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    posted a message on [Forge Multipart] ProjectRed - v4.7.0pre12.95 - 02/08/2016

    Anyone had any success getting project red to export properly from Apiarys?

    I can get combs and drones yanked from the Apiary just fine, but
    princesses seem stuck. I've tried different sides, simulating different
    sides, ignoring meta and nbt, simply can not seem to yank those suckers
    out of the apiary which leads to an inability to automate them using

    I know there are many other ways to do it I had just hoped to utilize project red for my series specifically.

    Anyone know how to solve this issue?

    I'm playing on FTB Infinity Evolved Expert mode latest release.

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    posted a message on Petition: Mojang needs to change the EULA!
    Quote from AstrLing

    Did you know that many servers don't use donations to improve the server? Or keep it running?

    First of all, there's no way in Satan's circle of hell that'll sign that petition and here's why:
    1. I am a dedicated Minecrafter, so let's just throw that pathetic argument out of the way.
    2. Servers often don't even use all of the donation money to fund the server, oftenly, the owner spends it on whatever they please and just remember to keep some money out for the bill. How do I know this? 2013, 6 of the top 25 servers on planet minecraft and minecraft-servers began to post messages begging for donations or else the server will close down, 4 servers did it for 3 months straight , the other 2 for 4. All servers are still open to this day... Still don't believe me? My rich friend owns the number 3 most popular server on TF2, he has no problems paying for the server with donation money and often has excess for future months, want to know what he does if he wants to buy a game? "Oh I'll just say I need help with money to keep the server up they won't mind," he's the nicest person irl, and that's what he does if he wants a game on steam... who's to say this doesn't happen on minecraft as well?
    3. If people are making parodies and mods and such for a game, how dare they ask for money? First of all, it's not their game, so they should be happen Mojang doesn't sue for people trying to make profit, second, people don't need the money, they WANT the money, but don't need it, prime example: TFS dragonball z, over 40 episodes of well edited, well voiced youtube content, no ads, no begging, no nada. Why can they be non-profit for years but a Minecraft mod-maker demands money for maybe 2 weeks on and off of "hard work"

    These are just some of the basic reasons why this petition is stupid as there's no right that entitles people to gain money from a product that isn't there's, simple as that

    A tf2 server is a fraction of the cost of a solid Minecraft server. My server for my community runs about 300 a month. Something like what hypixel runs would be in then several thousands range.

    Yes just taking donations and giving nothing would be nice but the vast majority of the community won't donate unless a service is provided for said donation.

    Donations will drastically drop and large servers will down size or shut down.

    Just because you believe that server owners don't support the community with the donations doesn't mean it's true. There are bad apples everywhere.
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    posted a message on Factorization 0.8.108
    Hello Neptunepink!

    I would like to request permission to use your mod in our upcoming Season 5 World War Minecraft Modpack. Per your liscense I believe this post meets your requirements.

    This is a modpack for my youtube community and we run a public server. My youtube channel currently has 33,000 subscribers and growing and our community is decently sized.

    Our pack is currently private but will be hosted at the Technic Site at this link. Once we have permissions from all mod authors.


    My youtube channel

    My Stream

    Server Website

    If we get your permission, we'll link your mod on our permissions page to your Minecraft forum post.

    Thank you for your time.

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    posted a message on To Mod Creators: Copyrights and Malicious code
    Quote from nxsupert

    " ask for a flat fee per month" And that is the problem. The minecraft EULA doesn't allow that.
    " Put google adsense on your pages" Alas it is not that simple. You need to apply to display google adsense ad's and the hole process is rather painful.

    Anyway. Control is possible the most important thing for any mod developer simply because they made the mod and don't want it stolen from them!

    The EULA doesnt allow adfly either as its the same thing. Your pay gating either way.

    If your a mod author with a website as most of the big ones are getting an adsense account is very easy.

    Modpack creators arent stealing mods, they are promoting them. EVEN if a link isnt put back to the mod makers thread (and this is worst case scenario) the title of the mod is IN minecraft. It naturally drives traffic.

    Finally I doubt me and you will ever see eye to eye on this. I promote things for a living. This is my job. I just dont understand why folks make choices that hurt their brand. But its their brand to hurt I guess.
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    posted a message on To Mod Creators: Copyrights and Malicious code
    Quote from nxsupert

    There are some very good reasons for modders not wanting their mods in modpacks. Firstly some of them miss out on the ad revenue which basically gives them the money to allow them to use the time they make the mod for making their mod rather than focusing on work (e.g. Optifine). Also , they may want to keep track of there mod and know exactly what the community think and have no middle man (modpack authors). And it can be a bit annoying when people don't come to you for your modpack. Also as you pointed out , some modpack authors are horrible and allot of mod devs would rather not deal with them and for some of them saying no to modpacks is the answer to that problem.

    Although it is probably just a case of Risk vs Reward and no one can argue against that.

    Risk vs Reward its an easy win to allow. My pack is installed on average 250 times a day with 2000 - 3500 runs per day. Thats a decent amount of traffic to anyone.

    If its an adfly issue, ask for a flat fee per month. I'd pay it instantly just to have this pain in the ass over with.

    Just getting permissions from people who ALLOW it takes hours of emails, forum hunting, and tracking down the requirements. Streamlining the situation is a win for everyone.

    I understand your arguments, but short of control for control sake there is very little benefit to restricting access. Your mod is enjoyed by fewer folks, fewer videos are made on your product meaning a significant advertising drop, and at the end of the day there are less people playing what you poured your blood sweat and tears into.

    Adfly pays $5 per 10,000 views, is heavily infested with malware, and ends up hurting people more than anything. Put google adsense on your pages, make more and stop poisoning your community imo. But thats an entirely different argument.
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    posted a message on To Mod Creators: Copyrights and Malicious code
    Quote from nxsupert

    Well. If mod authors helped everyone who requested help. They would never ever be able to work on their mods. It is a rather simple situation of there not being enough time..

    It has nothing to do with time.

    If a mod author lets me use their mod in my pack it costs them 0 time. In fact, it saves them time as we then take responsibility for install, we pay for bandwidth, and we troubleshoot with the end user.

    If there is an issue we do the testing, find the problem, and then submit the bug report with logs and details on the appropriate forum , site, or system.

    If anything as I stated earlier its more efficient this way as it frees the author up to do what they do best, mod.

    Granted, not everyone that does what I do is good. There are horrible modpack authors out there who know nothing of minecraft, stability, and how to run a bug free pack. If you dont want to deal with those folks there are easy methods for dealing with the weeding out process. But saying blanket no helps no one and hurts everyone.
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    posted a message on To Mod Creators: Copyrights and Malicious code
    Quote from nxsupert

    I think the reason why is because Minecraft and Skyrim are two completely different games. Also, I honestly don't see what is toxic about the current modding community! And I most certainly haven't had my head in the ground.

    As someone who runs a modpack for his youtube community if you dont see whats toxic then I guess your definition of toxic and mine are different.

    95% of mod authors in minecraft are awesome. They work with modpack creators and youtubers to spread the word of amazing mods and help folks with EXTREME lack of technical knowledge play them.

    However there are the 5% and sadly many of them are the higher end mods refuse to work with anyone. There are no hoops to jump, no credit to give, absolutely nothing. Its just no you can only use this here.

    The issue with this, is then only those 3 packs have that content and the rest of the community is left in the dark. A fraction of the people who could be playing the mod and enjoying it are while a large group are basically told sorry.

    Many of these authors dont care about the $ its simply principle. I was screwed once so Im not doing anything now.

    It sucks for serious folks like myself who do put together quality packs, file active bug reports on mods, and legit try and work with the community. Its terribly frustrating and limits the community.

    I dont know what the right answer is here.

    You cant work with the authors as they wont work with you, period.
    You can avoid those mods, but then the mod author and your community loses.
    You can do it anyway, but then you get the ire of some of the community for not working with the mod makers (see issue one)

    These 3 things are whats wrong with the minecraft community. I have no issues with giving credit, jumping through hoops, providing hundreds of hours of quality testing with solid well documented reports, but simply refusing to work with people is just silly in my opinion.
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    posted a message on To Mod Creators: Copyrights and Malicious code
    DMCA's cant even be issues with out a lawyer and be binding can they?
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    posted a message on To Mod Creators: Copyrights and Malicious code
    This is something I've always found rather odd. Im a youtuber so my job is to try and get my content in front of as many people as possible. Granted the situation is a bit different from modding as I make my living that way while modders mainly do what they do for free or practically nothing.

    That being said, I never understood why some of the bigger mods were so hostile to the community.

    For instance, Azanor, he makes Thaum4 an outstanding mod, a mod I've loved. However using his mod outside of a few "special" packs is hard due to his completely restrictive policy. Jumping through hoops is one thing, no options other than off is another.

    Mods are complicated, the average minecrafter struggles with simply using a modpack that autoinstalls for you much less installing a mod by hand. Why make it so hard for your audience to enjoy your content?

    When I asked Azanor about it his reply was, its not about adfly its about principle, I've been burned in the past so I just dont allow it. The issue with this attitude is people like myself who are perfectly happy to not only ask for permission but promote your mod to thousands of people are screwed out of the opportunity.

    While many of you are raging against this change at the end of the day I personally think this is good for mods and minecraft.

    More mods will be in more packs, more mods will end up in the hands of players in creative ways that they weren't previously, and thus more people will be enjoying content for years to come! Isn't that the point?

    I personally dont see the down side here. More advertising, More downloads, More people using your stuff. More people enjoying Minecraft. Less time spent emailing and private msging back and forth.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    Quote from XanderGryphon

    Alternatively, you could just have your players download Thaumcraft themselves.

    Unfortunately when your setting up a mod for a community of folks with massively varying computer knowledge its far easier to simply use a launcher. Having a non-launcher pack guarantees your alienating some of the community.

    Like I said, his mod his rules, its just a shame.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    Just wanted to say its a real shame about your modpack policy. It ties the hands of us youtubers who host servers for our community. I cant add your mod to my lets play, as it would then be mirrored on my community server.

    Please reconsider your policy at least for youtubers of decent size like myself. It can only help spread the word of your mod.
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    posted a message on Eventbrite Minecon Ticket Name Change
    Quote from jomant

    Is confirm same here, but hey u got ur ticket i got my ticket and approx. 7498 other people hopefully have theirs
    Put a stop to selling Ticket for higher price and make those people who bought more tickets as needed not the favor and buy from them.
    Make those people waste $150 buck for a piece of paper

    Main issue with this is people who bought tickets in good faith that now cant go, are unable to get a refund or give them to friends.

    This is a net loss now for the event as hundreds of folks cant go.
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    posted a message on Prices Start at $2 | Acixs Hosting | MySQL | Custom JAR's | Unlimited Player Slots, Disk Space| Multicraft | And More! |
    Solid host.

    I've been using them for the past month for my youtube collab servers. My FTB series has been recorded on their hardware and we've had no issues with latency or crashes and we had some rather large constructions. Things ran smooth and support was quick anytime we had questions or concerns.
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    posted a message on Don't you hate donaters on servers?

    Whenever I go on a server there are always donaters that are always way overpowered and they have much better stuff

    As someone who owns a server, if there were no donors there would be no server.

    That being said its the server operators job to make sure any perks given are as balanced as possible.

    Its a very fine line. Perks that are too weak = 0 donations and a dead server. Perks to op = a donor only server and people get bored.
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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    If for whatever reason your having issues installing Aether II here is a step by step guide using MultiMC. Its quick and painless and damn near idiot proof =)

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