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    posted a message on NEW SERVER!!! ALL STAFF NEEDED

    Hello everyone! Thank you for reading my post. now to get to the details. Im looking to create a minecraft server network with factions, skyblock, towny, survival, op survival, prison, creative. and much much more. i have a lot of experience and am wanting to put together an awesome team to work together for this! Im looking for builders, moderators, administrators, manager, and develpers/configurators. If interested in joining me join my discord server and message me!

    Discord server invite: https://discord.gg/27RYZZP

    discord username : Excrele#8443

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    posted a message on New Factions server! Dm on discord if interested

    Hello there minecraft forum users. I would like to take this time to try and recruit some people to help be staff for an upcoming factions server that I am making. The server is called AerialMC. If you are interested in being staff on the server positions range from chat mod, moderator, head moderator, admin, developer, and manager.

    Dm me on discord if you are interested : Excrele#8443

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    posted a message on Apex Survival Towny!

    Hey everyone come join my new server Apex survival and join our towny server. We are recruiting staff members as well as looking for dedicated players. so stop by and play. our discord server is : https://discord.gg/PYtsUcq

    I look forward to seeing you in the server

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    posted a message on New Skyblock Server Releasing!!!

    Come one come all welcome to the Apex Survival Skyblock server! I am pleased to announce to you that the server will be releasing in just a few days. We have tons of cool features such as mines, envoys, seasonal rewards, pets, disguises and so much more. We strive to make this the best possible place for players to come and have fun together so come join us at our new discord server below! dont let small numbers drive you away this server will grow and we plan on making this a place for people to gather and have fun!

    discord server link :: https://discord.gg/e6KKFZv

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    posted a message on Apex Survival Skyblock Staff recruitment

    Hello minecraft community!!! I am here to look for members as well as staff for my upcoming Skyblock server! There are many cool things that this server features from several ranks, disguises, puchasable tags, seasonal events, Envoys, pets and so much more! I am looking for a mature group of people that can work together to achieve the same goal of providing a safe fun environment for people to play minecraft skyblock. If you are interested please join this discord that i have made today to get everything started on. Once you have feel free to dm me. Im not super active on the forums but you can reply to me here as well.

    Discord link:: https://discord.gg/e6KKFZv

    I look forward to working with you all !

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    posted a message on 1.14.4 Survival community server with Discord

    hey man message me on discord!!


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    posted a message on Apex Survival | Community based server | Towny | Skyblock | Factions | Skypvp

    Hello everyone! Apex survival is a server dedicated to providing a fun environment for the community we are dedicated to the players and take all suggestions seriously. Our main game mode is towny which is highly community centered you group up together and build your own towns and communities inside the server! theres lots of fun to be had in the server and we hope to see you join us and enjoy your time. lets help build a community together !!!

    Server ip play.apexsurvival.fun

    website: https://apexsurvivalmc.enjin.com

    Discord: https://discord.gg/PYtsUcq

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    posted a message on Cryptic Void Network!! In need of co owner, manager, Developers, Administrators, Moderators, Builders

    Hello i would like to introduce myself my name is Decarta or R3dDrag0on69, or CrypticV. I am relaunching a minecraft server that i have owned for quite some time and would like to take this time to gather members to form a staff team. I have some expectations for each role so i will look over everyone and interview individualy case by case. I own a dedicated server rack so theres no worries about server hosting, I also own webservers as well so again no need for website hosting either. As this is a relaunch i do have a large portion of files already for the server however there will be some work that needs to be done to the server before we are ready to launch publicly. I do plan on monetizing the server however it will not be pay to win.I dont expect a ton of money to come in from the server but i do expect us to form a great community for gamers to unite together and have a good time playing. The servers that will be getting uploaded to the dedicated rack are as follows.

    - bungeecord

    - hub

    - Towny

    - Pixelmon

    Pixelmon is no where near completed but its a plan of mine to get a pixelmon server up and running.

    Towny is the primary focus of the server however i plan on releasing Skyblock, Factions, and KitPVP as well with your help.

    Any donations that come into the server can and will be split between the staff and or pay for server upkeep as per whatever agreement we reach.

    The best way to get ahold of me is to contact me on discord: Decarta#1356

    You can comment on here but i must warn i dont check the forums that often so its not garunteed that ill see it right away. Discord will be your best bet to get ahold of me

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    posted a message on {Open still }New minecraft server Owner/partner needed

    Hello im looking for someone to start a minecraft server with. I can provide hosting as i have a dedicated server rack already. I would just like to give this opertunity to someone to start a server and to build a community together. If interested either reply to this thread or to get in contact with me the easiest way message me on discord :

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    posted a message on Mystic Factions

    Hello everyone i would like to annouce the release of my minecraft server Mystic Factions

    F top rewards

    1. $1000
    2. $150
    3. $75

    - Diamond rain!!! we all love diamonds and on this server it rains them!!!

    - Bounties !! kill and get money

    - Balanced economy!! money for everyone!

    - gkits!! who doesnt like those!

    - KOTH!! need i say more?

    - and much much more!!

    join our discord today !!!


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