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Hi There! Heres some useful information to know about me. I run Aerial Heights Server which you can find us at Aerial Heights for info on how to join. We are a tight nit community so if your going to break the rules you will be banned end of discussion.

Join Akliz for the BEST Server Hosting Experience Out There In My Opinion!

Akliz Hosting

We play more than just minecraft as we have Expanded into a wonderful gaming community! So feel free to come join us regardless of what you play! We want to know and hear about it.

We Just added an Apocalypse Server HERE

We are always trying to add new things Come see what that is!

If you need to get ahold of me its best to message me on the aerial heights website.

If you want to get to know me better join my server and my mumble and talk to me! Im quite fun to get to know

Also Check out my Youtube channel as i add things such as the events we do and designs myself or members come up with that we want to share with everyone!!

My You tube Channel

Everything is Now being built Legit outside of the main spawn building! The community has been building the highway as well as their own shops
Interests Running A Great Gaming Community Called Aerial Heights!!

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Minecraft RaesWolf Xbox LeakyWOLFEYES

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Website URL Skype RaeBenn85