from everyone soon!

    -Randumite the Gamer/Meme participater
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer - THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010)! - [Heroes-Townships-PVP/PVE-RPG]
    • In-game name:Randumite
    • Location & Age: Um....Cant tell ._.
    • Previous Bans (Includes other servers): I was banned for 5 minutes once, it wasn't a good reason, and I was banned for 2 days or soemthing for talking too much.
    • Referral(s):None
    • Have you voted for Herocraft (No? -> http://tiny.cc/voteHC): Erm... No?
    • How'd you hear about Herocraft? Forum :3
    • Special Key: Do NOT leave blank. Um.... HCR9
    • Do you agree to the Herocraft EULA & ToS? I um... dunno what that stands for, but i'll look it up and I probably do so...yeah.
    • Reason(s) you should be accepted: I am bored.
    • Additional Info: I am BORED.
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