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    .config file!_! ;D
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    Quote from redpine

    rotating blocks (for rotating trusty pistons, dispensors, bridges, etc) Could be same as accelerator block.
    pushable carts (propelled long distances by pistons and the like w/o tracks)
    fans (shoot air that pushes mobs)
    turbines (produce power if water [or lava if iron turbine] flows through)
    fans part 2. (increase/decrease water flow while powered)
    fans part 3 (moves water/lava blocks to other side of fan)
    pulleys (pull/let out rope when powered)
    accelerator blocks (increase forward momentum of mobs and blocks, not just carts like current boosters) = Would lead to treadmill's for fun and traps.

    Adding more to that in my own post, with the Loom we will have the easiest explainable way to make rope/string from wool. This is the next logical step besides implementing more food types as many decent mods have done.

    The wheel/rotating blocks would be useful and adaptable beyond expectations when combined with pistons, redstone and determination.

    The sheer number of things that could be done with this through mods or vanilla is retarded. All of which would be major bonuses

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    posted a message on Mo'Mobs & Ores [v2.0.0] Videos Needed!
    I still only want to see a config file. It's the only thing this mod is missing and should be in your To-Do list. :/
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    Love the idea. Read through the entire post, I had seen this before during conception but had noticed it didn't have a coder then. Loving it now and it's bookmarked. Will be waiting for a stable smp version. :D
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    Learn to read.
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    Quote from Shalashalska

    For the EU system, mine is going to be different than Al's. Mine will still operate with numbers, but it will be coded completely seperately, so any overlapping code will be completely coincidental.

    Increasing map height will probably be done lastish, and I'm leaning towards doing 3d generation, which will be fairly low RAM usage (Possibly even less than default, unless you go around digging everywhere and trying to go explore every single chunk.

    The revealing ores thing will actually cut DOWN on lag for the first half of the game. The way I think I am going to code it is that when you use the block, it gives a loading screen, and during that time the ores will be seeded throughout the existing stone on the map. It might be a bit buggy, but it should cut down on generation time.

    I know I'm probably a bit late but this part distinctively -

    Increasing map height will probably be done lastish, and I'm leaning towards doing 3d generation, which will be fairly low RAM usage (Possibly even less than default, unless you go around digging everywhere and trying to go explore every single chunk

    Seriously did you even think about that statement. This is minecraft after all.

    Overall this is an ambitious project but I think there are plenty of Modpacks already which is what this seems to be. Just a modpack with a new label and new code so as to circumvent any laws/copyright, and to probably get money as you will Ad.fly it. Now don't think I'm just trying to bash you, as there are tons of other losers like you doing the same thing. Just like that Wakko guy you quoted.

    Also after reading through some more, is anything contained within actually going to be your own idea?

    Eitherway, good luck.
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    posted a message on Mo'Mobs & Ores [v2.0.0] Videos Needed!
    Just be sure to remember the Config file as it is the easiest way to satisfy most of the "split this mod" requests.
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    posted a message on Mo'Mobs & Ores [v2.0.0] Videos Needed!
    I like this mod, but I don't like any mod that adds structures so you have me at a dilemma. :) Should add a config file that allows for turning on and off things like structure generation, appearance of individual mobs and ores. I personally think every mod should have one of those. So it can cater to everyone, whether they like the whole mod or just parts of it.
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    Quote from Dokidoki

    One water-related feature I'd really like to see is a way to replace underground springs with a trickle of water when the source block is replaced, rather than permanently removing the spring. When you place, say, a stone block over the spring's source, the stone is replaced with a new block type that looks like stone with water trickling through the cracks. That block would then generate a trickle of water, which looks like a flat texture, along the same path that water would use. The trickle would be slippery like ice, but otherwise easy to move through. In mid-air, it would look like drops of water falling.

    This would be a nice alternative to simply covering up the spring and removing that detail from your game entirely.

    I disagree.

    Also adding to what Thunder was trying to say. I too would like to see some sort of erosion after ample amount of time and flow. Overall though, this mod is fantastic as is. :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from aderdzinski

    ??? 1.8.1 download doesn't work!!
    I can't click it!!

    He messed up the code but the url is still there if you look to the left of Download. It is http://www.mediafire.com/?cl8nu597gfodk7t .
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] [SSP] Minecraft Equalized over world mod
    Neat but not sure if I'll download yet. Keep at it and let's see what you end up with.
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    Pictures would help.
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    posted a message on World of Dirlan ::: Hard Core RP ::: Rapidly Expanding Lore ::: Whitelist ::: Bukkit + Plugins ::: Accepting soon!
    Name : Quantumlegacy
    MC Account : Quantumlegacy
    MCF Account : Quantumlegacy
    Age : 23

    Tell me about yourself... : I play minecraft, am currently having fun with creating different piston and redstone creations and then trying to get them as overly complicated as possible. I love to role-play. I started way back when yahoo still had user rooms, and have gone from many differing platforms to do it. I have gm'd many roleplay's and a few DnD games before. I like games and roleplaying, there is more to me but I don't really feel it neccesary for this.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? : Since Alpha.
    Time spent on SMP servers (in months, preferably) : :/
    Ever been banned? Why? : No

    Do you understand that, while mining, hunting and the like are welcome, this is primarily a Role Playing server, and not one centered around resource gathering? : Obviously or I for sure wouldn't be applying. :wink.gif:

    What is Lazurran's first name? : Samwell.

    Character Name : Westen Nirot
    Age : 32
    City of origin : Whiteacre
    Currently living: Thornbridge
    Occupation : Fisherman

    Tell us the story of you... : He grew up with his family in Whiteacre. His father had been a farmer and his mother a baker. They actually owned the field they worked so it was an easier life then he could have had. He'd grow up learning how to sow and harvest but he'd never really like it. It wasn't that the work was hard or that the hours were long. It was just not something that had his interest. He'd enjoyed the trips he'd take with his father every now and then to Thornbridge when they went for fish. Weston had always loved the smell of the salt from the water. The freshness that came with any ocean breeze.

    When he finally came of age to leave his parents, he bid his father farewell and made way for Thornbridge. It wasn't very far from them but it was all the distance he needed from them fields. Once he arrived in the city he found work with the fishermen learning the ropes from a man who they called Durzo. He was an old sailor who'd retired and become a fisherman.

    After a few years, he took up an offer to sail with a ship that had came to port one day. They were going to sail around looking for treasure. Before leaving he sold the hut he'd been living in since he wouldn't have been able to pay for it anyway. He took with them for a six years searching for this treasure. He made friends everyone on the ship over that time. His skills he'd learned from Durzo helped him pass the time when they'd dock at different islands to explore. He'd stay with the ship and fish while waiting for some of them to come back empty handed, which they did most of the time.

    One of the times he'd gone out with the exploring party he'd almost died to a pack of undead skeletons that had been guarding the cave they were exploring. If it hadn't been for some of the other guys he'd never had made it home that day. He'd have a few more close calls during his time with them but mostly he enjoyed and learned a great deal of things during the time.

    When he finally had made it back to Thornbridge, he immediantly left to make sure his parents were still alive. He learned that his father had passed away a year before and that his mother would soon be on her way. He spent two years living with her taking care of her, and tending the fields they owned. When she passed away he lived alone in the house for another month before he couldn't bare it anymore. He sold the house and the land and moved back to Thornbridge, where he has lived ever since.

    Personal skills (remember, this is an RP, your skills do not need to reflect the game.) :
    These reflect the broad area that is the set of skills involved in each:
    Fishing, Sailing, Cooking -Fish, Cleaning, Gathering, Farming

    Personality : Weston is very calm and laid back. He'd prefer to fish his problems away in his boat "BudsN'Suds" out in the middle of ocean, far from people.

    Appearance: He wears a dirty green tunic, and with dull brown trousers. He still rocks a straw hat that his father's father had whipped together.

    Please respond to the following actions in a single action. Posts should be simple and purely an initial reaction. Do not assume the actions or abilities of the other person(s) in the post.

    A waiter brings you your drink, but it is not what you ordered.
    "Sir, this isn't what I ordered."

    Your airship has been boarded by a set of well known and highly notorious sky pirates!
    "You and your kind won't be havin' this vessel!" he cried as he moved for his weapon.

    A man walks past you on the streets, giving you the slightest of nods.
    Weston lazily returns the nod as he continues his stroll.
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    posted a message on Xenospire [1.7.3] ~~ Friendly Survival PvPvE RPG Server ~~ | Jobs | Quests | Shops
    PvP or PvE?: Either or.
    Do you like pie?: Of course.

    Want to see what ya workin' with.
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