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    posted a message on [PUZ] Biodynamicomplex (Early beta)
    The biodynamicomplex is a large collection of rooms filled with challenges that test your logic and comprehension, Oh yeah, and there's a little parkour too. Sound boring? Then you must not know what fun truly is :) From the get-go it's clear that this map has a portal like feel to it. Inspired by external games and other Minecraft puzzle maps

    Keep in mind this map is in early beta and will certainly get changed. Have and idea? Post it below or email me at [email protected] This map also requires a custom resourcepack that comes with the map. I'll shut up now and let you experience all the fun and wonder that starts when you click that download button :)

    DOWNLOAD the whole package here!: http://www.mediafire...complex MAP.zip

    Known bugs:
    -Baked Potato bug: Until future updates, ignore the sign that says place baked potato here, just put it in
    the chest that says feed me
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    posted a message on The Ether - Wings of the End
    I'm getting conflicts with other mods I want to play this with. Is there a way I could alter the ID's of some items and blocks. Please respond asap. Thanks :)
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    posted a message on Player Detection Map

    The amazing player detector (APD) is a map by RC002. This map simply gives credit to whoever is on the map. I inputted special outputs for anyone from close friends, mojangsters, and YouTubers! If you want a special output simply tell me. When you load up the map you should spawn in creative mode on a glass, stone, and glowstone platform. If you start falling in the void just fly over to the glass,stone, and glowstone platform, and of course: ENJOY!

    Download it HERE: http://goo.gl/mXPQTw

    Installation instructions:
    1. Download the zip file from the link above
    2. Extract the folder out of the zip file
    3. Place the folder in your Minecraft "saves" folder
    4. Load up Minecraft and play the map! :DORE:

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    posted a message on [1.7.2][1.6.4] Rediscovered Mod [WIP] (Unused, Unimplemented, and Removed Features)
    Hello, love this mod and hope it keeps growing. So I just wanted to know if you were actively updating this still. Also, can you add Black Steve back in?
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