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    posted a message on Need Help for Optifine Entity Models and custom textures by naming

    Hey, I know it's been awhile since this post, but I'm having trouble getting the naming to work.

    I'm on Optifine 1.12.2 HD U C8 and I have created a "pig" folder within "assets/minecraft/mcpatcher/mob/", put an image of a different pig (same size as original pig texture) called pig2.png.

    Then I made a pig2.properties file and put the following in it.


    What happens in-game is that it appears to be random. If I use a spawn egg to spawn a pig, it may have the new texture or it may not. If I /summon a pig with the {CustomName:"2"}, it sometimes has the new texture and sometimes doesn't. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks!

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    posted a message on Is it possible to use 1.10 litemod on 1.12.2 liteloader?

    Hey! I desperately need a litemod that was only made for 1.10 to work on the latest version of liteloader (1.12.2).

    The mod is this: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/lighting-edit

    It essentially turns of sky light so that you can't be lagged to death when placing blocks at the height limit. If there are any mods (forge, liteloader, or otherwise) that are similar and work for 1.12.2, please put links to them as your answer to this question. Also, if you know how to edit a litemod so that it will work with 1.12.2, again, please do so and send a link. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Changing Texture of Totem Based On Name

    I have watched many videos on how to change the texture of things like swords, dyes, and the like based on their names using optifine and resourcepacks, but I cannot get it to work with the totem of undying! I have been trying to make the texture change to look like a smaller version of me or my friends based upon the name of the totem.

    Here is what my .properties file looks like:


    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    P.S. I have tried this with lime green dye (id:351, damage:2 I think) and it works fine when I rename the item. It seems to only happen with totems. Edit: OH also the texture for the mini version of me is 32x32.

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    posted a message on Looking for On Our Private Server Members

    On Our Private Server is a series I started on my YouTube Channel with some friends. Now, in season three and for the first time ever, we want you!

    This season will be Forge 1.10.2 featuring mainly Biomes o' Plenty, HarvestCraft, and MoCreatures (more information about the server in the form linked below). All the mods are very nature oriented so that we can move away from the technologies of Season Two. I am currently developing a resource pack for Biomes o' Plenty that combines both Faithful 32x32 and a version of Sphax that I found for Biomes o' Plenty.

    We want to add people to the series! You can make your own videos or just play for fun. Fill out this form here.

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    posted a message on Is a Galacticraft World able to work when adding Extra Planets?

    Ok thanks for the input. It's sad I really wanted opre planets so I'll do my own testing with backups for sure. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Is a Galacticraft World able to work when adding Extra Planets?

    I have a Galacticraft series on my YouTube channel and we've been to the moon and stuff so far and have big plans but today I discovered the Extra Planets Mod Link. It adds planets and a bunch of other stuff directly on to Galacticraft. But what I was wondering that if I was to add this mod to our series, would it mess up our current world at all? What would the repercussions be? Thanks!

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    posted a message on Shaders that come with only God Rays and Shadows

    I was wondering if there are any shaders that come with only god rays and shadows and maybe wavy water and circular suns and moons. I usually run Sildurs Vibrant Lite shaders and run that at 20-35 FPS which is OK but there are so many features of that shaderpack that I deem not necessary for my use. Yes, I know I can turn the settings off that I don't like but when I do that it doesn't look good. Even without enhanced colors something isn't right. So the question of the day is, can anyone find or maybe even make for me a shaderpack that only has God rays, lightweight shadows, wavy water, circular celestial bodies, AND still looks good! Lol thanks!

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    posted a message on I Really Need Help with the Force-Gamemode Option

    It's 100% vanilla. I want to enforce gamemode like that because it is my only option, so that when a player joins that is (let's say) not opped, they get set to gamemode 2, but all others get set to gamemode 1 by default.

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    posted a message on I Really Need Help with the Force-Gamemode Option

    Hey, I've got a 17w06a server that I use for me and some friends to work on all things 17w06a related but some friends I trust less than others so I tried out the force-gamemode option in the server.properties. I know perfectly well what this does and it works fine, but whenever I (the owner) join the server my gamemode gets set to 2 (which I specified). I was trying to make it so only non-ops were forced into gamemode 2 upon connection. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    posted a message on Impact 1.11 Not Generating Log File

    I occasionally use Impact 1.11 for an anarchy server and I find that it doesn't generate the usual log file in %appdata%\.minecraft\logs\latest.log

    Why is this?

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    posted a message on 1.11.2 Multiplayer Client

    I understand the logic behind what I want to do, but I have no idea where to put this inside the code, also I have no way to edit the java code of Minecraft itself. If you could write out the section of code for the boolean true or false variable that (if true) activates the countdown variable (for one minute, not 30 seconds), then tell me exactly where to put it in the client and how to veiw the code of the default client.. Am I making any sense? What I mean is, could you provide me with the required code for what I wanted, then tell me where to put it and how to edit the code that would be greatly appreciated. I know this sounds super lazy but believe me, MCP and Eclipse and whatever else is required will not work for me. Also keep in mind, I want a client, not a mod. Thanks!

    Also, if possible instead of that make it press the "Use Item" button every Minute, make it so it presses the "use item" button if there is a block 15 blocks underneath the respective player. Thankyou. (this is meant to be used with the elytra)

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    posted a message on 1.11.2 Multiplayer Client

    Hello! I could not find a "Help Making Clients" tab so I chose the most related one.

    Ok, so I need help creating a Minecraft 1.11.2 Client that, when you press "P" it toggles a loop that presses the "Use Item" button once every 30 secons until toggled off. I've tried doing this by myself but all the tutorials require Basic Java Knowledge of which I have none.

    I fully understand this is being lazy, but I HAVE put in hours of effort to no avail so, if someone could provide me with a Minecraft 1.11.2 Client that does this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!


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    posted a message on Jail for Stealing Account?

    Ok, the only reason I'm putting this thread here is because I couldn't find anywhere else to put this.

    Before you read on, please note that I DID NOT STEAL THIS PERSON'S ACCOUNT. Ok, so I started playing on 2b2t and I will not explain what that server is because it is not important to my question. I met a person and started skyping him. To get into the server without waiting in a queue, you have to pay or have joined before June 3rd, 2016. I don't have an account with this privilege so I asked if I could use his alternate (alt) account. He said yes and gave me his Minecraft account email and password so I started to use it. Fast forward 3 days and it was Sunday. I was doing stuff on 2b2t and then had to go out. When I came home 3 hrs later, my computer still being on and logged in, I tried to join 2b2t and it said the iconic "Invalid Session: try restarting your game."

    Naturally, I restarted the game and still, the same thing happened. I started to think that maybe the password was changed because the person didn't want me to use his alternate account for some reason, even though I didn't abuse it or do anything wrong. I asked him why he changed the password and if I did anything wrong. Then he immediately started accusing me of changing his account and that already called the police and they tracked my IP to New Jersey (which is where I live). Below is our conversation... He threatened, "If you don't give it back, you could go to juvenile court within 30 days."

    Our conversation on Sunday \/

    Sunday October 23, 2016

    [10/23/2016 9:28:33 AM] R2bEEaton: yo
    [10/23/2016 9:31:56 AM] R2bEEaton: I need help with sometiung
    [10/23/2016 1:46:01 PM] R2bEEaton: hey why did u change the password to ur alt?
    [10/23/2016 1:46:09 PM] R2bEEaton: did I do something wrong
    [10/23/2016 2:35:43 PM] SelfFish: Hey why is my account name changed?
    [10/23/2016 2:36:04 PM] R2bEEaton: i didn't I sware
    [10/23/2016 2:37:24 PM] R2bEEaton: I tried to logon and it said invalid session and I thought u changed The password, but now I see you didn't. probably a hacker. just logon to mojang.com and change it
    [10/23/2016 2:46:09 PM] SelfFish: im calling the police they tracked ur ip u live in township NJ They will be there any min for trying to hack me
    [10/23/2016 2:47:21 PM] SelfFish: if u give me my account back i will not press charges
    [10/23/2016 2:47:37 PM] R2bEEaton: dude what the heck I didn't do it!!
    [10/23/2016 2:48:18 PM] R2bEEaton: i just tried to log on minecraft now and it wouldn't let me! i assumed you changed the password
    [10/23/2016 2:48:31 PM] R2bEEaton: Dude this is a false accusation
    [10/23/2016 2:49:36 PM] R2bEEaton: and how could you have found my ip
    [10/23/2016 2:49:47 PM] R2bEEaton: you cant over skype that was patched
    [10/23/2016 2:56:13 PM] SelfFish: i have my ways
    [10/23/2016 3:28:07 PM] R2bEEaton: You have my word I did not even sign in to Minecraft.net or Mojang.com with your account and did not change it whatsoever
    [10/23/2016 4:33:48 PM] SelfFish: i am pressing charges

    Ok, first of all, that's silly. This is a 14 yr old threatening to take me to court. Second, Skype (which is what we were using) says that I live in New Jersey and I doubt he even knows my IP or called the police at all. Let me make this clear, I didn't steal his account, let's get that straight. It seems like someone is trying to frame me almost. His alt acount, i_love_tavux, 's skin was changed VERY recently to my account's one of a kind skin. Proof of that: NameMC (My account is R2bEEaton and it's a one of a kind CUSTOM skin that I made 3 years ago).

    Now my question. What do I do? Can this guy actually take me to juvenile court for something like this? Here let me express this again, I DIDN'T STEAL HIS ACCOUNT OR CHANGE THE PASSWORD OR ANYTHING... Is this a scam to annoy me or get money by suing me? I'd really appreciate a SERIOUS answer. Thanks so much in advance!!

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    posted a message on *ProtoTech - Advanced Technical Survival Server* [Redstone/ZipKrowd] 100% Vanilla
    IGN: R2bEEaton[/b]

    Age: 13, now don't assume I'm like all the others who swear and talk bad look at my channel to see youtube.com/R2bEEaton[/b]

    Where are you from? What Time Zone?: United States, EST[/b]

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since Release 1.6.2, over 3 years[/b]

    What would you say are your best skills in Minecraft?: Making functional things that are aesthetically pleasing. For example (simplified) a colorful beacon is functional and looks cool. (VERY SIMPLIFIED)[/b]

    What part of minecraft interests you the most?: The part that interests me the most is the fact that its not like all the other games that you kill people, get points, and upgrade your guns. For three years I have been playing this game and never once found myself tired of building the same thing over and over because you don't![/b]

    Have you ever played on a server similar to this?: I have not. Every time I try to play with my friends they always end up cheating materials in with /give so I would really like to be a part of an environment where there are nerds like me who respect the aspect of survival while also building awesome redstone contraptions that I can help with![/b]

    Please show some examples of your builds(Photos or Videos): Well since I have a YouTube channel, all my work is there (youtube.com/R2bEEaton) but here are some highlights... [/b]
    Infinite Shulker Storage: [/b]
    [b]Tour of a small server I made (mostly aesthetics): [/b]
    [b]Vanilla Skywars (I was sick): [/b]

    How often do you plan on playing on the server?: As often as I can, I usually can get more than two hours a day[/b]
    Do you have a mic?: Yes but am uncomfortable with talking verbally to people I don't know personally so I will just use Skype for messaging.[/b]

    Do you plan on recording while playing on the server?: As often as I can! To be part of a server like this, is something I've wanted for a long time so yeah I'll record whenever I can![/b]

    How do you plan on helping the server reach its goals?: Well, as I said before, I'd like to use both my redstone skills in correlation with my aesthetic standard to make something functional and beautiful for (and with) the community![/b]

    Thanks so much for reviewing my application and I wish to hear back from you soon! Minecraft will never die!![/b]
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    posted a message on Help with quintuple piston extender

    Hello Minecrafters and lovers of redstone! I need help in my quintuple piston extender. Here is the world save [link] and please click the wooden button connected to the quinuple extender. Near the end all is contracted then the second piston from the left fires.. I know why but not how to fix it as all the angles of powering the 4th from the left (which in turn accidentally powers the 2nd but is necessary for it to do that the first time) are taken. Please write in the sections below if you have solved it and please leave a link to the corrected worldsave..

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