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    posted a message on [Hamachi] Minecraft Custom Map Server
    2/5 slots filled on my hamachi network for the server, I would like to request someone to play on the server with me, when i'm online and my other friends aren't...

    So... yeah, pretty much all, I'm Central time, US.

    If you wanna come on the server just... comment here and i'll message you the info.
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    posted a message on 1.3 Amazing seed!
    This seed has a village, a desert, and a desert temple in the same desert! and a jungle, and an AMAZING mountain near it! Wish I could pput screen shots.. but..

    The seed is : 306591679977763386

    I havent explored the jungle, but hopefully theres a jungle temple.
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    posted a message on (SURVEY) what do you want in a Minecraft Server?
    Quote from Figroll

    Please read the forum rules, server related threads are NOT allowed in this section, there is a perfectly fine SERVER section for this stuff, please use it.

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    posted a message on A few Mob Suggestions
    Quote from astrotrap

    Well, for starters, only one suggestion per thread.

    Zombies: They only drop iron tools because iron tools are significantly superior to their stone and wood counterparts. I guess the idea is that players only turn into zombies when they have iron but not diamond. Also, I think they already aggro on iron golems, but they can't attack because iron golems have a longer reach and larger knockback.

    Spiders: They could rarely drop cobwebs. Bam, I win.

    Endermen: They already try to attack iron golems, and vice versa (they're neutral mobs, after all)

    Blaze: They're supposed to be tough, like Arch-Viles from Doom II. But they're not, as long as you dodge and shoot with a bow. Also, fire should not be dropped because chainmail flarking sucks.

    Magma Cube: Way too easy to fight, because when they jump, as they start to fall you can hit them, which both hurts them and nullifies their attack.

    Wolf: Always needs more buffs, I quite agree.

    Pigs: Controllable pigs have been suggested before, but I'm feeling lazy, so I'll let it pass. Also it's a great idea.

    Cows: Rideable? Nah. That's what pigs are for.

    So sure, a lot of these are quite good ideas, but a lot of them aren't.

    Rare drop for spiders? Cobwebs? Adding that :D
    Thanks for the constructive critisicm as well, But Cows should be ridable and they should be able to be controlled.
    And pigs should be ridable, but not be able to be controlled, adding that too..
    I've fought blazes and magma cubes, but they seem a little hard to fight to me, even on normal, so I thought thatd be a good suggestion,
    Maybe I should try fighting them again. And I think Zombies only dropping Iron tools, is a bit unrealistic- Granted this game is not realistic,
    But Id be even more comfortable with zombies dropping wooden - iron tools, iron being the rarest, it'd make it more.. understandable.
    And about the iron golems, I saw a video called "1 iron golem vs. 192 Zombies" it was the zombies and an iron golem in some fencing,
    But the zombies weren't fighting back. I also saw a video with Enderman Versus an iron golem, the enderman only were aggrovated
    when the iron golem attacked them, but only 1 Enderman at a time, And thus these other mobs need to be aggrovated against iron golem, so that iron golems can possibly get HURT by other mobs.
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    posted a message on A few Mob Suggestions
    Quote from Woodruff

    Nice :) Why not the skeletons be aggro to villagers? Makes it more fun to defend those guys

    Oh, thanks, Skeletons Aggro against villagers? Kinda... well... A bit overpowered.
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    posted a message on A few Mob Suggestions
    Randumite Here, I Had a few ideas for mob revisions.

    So, First of all, this is a thread for mob improvment, And so,
    first of all, lets start with zombies, and we'll go on from there.

    ----------Zombie Suggestions-----------
    Ok, Number One, I see why zombies would drop iron tools,
    Because they used to be players.. But why just iron?
    Small revision: Wood Tools - Iron, Iron being the most rare.
    Wood being the less rare. Number Two, I think zombies should be
    aggrovated against iron golems, Because then the Iron
    Golems arent exactly invincible, because thats quite overpowered.

    -----------Skeleton Suggestions-------------
    Ok, Number One, Same Iron golem suggestion, unless they're
    already agrro against iron golems, in which case... yeeaaah...
    Anyway, I think there isn't much for skeletons to be revised, they're nice
    I guess, So Lets move on.

    -----------Spider Suggestions-------------
    Ok, Number One, Spiders need to be aggro aginst iron golems and so
    Number Two, Spiders need rare drops too? What about cobwebs? Eh?
    [Cobweb rare drop Suggested by:astrotrap]

    ----------Enderman Suggestions-----------
    Ah, The Enderman, my favourite mob, Enderpearls: Good. Eye of Ender: Good..
    Teleporting: Fun for fighting. The Damage done by it: Good, I guess.
    But anyway, I like the Enderman, I think its nice, so no revisions...
    And making it aggro against iron golems would just be too much, unless
    its attack, so.. yeah

    Ok, slime, I leik it, not too hard to fight cause you dont find it much.

    ---------The Nether Mobs-----------
    So, the nether, I like it, its a nice addition, I think a bit more
    could be added but, other than that, its good, but lets look at the mobs,
    and see if we can find anything wrong with them that may need a revision.

    Blaze, I leik it, But..
    Number One: Its a bit overpowered by my encounters, For instance..
    Its kind of hard to avoid the fire and everything, but harder for me to shoot arrows at it.
    I guess I could try a bit more, But anyway, Maybe the fire could stop spreading a bit?
    And so, Number Two! Rare Drops for Blaze? I suggest Fire! That way
    Chain mail will have a way to be made, maybe it shouldn't be a rare drop.

    I like the Ghast, nothing should be chaaaanged..

    -------Magma Cube--------
    To me its overpowered, Maybe take its damage down a bit?
    Unlike the slime, Its a bit easier to find, but Really hard to fight
    due to its high-jumping-ness probably, now lets go to passive mobs.

    -----Passive Mobs-----
    Well, passive mobs, what needs to be changed? lets go and find if anything should be changed

    Ok, Wolfs are nice, Maybe they're health needs to be heightened? Or something..
    Wolfs die too quickly, basically.
    And I like cats, nothing needs to be changed there, unless you have a suggestion.

    Putting all of these together cause i'm too lazy- BUT ANYWAY!
    Pigs, I leik them, they have saddles and arent controlled..
    and that new 1-3 porkchops instead of 0-2, Thats nice.
    Sheep? I leik em' nuthin needs to be changed, maybe a rare meat drop..
    Cows, Awesome, put a saddle on em' and be able to control em'? Even better!

    Ok, everyone, I want contructive critisicm, I dont want plain right insults, but contructive critisicm, please haha, seriously D:
    Anyway, What do you think should be changed about the mobs? and tell me if you support! these are just some ideas I had so I thought I'd post em', if it doesn't seem to polished to you, it was probably cause I wanted to see what everyone's opinion was.
    Anyway- Bye!
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    posted a message on The Ender Omelet
    No offence:
    This idea is kind of overpowered
    There is no mod for kamakazi, but this sounds like something someone could make a mod for. :D
    What would it add to the game? An explosion, for ALL of those valuble items?
    And finnally: Sorry if I downed you too much D:
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    posted a message on Compass upgrade
    Quote from Jellomob

    I direct you to post #6.

    It's a far simpler, far superior system.

    Seriously guys. It's not that hard to understand.

    1. You place a lodestone block where you want the lodestone compass to point to

    2. You right click the block to set the compass

    3. The lodestone compass stores the coordinates of the block.

    4. The compass points toward those coordinates.

    5. It doesn't matter if the block is not loaded in the world, or if the block is destroyed, the lodestone compass sill works.

    6. Since you can place blocks ANYWHERE, you can have a compass that points to ANYWHERE YOU PLEASE.

    We don't need a complicated system of waypoints on a map, nor do we need resource wasting waypoints.

    Just one block, and one new kind of compass.




    What if we dont WANT Effective and easy? and want to come up with our own ideas? some of us dont want to carry a "lodestone" block around, and have to charge it into the block or whatever, we want a simpler way to do it, with our own ideas.

    I personally think that you should just have a magnetic block, and you add a redstone torch to it to set where the compass points, and, when you make your compass, and theres no magnetic block, it wont do anything, until you find the ores for the magnetic block. [I.E. Fixing the problem where the magnetic block would have to be at spawn]
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    posted a message on Stop taking the game in a fantasy direction & give us generically themed content
    Personally, I like the feel when I can make something slightly industrial, or oldschool, it gives me a warm feeling.. Anyway, I made a water elevator with signs, and water, and everything (derp) And I felt a sense of oldschoolness, I just want more industrial things, and more contraptions that arent crafted into items, and are crafted into actual more-than-1-block machines, I want more required working machines, mojang!
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    posted a message on Compass upgrade
    There could be a new ore you could mine, It would take a gold pick axe to mine, and then once you got a buncha ingots for it, You could make a magnetic block, and then stack two of those magnetic blocks on top of each other, and like, Put a redstone torch on it, or something... Then the compass points that way.
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    posted a message on New Dimensions!
    Quote from UltraRasengan

    My eyes hurt! Change font please :( can't read it srsly

    Um..... Its Comic Sans, its not hard to read : /
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    posted a message on New Dimensions!
    Quote from harrywand

    This is a great idea! A world opposite to the nether with sea creatures! This can really go somewhere if a coder starts to work on this. Just some suggestions for the suggestion: Maybe a rare mystical creature underwater? Being very rare like spider jockeys. And also, maybe some land creatures to add to the world. And maybe something weird will happen in this world with your fishing rod?
    Nice ideas, I'm going to post them to the Main Post thingy.... Arent they called OPs? Lol.
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    posted a message on New Dimensions!
    Randumite Here!
    I know this has probably been suggested one million times before but, I have an idea for a new dimension.
    I recently was looking at a crying obsidian post and a use for crying obsidian making a portal.
    I think there should be a Dimension of worth with this crying obsidian- kinda like a barren wasteland but underneath the ground, it should be rich with dungeons that give random and not as rare loot.

    But anyway back to my first idea, a new block to go to a new dimension For instance...
    this dimension would be a water dimension full of sea creatures, I have a few ideas about this dimension so.... get ready to read...

    Suggestion 1 - A new block to make the portal to this Dimension, it would be called "Wave Shard"

    Suggestion 2 - No new enchantments? wrong, a new enchantment It will allow you to survive in the water dimension You must enchant a diamond helmet with the enchantment, its name should be "Water Diver" The Water Diver enchantment would allow you to survive in the special water in that dimension

    Suggestion 3 - New water, special water it would have a more-see-through-than-regular-water tint to it, so it would be easy to see without having a buncha water particles in your face.

    Suggestion 4: New Mobs - New mobs, justa few like....

    1 - Sea Slitherer: This creature would be a large snake-like creature that would slither on the bottom of the sea, and wherever it would slither it would be harder to see because it would be kinda be kicking up muck from the sea floor. It would drop 1-3 Inc Sacs when killed and spawn on the bottom of the sea

    2 - Water Waver: This would be the underwater version of the creeper, and the shark version of a creeper as well, it would be the shape of a shark and if you got to close to it for too long, it would start to flash white like a creeper does and it would charge forward with small explosions and it would die.
    It would drop 1-6 gunpowder and it would be hard to get the powder because the water wavers would swim above underwater ravines mostly and they would spawn nearly everywhere

    3 - Water Dogs: Same as dogs, they dislike Water Wavers however and are quite powerful.
    They can be tamed using Lapis Luzili and they would spawn from sea caves and when killed they drop nothing, they look like fish dogs.

    4 - Sea Doslither: Like the Sea Slitherer but with the head of a sea dog, and it looks more like a firey head of a sea dog, it drops fire, pure fire it spawns where the Sea Slitherer Spawns, but is as rare as a spider jockey... if sea dogs are nearby when you engage it they will attack you as well...

    Suggestion 5: New crafting and details

    To make the Wave Shard Blocks with :Diamond: being lapis and :Water: being a bucket of water.....

    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    :Diamond: :Water: :Diamond:
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: Would be a wave shard,

    Suggestion 6: Misc

    A weird thing would happen if you use a fishing rod in this dimension, what do you think it should be? post in comments...

    There would also be new sea coral and stuff, well thats all I have right now I'm BEAT From typing so much, so I'm gonna take a rest, if you like this please click the green up arrow, this is my first time saying that so yeah....

    -Randumite the gamer/Meme participater
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    posted a message on [Open] Rotating Forum Avatar Head Requests
    I'd like to have one, with a background to match the forum color thingy.......Well, you get the picture.

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    posted a message on Apollocraft (Looking for good builders and moderators) come and join us
    Age: Kid rather not specify EXACT.
    Why do you want mod: Never been one before, may be interesting...
    Have you been mod before: Look above, nope but I have had some "staff" expereince in a server but I asked to be demoted...

    Do you understand If you give out items you will be demoted: Yes, thats making it too easy for people to get stuff and as a mod it would be unfair.
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