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    Do you think it's possible to make an add on mod that brings back the wolf pack and/or dire wolf features that was in the 1.7.10 version? Or perhaps put it back into the mod? That would be amazing. It was a feature that I absolutely loved since it corresponded to the actual concept of how the social aspect and different variations of werewolves are in mythology.

    In the stories and myths, Lycanthropes came in many shapes and sizes, from the bipedal wolfman form to the quadrupedal wolf, alongside the bipedal, digitigrade werewolf form. Some are lone wolves while others form packs to not only create a bond among kin, but also have a better chance of survival in the harsh world of hunters and wildlife, be it from defending their territory, protecting their clan, or hunting prey to feed the pack..

    The 1.7 version followed this concept, forming packs for increased chances of survival, forming alliances among other packs, having various personalities for each member of the pack (like a player), and other features as well.

    I was thinking that alongside the 1.7-exclusive features, there could be other features like having a pack rank feature, allowing the werewolves in the wild and pack to shift between man and wolf form depending on their mood, time of day and hunger/health, basically having an a.i. similar to a player/npc hybrid, and giving a gender/name for each wolf in the pack (if they don't already have a name).

    If these features can be added to the versions that don't have the, (or create an add-on mod that has these features for those versions (be it as separate module add-ons or an all-in-one add-on) then that would be fantastic!

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