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    posted a message on Pistons Can Transform Saplings
    Quote from MiniM00se

    The sapling probably doesn't remember it's damage value when it's moved. The 3 saplings share the same data value, but a different damage, to take up less data values but still be different items.

    Ah, that must be why there's never any birch in SMP :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Twin Towers on minecraft ;)
    Quote from dandon80

    Even if he is trolling, people are still getting offended. This was a real incident and many people on the forums lost family members and/or friends in that incident. You can't expect people not to get offended.

    He could of course not be trolling, but a 12 year old child who doesn't really understand about these things. We can't really judge. But still, it's a horrible thing to post on the forums and a mod should delete this topic immediately.

    I'm gonna guess 3 years old.
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    posted a message on TheoWake's General Projects
    Quote from CaptainCarrot

    As I said on Jacooo's topic, I don't think that stone of any sort is a good choice of material for an airship. Anything made of stone is not gonna fly, is it? If you're not happy with the look of a totally wooden ship, maybe you should look for a new texturepack that suits your purposes better.

    Mythbusters made a stone plane.

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    posted a message on [Mods] Mod Installation for Beginners [3/3/11]
    Quote from srmingus

    my score was 55 pieces of glowstone dust :smile.gif: "go nature", there were 2 sheep in that room!!

    You must have the wrong thread.

    Quote from Darkling118


    got it fixed..mostly. wiped the file, backed up the saves, put the saves in the new file. now the game loads but when I open up m inventory screen the mod doesn't pop up. :smile.gif:

    I can't believe how stupid you are. You don't make a new post and say edit. You edit an old post.

    Anyway, for XP, just type %appdata% into the run menu, or find the folder yourself (C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Application Data) No need for opening cmd.

    Also, I never actually saw the tutorial say to do anything with the mod folder. The only thing it says to do in the .jar is delete the META-INF, but you obviously need to move class files.
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    posted a message on [PIR] Phoenix Institute of Research
    I went to register for the forums and clicking things that looked interesting found me trying to see a picture of Dirk Nowitzki's ankles... Classic internet distractions.
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    posted a message on [PIR] Phoenix Institute of Research
    I would love to add my expertise in farming. Wheat farms, cactus, sugar cane, trees, and how best to build farms like these.
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    posted a message on Any uses for sugar cane?
    So I made myself an underground sugar cane farm. It has 67 plots for sugar cane and is extremely easy to harvest. In one day I gathered around seven full stacks of sugar cane and could've gathered more. Does anyone have a wonderful use for sugar cane so that I can put it to work? My home is underwater, so using it for water gates is one option, but I don't like the fact that it can only be placed on dirt. There's no point in making sugar, as cocoa beans are only found in dungeons. Should I save it for when cocoa trees are (possibly) implemented?

    Now I see that it can be used for book(shelf)s and maps. Also that sugar is used for cake...
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    posted a message on A creeper blew up without the player detonating it
    Quote from Mantere

    Yeah, I forgot about the peaceful part of this.

    Sorry mate, but this is starting to look like a yet another Herobrine scam. Sorry, but it is the forums, it is just too common in here.

    If it were that, he would've suggested Herobrine as a culprit already.

    Quote from The_First_Gamer

    Well only two logical ways, creeper or the block data for that area corrupted, resetting it to "air"
    Or that was not sandstone and actual sand >_>

    The latter is likely, although it's definitely not chunk size.
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    posted a message on What's your opinion on dirt and gravel in caves?
    Quote from nom




    people are so illogical. i recommend watching the BBC series "Planet Earth," specifically the one titled "caves"

    Lot's of dirt in caves.

    There's also lots of bat poop in caves.

    Quote from Miguel1337

    This. Except it's in one of my mines. Then it's gotta get the **** out.

    You just totally contradicted yourself...

    Quote from Lithiumantis

    Same here, I've found diamond several times because I cleared out a pile of gravel.

    That's all luck. Plus, diamond is easy enough to find as it is.

    Quote from Kris18

    Why the hell would you?

    Walk past.

    Well said.

    Quote from BlockHitter

    It's annoying. Dirt and gravel should be limited to certain levels.

    That makes absolutely no sense.
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    I'm surprised to see this thread so popular... I for one was a guest when the original thread came out. I have an underwater base of operations, and the chickens know not to mess with me.
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    posted a message on Skeletons riding Spiders?!?!?!
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Game Modes, SMP
    It says that "players will be able to create mods." It clearly does not mean moderators.
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    posted a message on Introducing MinecraftPlans.com | We need BETA testers!
    I think this is just what I was looking for... Are you still accepting BETA testers? I'll send an e-mail and see if my favorite server is up to send some pics.
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    posted a message on [Survival Challenge] Under-Water Home
    My recent trip to the mine was the most successful yet.

    Redstone - 1 vein
    Coal - lots of veins
    LAPIS!!!!! :biggrin.gif: - 1 vein
    Iron - 1 vein
    GOLD!!! - 1 vein
    I also stopped by my tree farm on the way down so that's where the wood and saplings are from (I don't use axes)

    EDIT: In the same trip I found 1 redstone, 2 coal, and 1 iron veins that were after the picture. I also found 2 :Diamond: 's :laugh.gif:
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    posted a message on [Survival Challenge] Under-Water Home
    Of course right when I'm about to save and quit minecraft freezes. :dry.gif:
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