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    posted a message on Camera Studio [V2.18] (standalone - MODLOADER - FORGE) (VIDEO RECORDER)
    I'm having a little problem. When I click on "Skip Ad", it goes to a page that says:

    Error :
    PLEASE USE THE OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD LINK ! (http://bit.ly/camera-studio)

    Is there something wrong with the links, or is it just the computer that I'm using?
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    posted a message on [v3.7] AMIDST - Strongholds, Village, Biome, Etc. Finder. [1.7.4]
    I can't find the player on the map. Help?
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    posted a message on [Challenge] Journey to the End
    The story:
    The endermen have taken over the world, spreading a hazardous purple smoke accross the cube. You have on day to prepare, then you must live your life underground and find some way to destroy the endermen. Think you can do it?

    1. No hacks/mods.
    2. Play on at least Normal difficulty.
    3. Once you go underground, you can't go back to the surface until the challenge is complete.
    4. [Optional] For all you hardcore players out there, the only form of lighting you can use is the light from nether portals.
    5. You may only go out at night, and only if you have a full suit of armor.

    Level 1: A new life
    1. You may only use wooden tools.
    2. You can mine stone, but you can't place it or craft with it.

    1. Build a safe house (with a roof, walls, a door, etc.).
    2. Create a wheat farm (at least 5 wheat).
    3. Find a cave and connect it with your base.
    4. Collect at least 2 stacks of cobble.
    5. Craft at least a full stack of torches (only for the non-hardcore people).

    Level 2: Further into the Darkness
    1. You can now use and place stone/cobblestone.
    2. You CANNOT use iron.
    3. You can't use glass as a sunroof.

    1. Expand your base.
    2. Find an underground ravine. Connect it with your base.
    3. Smelt at least 20 iron ingots.
    4. Craft another stack of torches.
    5. Kill 5 evil monsters.

    Level 3: Guts of Steel
    1. You can now use iron in any way you wish.
    2. You can't use gold or diamond.
    3. You can use redstone too.

    1. Expand your base.
    2. Create a bunker with walls 2 blocks thick made of smooth stone.
    3. Find a dungeon.
    4. Expand your wheat farm (at least 10 wheat).
    5. Make a full suit of iron armor.
    6. Go to the surface and kill 1 enderman.
    7. Make a passive mob farm in the underground.
    8. Make a mob grinder.

    Level 4: Blood Red
    1. You can use gold and diamond now.

    1. Expand your base.
    2. Find an abandoned mineshaft.
    3. Make a melon an pumpkin farm.
    4. Expand your other farms (15 wheat; every passive mob in the game except for squids; a row of 10 sugarcane).
    5. Make diamond pick.
    6. Make a portal to the nether.
    7. Find a nether stronghold.
    8. Collect 6 blaze rods.

    Level 5: The End
    No glass.

    1. Collect 12 enderpearls.
    2. Make 12 eyes of ender.
    3. Find a stronghold.
    4. Fix the end portal and go to the end.
    5. Defeat the enderdragon.
    6. Find a way to collect the dragon egg, and collect it!

    This section is empty for now, but if you win the challenge and you give me proof, then I will put your minecraft name up here.
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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    I went to the nether today, and raided one of those nether strongholds.
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    posted a message on Effective Way To Turn On/Off Nether Portal
    Here's an EASY way (that Enerjak posted a while ago). Remember how you activate the portal by lighting the inside on fire? Light the inside on fire again while it's turned on, and it will turn off.
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    posted a message on [Challenge] Superflat Survival
    Superflat Survival Challenge

    Hello, I just wanted to give you a bit of a challenge.

    1. No mods! Mods are bad!
    2. Play on at least Easy.
    3. ALWAYS use the superflat world!
    4. You can't craft anything except for bread! Everything else you must COLLECT!

    1. Build a house.
    2. Collect at least 20 slime balls.
    3. Kill 10 slimes (NOT inluding the slimes you killed for challenge 2).
    4. Kill 10 zombies ON YOUR OWN!
    5. Kill 10 skeletons ON YOUR OWN!
    6. Kill 10 creepers (WITHOUT blowing them up.)
    7. Kill 3 enderman.
    8. Don't let your hunger run out for 5 Minecraft days (doesn't have to be in a row).
    9. Stay alive for at least 5 Minecraft days in a row.
    10. Find a village.
    11. Steal a tool or weapon from the village (you may or may not get lucky).
    12. Kill 1 iron golem.

    Note: You don't have to complete these challenges in order.

    If you've completed these challenges, then congrats! I'll post your Minecraft Forum name on this thread!

    This section is empty for now. Tell me you won the challenge WITH PROOF, and I will post your Minecraft or Minecraft Forum name up here.
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    posted a message on You'r First Reaction To Diamonds
    Me: Ooh look diamonds! I'm gonna give them away!
    Me: Does anyone want FREE DIAMONDS?
    OtherPlayer: Sure, thanks for giving me the most precious and hardest thing to find in the game.
    Me: Np man
    *5 days later after my brother told me how valuable they were*
    Me:... Oh dear god, WHAT HAVE I DONE???

    That is actually what happened.
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    posted a message on The Most Annoying Thing...
    In my opinion, the most annoying thing im Minecraft PE is how many zombies can spawn at once. It's like I walk into a tiny little cavern and as soon as I step into the cavern, there are like 20 zombies trying to kill me ALL AT ONCE! What do you think is the most annoying thing?
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    posted a message on Redstone Creative Server
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    posted a message on Awesome Seed!
    Quote from Jmayton45

    Its a troll seed, Tried it No village or ravine.
    It's not a troll seed. It's real! You just have to use it in 1.2.3. It won't work if you update to 1.2.4. Also you have to make it ALL CAPS! It won't work if it's not all caps.
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    posted a message on Cauldrons are useless!
    Cauldrons used to be able to brew potions. They were actually everything for brewing potions. They did everything for potions, from brewing to storing. Cauldrons used to be everything. And now they are nothing.
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    posted a message on Are Endermen Really That Evil?
    They're not evil. When you look at them, they just want to hug you INTENSELY!!! They help you place blocks and stuff, but Notch did something that made it so enderman can no longer pick up useful stuff like stone or flowers or stuff like that.
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    posted a message on You see an Enderman in your bedroom, what do you do?
    1. I would go up to him.
    2. I would make him a sandwich.
    3. I would offer him a cup of water.
    4. I would let him sleep in my 2-block-high bedroom.
    5. I would then wear a pumpkin for no reason.
    6. Me: Do you want this diamond sword?
    Enderman: Sure, thnx.
    Me: Oops...
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    posted a message on What Sort of House Do You Have?
    I used to have the houses that were built by digging inside a mountain, but I now have upgraded it so it looks a little more fancy.
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    posted a message on Cauldrons are useless!
    Didn't the cauldron use to be the only way to brew potions, before it was replaced by the brewing stand?
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