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    posted a message on [16x][1.14] 4R Craft Original Resourcepack (Requires Optifine) (MC 1.14 Ready!) (V.1.9)

    Alright updated the first post with some new pictures and that, still need to do another video since the one for 1.7 is now looking even more out of date than before.

    It's kinda cumbersome keeping up with the presentation side of things, the part I really enjoy is the artwork and getting to improve and watching things slowly but surely evolve over time as I work on them.

    Speaking of, here's some shots of what I have for 2.0 so far (It's not gonna be an overhaul, just an iterative release with some changes just for 1.15)

    New Christmas chest changes

    End Stone Variation + changes and End Stone Brick changes. I def. did darken the purple stream a bunch.

    New Status Effect icons for Instant Damage and Health and changes to the others, tried to make them all feel a bit rounder and centered them and refined the Absorption icon so it's a lil shinier and more shaded. Also gave the health Regen a rainbow border to differentiate it from the others.

    New Enchant Glint effect. Rainbow now, it's better in action, I tried to make it less intrusive than Default's and the older 4R Craft one and I think it's a lot better.

    New Lily Pads.

    A new CIT item, name your painting Trans Pride to get a flag, only works as far as putting it in a frame as I don't believe CIT supports paintings; will check though. I have a bunch of CIT items I don't think people know about I'll try and make them known sometime in the future. May be adding more flags? Haven't decided.

    That's all for now.

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    So I have a bit to cover with this post but first of all I'd like to go ahead and say for now and the foreseeable future the plan has returned to the original upgrades in each version style of release, there's a ton of reasons why but it can all be summed up in: Rolling updates suit 4R Craft and me better.
    No promises on what will or won't happen since Mojang is presently breaking and reinventing huge systems of textures and adding massive heaps of them every update making every update drastically harder (Than ever before if I'm being honest, many new textures look almost like they already are from 4R Craft, forcing me to further push outside the box to tackle them. Good and bad in that, better textures but longer dev times)

    The other thing is 4R Craft 1.9 is now officially done and ready, hundreds of new textures and full 1.14 support are now in. Because I want to get this update out NOW and not spend time on presentation I have a few pictures of it below in the second spoiler and hopefully sometime between now and 2.0 I'll be able to get some new promotional bits finished but I'd rather give this update to you guys now. It feels like I've been working on it for forever.

    1.9 Changelog:

    Added Minecraft 1.4 Support incl. new textures

    Added New Emissive Textures (Iron Golem, Armorer Villagers and Zombie Villagers )
    Added New Mob Variations (All new villagers + Zombie versions, Salmon, Cod )
    Added New Texture Variations (Seagrass, Cornflower, Tree flowers for Oak Dark Oak and Birch, Planks, Grass Flowers, Grass Side, Wither Rose, Lily of the Valley, Snow Block Sides )

    Reworked Water (Still now has a crossflow animation, color deviation, higher contrast)
    Reworked Villagers and Zombie Villagers (Farmers now have hats since it's finally vanilla enabled, redid old Zombie Villager skins to be more consistent and match new ones/changes )
    Reworked Packed Ice (Made to match new ice textures)

    Tweaked Empty Armor Slots (Shaded icons, more consistent with Horse inventory and new Loom GUI. Changed shapes to match new Iron Armor icons)
    Tweaked Horse Armor (Fixed odd transparency bug I didn't know I picked up)
    Tweaked Diamond Sword (Handguard reshaded to feel less flat and be easier to see on the hotbar)
    Tweaked Grass and Tall Grass (Darker, to simulate shadows and vary it from the grass block itself)
    Tweaked Furnaces (Added top vent for consistency)
    Tweaked Birch Door (Upped noise for better feel)
    Tweaked Drowned (Knees! Pulled up the back of their heads a bit, some shading changes.)
    Tweaked Sugar Cane (Touch-ups, trying to improve the texture and make it easier to see against the environment)
    Tweaked Grass Flowers (Made them vastly more common, you should see at least one patch every time you head out.)
    Tweaked Cooked Mutton (Darker to get it further from the raw version)
    Tweaked Brick Item (Added color variation to make it feel more lively)
    Tweaked Splashes (Darkened one for variety)
    Tweaked Rain (Added dark/light variety to drops to add depth and slightly larger drops by adding more softness around them to add a more misty effect)
    Tweaked Night Stars (End at 6:30 instead of 6:03, just a little longer)
    Tweaked Grass Colormap (Darker and less saturated.)
    Tweaked All Leaves (More variation in leaf brightness, hopefully to their betterment)
    Tweaked Charcoal (Noise upped to add depth)
    Tweaked Leaf Colormap (Darkened and desaturated leaf colors in many biomes to improve contrast between grass and leaves)
    Tweaked PurPur Blocks (Upped dark line saturation to feel more cohesive)
    Tweaked Stone Variations (More variety in lighting and smoothness)
    Tweaked Boss Bars (Made inside dividers darker to fit outside edges)
    Tweaked Cobblestone Variations (Added cracks and corroded bricks)
    Tweaked Pumpkins (Balanced saturation between side and top)
    Tweaked Cut Sandstone (Stronger edges)
    Tweaked Blue Ice (More blue, more contrast, trying to help it stand out but mesh with new packed ice)
    Tweaked Fermented Spider Eye (Outline for cap, changed jar shape a bit)
    Tweaked Dyes (Minor change to shading)
    Tweaked Farmer Villager (Hat!)
    Tweaked Spruce Stripped Logs (Tweaked gamma)

    Promo shots

    I'm really proud of this version, it brings a ton of things to the pack I've wanted to do but couldn't before now. Namely the new Flowers on trees, the new cross-stream water animation, Plank and Grass side variations that feel cohesive, and the new Villagers are among my favorite pieces of art I've done period. I'm in love with each and everyone one of them, and with them comes a bunch of inspiration from other games and media close to my heart.

    I've also taken the time to change the look of the outdoors, bringing down the saturation and darkening up various elements to give it a more defined and easy on the eyes look.

    I have no idea if the Curseforge version will ever go live as the bot is presently deleting it because it's a "duplicate" (With more files and a different file size and mod. date?) but the Dropbox and Planet Minecraft downloads are already updated in the first post.

    Will report in later, take care.

    Edit: Approved! The Curseforge link should be 1.9 now. Sometimes repackaging can do the trick.

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    posted a message on Doom Craft Resource Pack [32x]

    The original DOOM is one of my favorite games of all time so I was super excited to try this!

    After some time with it I'd like to give some feedback.

    First, for most intents and purposes this is awesome. I love seeing the choices you made for where to put the DOOM textures and guessing at what would be what and of course where the non-DOOM things are from (Is the fire sprite from BLOOD? I can't quite tell, it's gorgeous though) the attention to detail is great and the second I clicked done and saw the DOOM menus and heard the sounds was just perfect.

    I will say there were a few small things that felt a lil off, namely the hotbar felt very out of place both at being DOOM like and against the detailed textures of the pack. I'm also not a huge fan of how the villager and illager textures look against the very different art style of the classic DOOM sprite mobs.

    Still I loved the mobs and especially the Ghast Cacodemon was just perfect. The water and lava are also really good and fitting and I love that you used the fleshy textures for the mushrooms. It wouldn't be the same without the organ texture.

    Did I miss Flame Blue in there somewhere or did you deem it too terrible to use? I don't blame you if you did but it is a classic haha.
    Also really dig the marine armor and the item sprites are all around pretty cool. I was really impressed and happy when I saw the Command Block textures.

    Great job overall, especially with the sound and music pack that's a really cool feature and you got it working perfectly, if you keep this up I can't wait to see what you do with it. :)

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    posted a message on [16x][1.14] 4R Craft Original Resourcepack (Requires Optifine) (MC 1.14 Ready!) (V.1.9)

    Provided I didn't mess anything up (Imgur is terrible now ugh. But even more 4R Craft is huge these days and with the changes to Minecraft I'm just hoping it's all back together) 1.8 is now out! It's still processing on Curse right now but there's a Dropbox link under it that should work.

    Have fun!

    Edit: Curse version is up. :)

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    posted a message on [16x][1.14] 4R Craft Original Resourcepack (Requires Optifine) (MC 1.14 Ready!) (V.1.9)

    Lots of announcements! Since someone decided to buy this place and keep it open (At least it wasn't IGN...right?)

    First 1.8 is now complete, I just have to do a fresh set of promo art and screenshots to get it ready to go out (It's different enough the old shots would be confusing plus I just enjoy the feeling of progress in how I present the pack too) no ETA just hopefully soon. : )

    Here is the changelog for the curious:

    1.8 Changelog (By date newest to oldest)

    Added Minecraft 1.13 Textures

    Added Emissive Textures (Drowned and a new rare mob so far)
    Added Turtle Varieties (3 colors of turtle)
    Added More New Rare Mobs (Slimes, Squid)
    Added More Block Variations (Stone brick, Netherrack)
    Added Smooth textures (Both Sandstones and Quartz)
    Added Stars (Woops...Well we have some nice custom ones now!! xD)

    Restored 1.7 features (Almost everything was down or broken...oof)

    Reworked Diamond Armor and Diamond Armor Items (New armor textures, reworked Item textures)
    Reworked Mine Carts (Reworked shading, worked on carpet)
    Reworked Ice, Packed Ice, and Frosted Ice (New Ice texture, changed contrast and coloring on Packed Ice, new textures for Frosted Ice)
    Reworked Oak Trap Doors (Color now matches Oak Door)
    Reworked Iron Doors and Trap Doors (Door now softer and more similar to ore block, Trap Door remade to match door)
    Reworked Water (Softer, works with new color system, added new underwater colors)
    Reworked Doors and Boats (Acacia and Jungle Doors + Items now match their new colors. Acacia and Jungle Boats + Items match their new colors. Spruce and Dark Oak Boats better match their planks)
    Reworked Planks and Logs (Jungle planks now Red, more orange Acacia, less saturated Oak, softer Dark Oak planks. Softer Spruce logs, changed Acacia logs to match new color, changed Jungle Logs to match new color.)
    Reworked UI (Reworked Recipe book, Furnace, Anvil, Hopper, Beacon, Dispenser, Enchanter, Brewing Stand. Tweaked Inventory, Creative UI, Chest, Crafting Table, Villager, Shulker Boxes. Redesigned various buttons.)
    Reworked Emerald, Redstone, Diamond, and Lapis blocks(More in line with item textures)
    Reworked Netherrack (Added grit and color smear)
    Reworked Nether Bricks (Darkened a bit, more brown, and a bit more change to the variation blocks.)
    Reworked Status Effect Icons (Reshaded and altered)
    Reworked Pistons (Changed metal frame to fit other dark wood blocks and reduced wood saturation to match also)
    Reworked Slimeballs and Sticky Pistons (Attempted logical solution to the multi-slime color problem!)
    Reworked Potato Plant (Re-Shaped and Re-shaded to fit more with other plants)
    Reworked Beet Plant (Reshaped and Re-shaded to fit more with other plants)

    Tweaked Mossy Cobblestone (Softened a few garish pixels)
    Tweaked Wolves (Reshaded and recolored, Eyebrows, changed Angry wolves)
    Tweaked Fire (Edges rounded on bottom)
    Tweaked Roses (Lightened top)
    Tweaked Peony (Lightened top, reshaded some areas, coloring)
    Tweaked Blaze (Hair changed, some shading)
    Tweaked Cows (Upped Noise, minor reshade)
    Tweaked Cookie (Reshaded, added just a touch more chocolate)
    Tweaked Rare Zombie and Painting (Added down hood, added shoes, misc.)
    Tweaked Red Cat (Darker stripes)
    Tweaked Bread (Reshaped, diet dr.bread)
    Tweaked Cake Item (Reshaded, reshaped)
    Tweaked Cooked Rabbit (Reshaded, less shine and heavily changed grill marks to be easier to hopefully be easy to tell apart from raw and look better)
    Tweaked Cooked Mutton (Reshaded, less shine to be easier to tell apart from Raw Mutton)
    Tweaked Pumpkin Pie (Reshaded, slight change to internal shape)
    Tweaked Bowl and Soup Items (Reshaded bowl, reshaded Beetroot Soup, saturated Rabbit Stew)
    Tweaked Iron Helmet Item (Reduced crosshatch)
    Tweaked Glistering Melon (Reshaded)
    Tweaked Sidegrass Dirt (Lil more grit)
    Tweaked Moon (Fixed long standing bug with one of the phases, finally.)
    Tweaked Prismarine Bricks (Darkened lower brick)
    Tweaked Sheep (Improved wool)
    Tweaked Bone Block (More details)
    Tweaked Beacon Beam (More streams)
    Tweaked Llamas (Various changes. Teeth, reshading, Gray Llama darkened.)
    Tweaked Font (Added Mojang changes I found)
    Tweaked Writable Books (Feather)
    Tweaked Cooked Chicken (Less shine, hopefully making it even easier to tell cooked from raw without focus)
    Tweaked Rails (Varied shading)
    Tweaked Shulker Boxes (Buckle now silver instead of light red)
    Tweaked Clay Ball Item (Edges refined)
    Tweaked Dark Oak (Logs darker, Leaves darker)
    Tweaked Snow (Added grit and cyan)
    Tweaked Grass (Upped contrast)
    Tweaked Iron Armor model and items (No longer cyan/blue tinted)
    Tweaked Jungle and Acacia Wood Doors (To match new colors)
    Tweaked Sand (Reduced saturation)
    Tweaked HUD icons (less saturated Hunger)
    Tweaked Feathers (Very small change to the end, hardly worth noting but partly for the new Slow Falling icon)
    Tweaked Armor Stand (Darkened wood again)
    Tweaked Farmland (Dry. Was a little too bright)
    Tweaked Mob Spawner (More metal shine and more in line with other steel/iron items)
    Tweaked Bedrock (General improvements, namely more stone like texture)
    Tweaked Cake Inside (Smoother)
    Tweaked Ladders (Reshaded)
    Tweaked Mushrooms and Large Mushrooms (Large Stems varied, Large Red texture reworked, brown mushroom reshaded)
    Tweaked Skyboxes
    Tweaked Stone Variants
    Tweaked Gravel (Darker to distinguish it from Stone)

    1.8 is important to me partly because it's the remaining work I wanted to get into 1.7 finished and because it's going to be the last core change update for a long while.

    The second announcement is about the future of the pack; starting with 1.8 and forward the core textures are now going into a state freeze. What that means is no more changes to existing textures will be going live over the 1.XX versions (1.9, 1.10, etc.)

    The reason is I'm going to be starting work towards what I call 4R Craft 2.0. Plans for it right now are liquid but I have a bunch of ideas that require a lot of experimentation and learning on my part to get done. I'm looking at releasing it sometime before January 2022 (Gosh that feels weird to write)

    I'd really like to push myself as an artist and push the pack forward to try and really reach new heights.

    This also hopefully means following versions should come sooner as they won't require anything but the latest Minecraft textures polished and ready.

    I'll leave you with a shot of some of the new textures I can't wait to share with you soon!

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    posted a message on [16x][1.14] 4R Craft Original Resourcepack (Requires Optifine) (MC 1.14 Ready!) (V.1.9)
    Thank you! ❤
    Since the forums are closing I wanted to (With everyone else) update and say the new version of 4R Craft isn't ready yet but you can get updates on Curseforge and Planet Minecraft for the foreseeable future. When I get the energy I may make another thread for the pack on Planet Minecraft so I can keep making update posts as well.

    A mix of real life things have kept me from working on the new release but the changes Mojang made didn't help either they were a headache to make and redo all of my texture variation models. I am happy with where the changes are so far (Over 60 entries in the changelog so far) and the pack is getting close to ready! The goal for this release is definitely to finish a lot of what I left out of 1.7 like new Diamond Armor and changes to the UI. I can't go back to 1.7 (literally, thanks Mojang) after getting used to the new changes, especially to crops and planks hehe.

    Here are some spoiler shots of the new changes.(All subject to change as always!)
    New plank/wood and iron door/trapdoor changes New Llama and grass changes New Nether block changes and block variations Water changes, new ice texture, and sand changes Resource block and sandstone changes Food overhaul, again!

    There's plenty more but I will keep some surprises. c; So to everyone out there I just want to say thank you for the support all these years, 4R Craft isn't and won't ever be perfect but it's been a huge and meaningful part of my life shaping and improving it all these years and your feedback has been a big part of that! (Every piece of feedback I've gotten I've used to improve the pack in some way) I'm really proud of how far I've come with it.

    When I first started and shared my work on 4R Craft I was told not to bother continuing (give up) by another artist who I had looked up to, it hurt but I continued in spite of that. Literally in spite I mean screw him haha. I'm glad I didn't give up, the countless hours I've put into 4R Craft have been mostly joyful and I wouldn't take any of it back. I love it and that's enough for me. :)

    Have a good one everybody. Follow your dreams, love what and who you love unashamedly, and don't be afraid to do what makes you happy. ❤
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    Quote from Tylertyza_»

    The sticky pistons look cool. It's an interesting idea and its new. I think you should go for it! :)

    Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm definitely keeping them in and have been working on the slimeball sprite. c:

    While I'm posting I'd love to share some of the new lil' things coming with the next version of 4R Craft, I still have a ton of work getting it 1.13 compliant ahead of me but I have a bit of in progress stuff to show!

    More work on large mushroom textures.

    Stars return to the night sky with a new custom star box!

    Status effect sprites have also gotten some hopefully positive changes.

    And a softer grittier bedrock.

    And a bit more I haven't shown, but with all the work it's going to take to get 1.8 back to where it was in MC1.12 I don't have any plans to make it any kind of huge sweeping update.
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    Hey! Right to the point I'd love some feedback on this proposed logic change for slimes and slimeballs.
    Current: slimes all drop green and sticky pistons are green but slimes are varied and so are slime blocks
    Proposed idea 1: Slimes all drop multiple slime bits shoved together and pistons reflect this, slimes and slime blocks stay the same.
    Proposed idea 2: Same as 1 but slimes and slime blocks are also shifted into one singular multicolor texture.
    None of this is final but I'm very interested in any thoughts anyone has; Which would you prefer? And does the new slime bits item look too uniform or out of place or feel fine? I'm not really gonna argue about the new sticky piston texture that thing is gorgeous imo. xD

    Now that 4R Craft development is winding down I kind of wanted to make some quality of life changes and continue to address feedback I've received over the years. I've actually looked into or addressed every single piece of feedback I've gotten, slimes dropping a green ball was one of those and I guess I can't argue that it feels jarring! I think that small things like this are what separate good pieces from great ones; the logic and care put into everything flowing equally into one dance, one river that sweeps the viewer off their feet and into its' song.
    4R Craft isn't that good of course but I like to put in the effort anyway Lol.
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    Bumping for a couple of reasons real quick-

    First, author name has changed in all credits. If anyone re-upping this pack is interested or concerned with attribution. (Many are, I find. It's very comforting to know they read at least my name before re-upping the pack)

    Second, to be clear I like letting third parties up and relink my pack for one reason only: availability. I am strongly against those that use it for any financial gain but if ads on the site help you run it and get my pack safely and virus-free to people then by all means. I just know there are places like China that have limited access to the internet and having local uploads A. speeds them up and B. lets them get through firewalls so I'm not as extreme about this as a lot of (understandably durressed) artists are.

    Third, yo what's up with sites thinking I had help on this pack? I've worked on this thing for like 7 years now by mySELF. Lol.

    Not mad, just gotta say it's funny they think that. Also what the heck does any of that outlined text in the second one mean?? (I can link to the sites if requested but for privacy's sake I have omitted them)

    Most got it right saying I did it all myself, but these two made me laugh with "experimental team" work, oh yes I have experimented a lot over the years haha.

    The only direct help I've had is Insane Lemon's destitcher that helped me not lose my mind separating my clocks and compasses when Mojang turned them into 50 some odd textures. The rest has been just me hammering away quietly to music! Sometimes movie vlogs. It's all p. boring from the outside Lol.

    Lastly, have some shader-shots I took while I was figuring out how to promote the new image of 4R Craft in 1.7

    I wonder if I could prototype a version of the 4R Craft GUI that looks good against this type of shader? It looks superimposed right now. Thinking...transparency and less saturation might help.

    Anyway- gonna keep working to get a version of 4R Craft that works in 1.13, still bugged to purple right now Lol.

    Take care everyone!

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    posted a message on Mega Man X Pack [WIP]

    This is actually really wonderful. The items are fun, the blocks are great, and the animations are really nice.

    Ores, stone, leaves, dirt and grass, leaves, sand stone, and ocean temple block textures are all amazing standouts that you did a fantastic job with I gotta say.

    Armor is super well done and the GUI is pretty nice too, love the little throwback details.

    Small things though; why did you put the pack inside a folder inside the zip so we have to unzip it? Oversight, compatibility or future plans?

    And not to be negative there are a few texture with tiling issues and or cut off texture like the right side of the crystal texture you use for Glowstone, diamond, and emerald blocks and the oak leaf (and other leaf blocks you used this texture for) has tile trouble on the left and bottom connections. They're easy to ignore at distance and don't hurt it badly though imo. The clock also has a broken texture at midway as the moon is on the right and the sun on the left, around sunrise. Unsure why.

    That aside most of the items are like I said a ton of fun like the blaster bow and the Z-Sabers, the potions are also really cool as well.

    This is definitely one of the best based on a game packs I've tried and it has a lot of obvious care in both the original and recreated (or ripped, can't tell but I don't judge) textures and sprites. Great work!

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    posted a message on [16x][1.14] 4R Craft Original Resourcepack (Requires Optifine) (MC 1.14 Ready!) (V.1.9)

    Hey! I wanted to take a second to talk about 4R Craft and to thank you to everyone, 4R Craft 1.7 has managed to get 846 downloads in just 76 days making it the fastest moving release to date. What I hope that really means is at least a couple of those were people that enjoyed the changes that came with it!

    I'd like to share with you a spot in one of my personal maps that I used to gauge the progress I was making on 1.7, I'd compare 1.6.2 with the current work to see if my changes were actually starting to make a difference.

    1.6 V

    1.7 ^

    I wanted to finally make use of the years of feedback on stone, lowered the contrast and flattened it out a lot to bring it closer to dirt and make the new stone variations feel at home with it.

    It isn't very obvious, but making 4R Craft has been a huge labor of love. Last year was an amazing experience going over everything I've done and correcting, replacing, reworking, and thinking about the story and feeling of the pack as you play, the secrets you'll encounter and how they should impact you, and how the story behind the textures should play out while you play.
    I get it, totally just feels like another spin on default to everyone else and that's cool I don't blame anyone for thinking that, heck I wouldn't be surprised if the only reason I don't is because I know the ideas behind everything so it's a completely different experience for me.

    But I'm still glad I could share 4R Craft with you all and it means a ton that thousands of you have given it try!

    See you guys around 1.13's release, yay wonky horse rework for no reason that I don't look forward to...haha.

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    posted a message on [16x][1.14] 4R Craft Original Resourcepack (Requires Optifine) (MC 1.14 Ready!) (V.1.9)

    Hi! Posting real quick to say I've replaced the download with an image and text combo since the Curse Widget is out, I've left the widget there just in case they iron things out. If not I'll take it out later.

    I've also updated the Thanks section, blah blah blah I know you don't care so just a very small upset on the next version coming with Minecraft 1.13:

    I've added the new skyboxes to snowy/rainy skies.

    Still looking for feedback as always; I'm still undecided on the new sky color but I can't stand the default either haha.

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    posted a message on Resource Pack Death!

    Sorry to say here isn't an exclusive death sound, it's just one or more of the 3 hit-beeps sometimes mixed with the fallbig or fallsmall sounds, the folder structure would be sounds/damage/hit(1)-(3).ogg and fallbig.ogg or fallsmall.ogg; which will trigger if jumping or using /kill.

    Minecraft Wiki on folder structure (Scroll down for Sounds)

    Custom maps can use resourcepack sounds for specific events but it'd have to be done on a per-map basis and resourcepacks can't handle anything like that as of 1.12. Hope this helps anyway, good luck with your pack!

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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - No longer updating. Sorry.

    I definitely prefer what you have there. I do find myself missing some of the border highlights but the new slots are all so beautiful I'm more than fine with it.

    And I know I'm years late to say this but fantastic work on Sanity, Alvoria. It's an absolute delight with all the unique textures and care put in. ♥

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    posted a message on Who here still actively plays the game?

    I pretty much play in shifts now, I'll start a world and get it to a good point to either expand or start a project and then get tired and quit heh. Seven years in and I still enjoy playing from time to time is good enough for me.

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