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    Quote from Deango99»
    I've been banned again , My friend went on and took pics of my strip mines and I got banned for "X-Raying" yes I may have went off course abit but since when is there a strict way to mine and if you don't mine like that you get banned ......... #Logic

    I would have been more likely to believe your blatant lie if you didn't say what I have underlined
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    Quote from Indraco»

    Okay, even though we haven't reached money top anyways without having at least another 10m from random people. We also don't have any intent to ruin the economy, our money isn't there to buy anything or to give money out, its mainly for building purposes so we can just buy raw materials and build when we want to. Also, all your money was made from spamming chat with "Hosting gambling in my cy1 plot come join and place bets!" in chat every 10 seconds with slight variations, so you can kindly suck me off for bypassing the spam plugin.

    Also, you are all incredibly stupid. The Convicted economy is equivalent to infinitely printing money, some just print it faster than others. Of course there is going to be economy inflation, especially since tribes aren't allowed to be bought, and people can buy their way to chaos. (In case your brains can't understand this, you have an infinite amount of money at your disposal, you just have to put effort into making it. Since chaos can be bought, the people who are good at beating parkour for scrolls will make that money, and since they don't have anything to spend it on (such as tribes) their money won't go anywhere, therefore creating a large lump sum of money.) These problems come with the server. Also SDA won't be able to solve any issues anyways, he's pretty much garbagio and any thing he does will have to be reliant on approval from Viper / Noakii, both of which are inactive anyways.

    Chatmods also don't have a purpose because it literally has no permissions or a defined set of rules to enforce like alphaguards do. It's a rank meant to promote old staff members to become more active again in the hopes of getting their previous rank back, which is why Ben was made chatmod in the first place. I still don't know about sloth because she is useless but whatever.

    It's cute that you guys cant have a discussion with anybody without insulting them. Can you say what you need to say without adding the insults? Does it make you feel better I just don't understand. Just wanted to point that out ;)
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    Quote from RedRumSexeh»
    I have to admit at this point, that Convicted is not what it used to be. This server is no longer the server that I fell in love with 3 years ago. It has changed in so many ways, sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse. More recently, (past year or so) it has mainly been for the worse in my opinion. Too many Alphas have been leaving, or abusing and not getting punished for it. Obviously, favortism still stands as a rather large part of the community, but that is one of the only things that I can think of that has changed for the better, but it's still a problem.

    Too many people have left this server, and I think that something needs to happen to either change that, or bring in more people. On a weekday, when I log in, you know how many people I see online? 3. And 2 of them are afking, while the other is a C that quits 5 minutes later because no one is on to answer questions for them. We don't look good as a community anymore.

    Economy inflation is at an all time high with people afking all day (looking at you KickFace and Sleazy). "I can earn 2mil a day by afking -Sleazy". Afking is fun and all (sarcasm), but it needs to stop. People are using ways to get around the afk kick plugin, which is obviously there for a reason. Viper has stated that he doesn't want people to afk all day or anything like that, yet you people do it anyways. You know why you do? Because there is no punishment. All you get is a kick, and you freak out about it.

    The staff is 'Lacking' to say the least. Few guards that are worth anything, and even fewer alphas, and even FEWER wardens. Now I understand that you can't go and make every alpha a warden, but there should be at least a couple. I understand that everyone is busy with school, but there still is a responsibility to the server by being a staff position. Noakii gets on every 3 or 4 days, and Viper every 2 or 3 days. I can't even remember the last time I saw Dusty, Piano, or Conker. Builder is the only one I ever see, and it's very rare. The server needs admins!

    Because of reasons such as these, I've decided to take my potential leave from Convicted for now. I have been losing interest, and all my friends are leaving (cept for you SDA, you my main Mexican). I will still get on, but not for long periods of time. I don't see a point to being on Convicted anymore. All anyone ever does is fight in the chat, which is meant to be handled by ChatMods, but they don't really do anything except for 'Joke' around with perma mutes (Ben), or don't do anything at all (sloth). When ChatMod came out, I was led to believe that it would be a good position to have, that people would actually become them, and re-create a bit of the community, and bring some calm to the chaos that is chat. This was not the case. ChatMod was made to be a way to get Ben to be active again. We all know it. But it becomes a problem when Ben abuses, and Sloth doesn't really do anything with it. You want my thoughts on how to fix it? Demote the both of them, and promote someone who will actually appreciate the job. (Galuzer)

    I will still periodically be on TeamSpeak to talk to SDA, and maybe Chars. Poke me if you want my Skype or Steam. You could even message me on here.

    Oh hell nah you aint leaving me I lost too many friends already! When I get my ass back to my home I will be dragging you online. I do agree with everything you said though. I do think the down fall of convicted isn't ENTIRELY convicted fault you also have to factor in the Prison Servers are also not as popular as they once were. Everybody and their mother has one now.
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    What ever your heart content. It was griefed the last time I logged on though a computer so I dont know if it was repaired or not
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    Quote from Lavahandler123»

    Over the past few days I have come up with an idea since we are accepting more guards now. I've noticed over my couple months of guarding that some new Trainees (obviously who haven't gotten any experience yet) don't know the rules entirely, mainly do to the forum guard rules being outdated and standard. Now, that sounds like an easy fix right? Just update the forums! But no, that's not my idea. My idea is that we add a room or area called "Guard Training". This could be where Guards/AlphaGuards can go and make sure the new Trainees know how to guard and know what to do in special situations. Guards can also pass down tips to the Trainees, as I learned most of my guarding tips and "guides" not from the rules, but from other guards. This "Guard Training" area could be a place that you go into from Guard Spawn and factions can be disabled here (if possible). I think this would be a great idea so that the new Trainees know more about guarding before they actually start, other than just knowing the rules.

    Please let me know what you think of this idea and what could be changed in it.



    This concept has been used in the past. I do not know fully why the guard training area was taken away but I do know Redrum, Ben, and Dusty can tell you more about since it was in use when they were a guard.

    PS: Galuzer can you fixed my plot for me please if it hasn't already. Thank You :)
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    Hey guys I just wanted to say hello, I am currently having fun in college and I plan to log on again once I am back at home sometime in the coming months.
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    Quote from Galuzer
    So Ben, Stray and a few others are crafting so many swords that it massively affects the framerate in c-Foyer: I get just 1 fps. (And it's severaly affecting everyone). Lag machines are not allowed, so why should this be allowed? Let us just remember that the protection of my factory was deleted (for a reason), because it caused a lot of lag.

    But now the exact same Ben is making it impossible to use C-Foyer, the mine and the treefarm, possibly causing new players to quit.

    Furthermore moderators, such as Chat Mods, should be a rolemodel for other players, and that does certainly not involve griefing the tree farm and causing lag.

    Why bother posting it on forums wardens almost never read the forums if you want to voice a complaint I would highly suggest you get thier attention on TS or on the Server.
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    Quote from Arohead15
    I hate people.

    - Anyway, school started so I may not be as active as before. I will try to get on whenever I can. And, warden, Viper, Noakii, someone:PLEASE FIX MY CLONE PROBLEM. >~>

    Since when were you active m8?(Sorry had to do it)

    On the topics of inactivities starting the 31st I will off to college so most likly I will be inactive until November Break*. I have already spoke to Viper about my plot being fine until the November Break*.

    * Thanksgiving break Starts Nov. 26 with the agreement with Viper the plot will become officially inactive by Nov. 27 if I have not logged on
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    Quote from Lavahandler123

    Well, first off you were muted for doing the ??? thing before for 30 mins. benje said to another person that it only needs one ?.

    Well div, this is what you did right after he said that. (First time - Got muted for 30min.)

    [20:58:57] [Free] [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach: Anyone Wanna Bid On A Enchanted Nether Star????????
    [20:59:00] [AlphaGuard] [Fletchling] [******] shamoo14: because the real shamu comes out xD
    [20:59:05] [ChatMod] [ p?????u? ?????d ] benjaminsaunders: Hey num nut
    [20:59:10] [Free] [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach: BEN
    [20:59:11] [Guard] [futct]**WaffleLoverz: cause it seems funny
    [20:59:11] [Guard] [futct]**WaffleLoverz: hah
    [20:59:13] [ChatMod] [ p?????u? ?????d ] benjaminsaunders: a Q only needs 1 "?"
    [20:59:13] [Free] [hahaha]******SimplyEvil: Hello Yort.
    [20:59:13] [Free] Blocker0812: ??
    [20:59:14] [Free] [VeniVidiVici]*****Randoman200: Lets look at your history shall we WaffleLoverz
    [20:59:20] [Free] [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach: Whats Up??
    [20:59:20] [Guard] [futct]**WaffleLoverz: what
    [20:59:23] [Free] [MerryNewYear]**Yort101: Hey Hows it going?
    [20:59:25] [Free] [AdrianaLima] [**] divonte: wait ben
    [20:59:25] [AlphaGuard] [Fletchling] [******] shamoo14: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0-aZY1QGJjy3XVPSBZ849Q
    [20:59:27] [Free] [AdrianaLima] [**] divonte: realy??????
    [20:59:30] [Free] [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach: Lool Told ya
    [20:59:35] [Free] Blocker0812: ADVERTISING!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [20:59:36] [Guard] [futct]**WaffleLoverz: wot're u doin
    [20:59:38] [ChatMod] [ p?????u? ?????d ] benjaminsaunders: The decine in english is up
    [20:59:39] [ChatMod] [ p?????u? ?????d ] benjaminsaunders: I see
    [20:59:42] [Free] [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach: BEN
    [20:59:43] [Free] [AdrianaLima] [**] divonte: niggerx1
    [20:59:45] [AlphaGuard] [Fletchling] [******] shamoo14: Blocker, quit the caps
    [20:59:49] [Free] [VeniVidiVici]*****Randoman200: come to town square
    [20:59:50] [Free] Blocker0812: Fine
    [20:59:50] [Free] [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach: Whats Up??
    [20:59:53] [Free] Blocker0812: ;o
    [21:00:00] [Shop] You don't have permission to do that!
    [21:00:02] [Guard] [futct]**WaffleLoverz: mm loll
    [21:00:05] [Free] Blocker0812: But Still That Was Ad.
    [21:00:10] [Free] Blocker0812: Shoo
    [21:00:11] [AlphaGuard] [Fletchling] [******] shamoo14: Its my YT channel.
    [21:00:12] [Free] [AdrianaLima] [**] divonte: ben? how r? u????
    [21:00:17] [Free] [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach: Anyone wanna Buy a Enchanted nether Star?????? Last time??
    [21:00:27] [AlphaGuard] [Fletchling] [******] shamoo14: Whats the enchant
    [21:00:30] [Free] Blocker0812: Thats Still Ad.
    [21:00:30] [Guard] [futct]**WaffleLoverz: "shamoo the whale"
    [21:00:36] [Guard] [****] Lavahandler123: so ben says to stop using multiple ?'s
    [21:00:36] [AlphaGuard] [Fletchling] [******] shamoo14: Yeah waffle thats it lol
    [21:00:39] [ChatMod] [ p?????u? ?????d ] benjaminsaunders: **** you both c;??????????
    [21:00:41] [Guard] [****] Lavahandler123: yet you continue?
    [21:00:43] [Guard] [****] Lavahandler123: ...
    [21:00:44] [Guard] [futct]**WaffleLoverz: Blocker0812, he is an alpha, I think he knows.
    [21:00:56] [Free] [Sepp<3]*ultraj999: Blocker0812
    [21:00:59] [Free] Blocker0812: Ok Wail Then
    [21:01:01] Player [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach has been online since 18 minutes 45 seconds.
    [21:01:01] - Muted: 23 seconds
    [21:01:03] [Free] Blocker0812: WAT
    [21:01:07] [Free] [Sepp<3]*ultraj999: want to rage
    [21:01:10] [Free] Blocker0812: NO
    [21:01:11] [Free] [Sepp<3]*ultraj999: ok rage
    [21:01:12] [Broadcast] ultraj999 wants to stick Lavahandler123 up Lavahandler123's butt hole
    [21:01:14] [Guard] [futct]**WaffleLoverz: my history is long
    [21:01:17] [Guard] [futct]**WaffleLoverz: gg
    [21:01:17] [Guard] [****] Lavahandler123: Oh
    [21:01:19] [Guard] [****] Lavahandler123: Well then
    [21:01:20] [AlphaGuard] [Fletchling] [******] shamoo14: Blocker, I would get banned like all the other advertisers if it was advertising
    [21:01:21] [Free] Blocker0812: Thats Fine
    [21:01:25] [Free] [OG] [***] NanaReacts: is that possible?
    [21:01:26] [Free] [AdrianaLima] [**] divonte: sham please ban ben???????????????????????
    [21:01:27] [Free] [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach: Shamoo
    [21:01:27] [Free] [AdrianaLima] [**] divonte: http://gyazo.com/5879998c41b2320e98219613d476e5ce
    [21:01:32] [Free] Blocker0812: U_U
    [21:01:33] [Free] [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach: Its just enchanted
    [21:01:35] [Guard] [futct]**WaffleLoverz: wo
    [21:01:36] [Free] Blocker0812: UoU
    [21:01:39] [Guard] [futct]**WaffleLoverz: muffy moved in a while ago
    [21:01:41] [AlphaGuard] [Fletchling] [******] shamoo14: Oh, thats a norm nether star
    [21:01:42] [Guard] [****] Lavahandler123: Nether stars look enchanted
    [21:01:44] [Free] Blocker0812: U3U
    [21:01:46] [Free] [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach: ohh
    [21:01:49] [ChatMod] [ p?????u? ?????d ] benjaminsaunders: well
    [21:01:53] [Free] [VeniVidiVici]*****Randoman200: WaffleLoverz come to K.K. I want to do a song
    [21:01:53] [Free] [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach: Sorry guys lool
    [21:01:53] [ChatMod] [ p?????u? ?????d ] benjaminsaunders: you're muted for 30min
    [21:01:57] Player Blocker0812 has been online since 22 minutes 42 seconds.
    [21:02:00] Player [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach has been online since 19 minutes 43 seconds.
    [21:02:06] [Free] Blocker0812: Hay That Did NOT Make Me Rage
    [21:02:07] [Free] [Sepp<3]*ultraj999: benja what does chatmod do
    [21:02:08] Player [AdrianaLima] [**] divonte has been online since 2 hours 5 minutes 32 seconds.
    [21:02:08] - Muted: 29 minutes 24 seconds

    Now the second time, which the screenshot above does show proof of, really is your own fault. After you get unmuted why would you do the same thing that got you muted in the first place?

    This spoiler will show what divonte has in the screenshot above.

    [21:31:39] [Free] [AdrianaLima] [**] divonte: ben how was ur day???
    [21:31:50] [ChatMod] [ p?????u? ?????d ] benjaminsaunders: div you be askin for it *****
    [21:31:54] [Free] [TalkDirtyToMe]*HairySasquach: Selling Unb III Eff IV Fortune IV pickaxe
    [21:31:55] [Free] [AdrianaLima] [**] divonte: for wat???

    All things in the chatlogs that are relevant to the situation have been bolded.

    I do think the second mute was a bit lengthy but div, no offence but you were kind of asking for the second mute.

    I really don't understand why you are defending Ben. It was a BS reason divonte and that other kid got muted for using more than 1 question mark. That is the same as you jailing somebody for 30mins for looking at you. It was a petty mute and its 100% abuse.
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    Quote from gkidedabeast123

    -utter bull post snip-

    Get off the forums please you were banned for a full on spam attack. The wardens gave you a CHANCE TO GET UNBANNED (not a lot of people get this). Nothing you can do or say will get you unbanned. You LOSE you get NOTHING good day to you sir!
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    Guys dont worry about the new EULA they most likely not going to enforce it. It would be too hard / too time consuming to enforce for every server that broke it.
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    Hey Guards are you bored of guarding? Want something new and exciting? Well try Randoman200's Ultra Hardcore Guarding challenge!


    1. You may not craft/buy or take out from your banks any thing

    2, You may not use ANY BUFFS or potions or opples

    3. All weapons must be obtained by either killing people or finding it on the ground

    4. You are not allowed to use a weapon guard/player gives unless it is obtained by asking by /g

    5. You may bank anything you obtained by killing but you may not take it out again once you put it in the bank besides potions and opples!

    6. You must drink ANY potion you obtain as soon you get into a fight (splash must be thrown regardless what it is)

    7. Opples that are obtained most be eaten as soon as a fight breaks out if you have multable you must eat AT LEAST 2 before you fight

    Achievements coming soon?
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    Quote from ragedavenger
    1. 45 second cooldown. This will enable people to still have to learn to actually pvp, while ruining it as they wish.

    2. make that guard buff 6 hearts, and non regenable.

    3.Remove those freaking opples ahh, nothing, just uhh, take strength 2 out of double chaos. Replace it with 6 extra hearts.

    EDIT: I know im against opples, but this monster I created is FAR worse.

    Let me run down your list really fast
    1. With a 45sec cooldown people will not learn how to pvp they will literally run around PvP wasting time for 15 seconds (The regen is 30 seconds)
    2. Guard buff is so tricky to make it fair its not even funny. With no buff or opples a guard will get 3 hit with a sharp 4 fire 2 + str. If we buff them with no opples Frees will be complaining too much how Guards are still op. If you nerf Guards they will be a weapons dispenser for frees and that's not fun either.
    3. I 100% agree with you nerf that thing
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    Quote from bdog123789

    A major change has happened today.

    The buy price of gold has TRIPLED to 188BP per ingot. This makes a stack around 12.8k, which makes a single opples worth of gold 14k. Alphas now buy opples for 10k rather than 2.5k. A stack of opples is now worth over 900k. This will make opples much harder to come by.


    When you support to ban opples I would think you wouldnt have / have very few opples not 6 stacks of opples. I just find it REALLY hypocritical
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    -snipped- Please delete mods
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