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    I'm just wondering, but has anyone basically killed their hard drive or SSD from running dynamic map?

    Not sure if I am just having a case of bad luck, but on one system, I have had one SSD die, and on another completely different system, I have had one hard drive, and one SSD go bad.

    I don't remember having issues like this on earlier versions of dynamic map, and to my knowledge, I have kept the settings pretty much the same as I have always, which isn't too far from "default".

    Maybe I should reconfigure the render updates or something, any ideas/input would be appreciated because this is getting expensive, and isn't fun anymore.

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    The server has been updated to 1.9!

    I had to disable a few minor plugins for not being compatible and a couple that were broke and haven't updated.

    All security plugins still function properly.

    As with any major update, there is a chance something may not work as intended or was simply overlooked on my part.

    If you find anything broke, or not functioning, please let me know so I can address it.

    We hope you enjoy 1.9!

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    Elykxaccount, and alfred101456 you both have been banned for stealing. While the actual offense is somewhat old, stealing did happen, and that isn't tolerated here. If its not your chest, don't take from it. Pretty simple stuff.

    For those of you that like to stay in the "shadows" and think you won't be caught if you do something wrong, you are terribly mistaken.

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    Quote from Greatone123»

    Issues have been resolved, moral of the story is: if it's not broke, don't touch my damn network. ISP was working near by, decided it would be good idea to check things and do general maintenance. Well when checking the line at the termination point, they redid the connection... WRONG.

    Everything should be back to normal once the DNS has resolved.

    Those savage technicians.

    Thanks for the update. Soft_Feather was filled with joy over the good news.
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    posted a message on Help Me With Essential Warp

    In the essentials config, you need to set "per-warp-permission" to true.

    The player in the group needs to have the following permissions: "essentials.warp", if you want the player to see the list of available warps, you need to add: essentials.warp.list

    So for every available warp, you will need to grant permission for that warp. For example, if you have a warp called "arena" and you want that warp to be the only one visible, you would add this permission: essentials.warps.arena

    Basically the warps you want the player to see, and be able to warp to, are the ones you will need to add.

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    Name: Soft_Feather

    Age: 22

    • Do you agree to, and can you follow the rules: Yes I can

    Excellent sir!

    Congrats on your promotion to Moderator. I have complete trust and faith in you. Also, you could of just told me on Skype. :P

    Thank you though, -Ramp
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    Added you purplekaykay, welcome to the Frontier!

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    Quote from steely_bomb»

    i cant wait till i get my new pc and have 8gb of ram because my pc lags with firefox only using 255 mb...

    Bless your heart. I couldn't imagine having only 255 mb of ram to work with.

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    posted a message on Problem Windows 10 and Minecraft !

    Try updating your video card (display) driver.

    Use a driver from the vendor, not a driver included in Windows.

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    Quote from zicit91»

    Thing is, if building is the only thing you find fun in the game, then why not just play on Creative mode?

    Because some people want the challenge, even if it is minimal in vanilla Minecraft.

    It requires effort, to make interesting automated farms. It requires time to get the resources to make the farms.

    There is a sense of satisfaction you get doing it in survival that you don't get in creative mode with EVERYTHING at your fingertips.

    Seriously, look up the definition of "progression".

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