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    Find out what you are ... what are you?
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    What is this game? It is an adventure! A story! A game!

    In the begining, there was nothing, right? Wrong. There was it. A small orb like creature who's fate you control. What shall it do? You decide! Make a suggestion as to what this thing shall do, and after a certain time, the gamemaster (that's me) will put them up for a vote. The point of this is to help this little thing survive. How will it survive? By evolving of course! As it eats something, normally it will only give energy. However, some things have stuff in them you can use. By eating those things, you can add them onto yourself. That's the simple way, anyways. As the game goes on, you will find more ways to gain attributes.

    - Don't make responces that are obviously trolling
    - Don't have arguments, only suggest what the creature should do. The only place for arguments is in the poles.
    - Follow the rules of the main site.

    Who are you? What are you? Those are both good questions, seeing as you are blind and have no ways of moving. Why are you blind? Because you have no eyes to see. You don't even know your blind. How do you move? You don't, you don't even know what moving is. All you do is float and let things hit you, where they are absorbed into your body and "eaten". However, for the first time in your life, a light appears. A noise comes from the light, and you can understand it for some reason. "I think I shall have some fun here" it says. "Survive".

    You start to feel a change in the world you live in. For one, you know what you are. You are "me". You have a sense of self. Another, far more important thing, is that you can somehow sense that something is coming. Something sinister. You feel a painful tug as you are pulled in a direction, snagged on some object. Suddenly, another pull of the liquid you are in drags you into a place, where you start to feel a stinging sensation. You start to feel death approach, you don't know how you know this, but you know that you will soon cease to be. As you start to stop existing, the voice returns. "Hmm ... that didn't go as I thought it would. Let's change things up a bit."

    You feel the same way after you did the first time the voice spoke, however, it feels a bit different now. You can sense the world around you. How? You do not know. You also now can move. You wonder how you managed to even live like how you did, randomly drifting in the darkness. You can see all sorts of small orb like creatures, as well as the creature that you guess probably was the one that had "killed" you.
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    (The game!)

    Help this curious creature fufill whatever destiny that happens to occur! Say what you thing the Jelly should do, and the Gamemaster will pick the most popular choice (the one's that are the most similar/logical).

    Quote from User_1 »

    The Jelly swims up an undisclosed distance.

    Quote from User_2 »

    The tentacled beast rips off it's arms and dies, lol!

    Quote from User_3 »

    Jelly moves upward

    Quote from User_4 »

    Swim down

    Quote from Gamemaster »

    *Jelly swims in an upward direction*

    - All the rules of the main site apply
    - Try to avoid deliberately posting stupid things (such as User_2 in the example)
    - You can only post once per move, any extra posts will be ignored. This avoids confusion.
    - No complaining, majority rules. If you don't like what the group decides, deal with it.
    - Have fun. This is a game.

    -This is a work in progress, different things may happen down the road that will effect how the game will be played
    - Jelly can die, although he resets where he last was with a 2 move immortality, and loses a level.
    - The goal is to evolve, to do so Jelly needs to eat.

    (please read everything above before posting, thank-you!)

    A Jellyfish apears out of the void.
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    Quote from godsblade

    Sooo close to getting a ND, but even in the last minute it still turned out to be a normal hatchling. I guess it really matters in those last seconds of it's life :/

    why do ND's exist in the first place? I mean, the reason they originally were created seems to have backfired.
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    We simply nuke it, again and again and again and again.
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    ... Okay?
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    posted a message on You and the 2 above avatars are stranded on an island, what do you do?
    ummmmm ... this won't end well for me, im thinking.
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    It has been a year since I started Drag Cave ... and on it's aproximate aniversery, I wanted to thank you guys and this thread for getting me into the drag cave.
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    An Imperial Fleet commander looking at a screen of stuff.
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    This is going to be a bad day ... I can feel it.
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    Just a random Imperial Fleet Commander, found the pic on google.
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    Kay, then I'll just have to use relics of the days of the republic

    ATTE (x 35) - 1/17
    Venator-class Star Destroyer (x10) - 1/15
    Rancor (x2) - 2/6
    Dark Jedi (x4) - 2/8
    ARC-170 fleet (5,000 fighters) - 4/5
    V-Wing fleet (10,000 fighters) - 4/6
    Executor Class Star Dreagnaught (x2) - 13/20
    Eclipse class Star Destroyer - 13/25
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