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    posted a message on [1.2] ICBM - Missiles and Military Tech! [6,000,000+ DOWNLOADS]
    Hi, I keep getting a crash whenever I place any type of Control Panel (T1, T2 and T3). I'm not sure whether this is ICBM's fault or Universal Electricity's becasue I had a brief look at the error report and I couldn't see it say ICBM anywhere. But I'm posting it here just because it's an ICBM block that breaks it. Hope anyone can help?

    My Mods Installed:
    Basic Components
    ComputerCraft 1.5
    DimensionalDoors R121 RC1-12
    Electric Expansion
    Gravity Gun v2
    ICBM v1.0.6.168
    - api
    - contraptions
    - sentry
    - explosions
    Iron Chests
    Portal Gun v5
    - Core
    - Compat
    - Digital
    - Mechanical

    Minecraft 1.4.7
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    posted a message on [1.6.X] Portal Gun - Reconstructed [v1] - Rewritten... again.
    I can't download it ANYWHERE. All the links take me to FileCopter and when I click Download, it takes me to a sort of thank you page and a load of ads come up but no download. DAFUQ IS GOING ON?!?!?! Can you make a mirror for the 1.2.5v1 please?
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