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    So, my problem here is, how do i make working automatic intervals for an rpg dialog system?

    I created a command-block session, and their reason is to add a Timer that works by tick. When this timer reaches a certain value, for example, 400 ticks, I want a command-block to check it and Trigger a text command that I am using. I used this tutorial to create the base of the Timer: minecraft java edition - How do I delay a command - Arqade (stackexchange.com)

    But the problem is that, as I don't want to create 40 scores for each type of text, I want to do this automatically. But it is obvious that to check the timer when it reaches that value, I would have to use a Repeat command block.

    And, that's the problem, I have no idea how I can make a way for the command block to be checking the timer without just repeating. In chain mode it will check only once when the command block in the opposite direction is executed successively, and if the command block is on repeating, all of the others command blocks will trigger when the timer reaches their value too. I can't think about a way to fix this, so please someone just help me.

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